Board Meeting06.10.08


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Accuracy&Aesthetics Board Meeting

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Board Meeting06.10.08

  1. 1. AGENDA Brief Introductions Deborah MacPherson Bonnie DeVarco Ken Petersen John Guinta Marek Walzcak Vera de Spinadel Kevin Kearns Ken Fields Arshia Baig Current Projects Context Driven Topologies Building Service Performance SHORT Administrative Taxes and Financial Report Charles Pankow Foundation Website Accuracy&Aesthetics Board of Directors Meeting June 10, 2008
  2. 2. National Building Information Modeling Standard (NBIMS)‏ Consensus Task Team Produced Report About OmniClass Consensus Process Working with Team Leader Tammy McCuen, Professor of Architecture and Paul Sullivan, Structural Engineer on Draft for the Executive Committee Model Implementation Guide Team Larger group led by Richard See at Digital Alchemy Construction Specification Institute (CSI)‏ Incoming Secretary for the Northern Virginia Chapter Board WDG Architecture Specifications and Research Establish relational database within 3 years Convert specifications to XML in the future Organize projects by address, type, and material Repeat RFI matrix with Project Architects Building a BIM library Accuracy&Aesthetics Reports and activities follow Deborah MacPherson
  3. 3. Bonnie DeVarco Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe on view at the Whitney Museum June 26, 2008-September 21, 2008
  4. 4. Ken Petersen See Live Demo Asking questions to Spot differences in Drawings by Bruce MacPherson
  5. 5. John Guinta John’s Mission Statement: To help people of every faith or of undecided faith to discover their inner peace and true potential with spiritual coaching, ceremonies and rituals of all kinds , to include weddings, blessings, transitional ceremonies, memorials and funerals. To offer music training that is friendly, thorough, holistic and inter-disciplinary. To offer yoga and meditation training in the Himalayan tradition in a friendly spirit and without dogma. All services will be offered regardless of ethnic background, race, sexual orientation, age, gender or religious affiliation.
  6. 6. Marek Walczak mw2mw Paste 7WTC Screenwall Noplace - Heaven at Video Vortex Gothamberg Thinking Machine at MOMA
  7. 7. Vera de Spinadel International Mathematics & Design Association
  8. 8. Kevin Kearns Science World British Columbia
  9. 9. Ken Fields …… .new home the 10 gigabit CAnet research backbone, recent tele-performance between Beijing U and Stanford for the Panasia Music Festival
  10. 10. Arshia Baig - Volunteer
  11. 11. Context Driven Topologies Assigned to Accuracy&Aesthetics April 4, 2008 Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts (WALA)‏ Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner LLP Maura Moran's Recommendations: Follow USPTO procedures. Submit documentation of previous disclosures. Respond to Office Action: Restructure claims Have previous disclosures in mind. Use terminology definitions from application (frozen in time at 2004 filing). File a Continuation Application. Keep application alive during pendency of Bilski case; let the case law settle down. USPTO likely to not review Continuation for one year. When prosecution resumes, consider filing Continuation-In-Part application to capture implementation improvements. Requests: Board authorize DMacP to be agency contact and provide technical input in prosecuting application Vera provide mathematical input (esp. topology) to FHFGD and DMacP
  12. 12. Building Service Performance Team TobyCosindine – OASIS, UNC Chapel Hill MichelleRaymond – Honeywell and OOR RexBrooks – Starbourne Communications Design BobSmith – Tall Trees Org and CA boards Ontolog Open Community of Practice – Peter Yim buildingSMART Alliance National Institute of Building Sciences BIMstorm Onuma Planning System Licenses WDG Architecture Code Templates, reaching out to International Code Council
  13. 13. Semantic Heuristic Ontological Relator Terms (SHORT)‏ Purpose Checklist to contract open source software Workflow process See Link Collaborating with Jim Disbrow -
  14. 14. Taxes and Financial Report IRS Filed 990 March 31, 2008 2005, 2006, 2007 with All 990 forms available through Guidestar $4200 donation Bruce & Deborah MacPherson Virginia efile VA tax and Employment Commission Nothing to declare
  15. 15. Website Updates Marek redesigned after WordPress upgrade Arshia Links, Tags, Categories Organization and Optimization Deborah writing and collecting images Needs more reviewing and checking for accuracy Questions about working with?
  16. 16. Adjourn Thank You!