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Sacks Weston Petrelli
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Sacks Weston Petrelli


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Suburban Life Magazine Dec 2012 feature: Plaintiffs seeking justice turn to Sacks, Weston & Petrelli, LLC. for its expertise in virtually every area of the law.

Suburban Life Magazine Dec 2012 feature: Plaintiffs seeking justice turn to Sacks, Weston & Petrelli, LLC. for its expertise in virtually every area of the law.

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  • 1. profile Readyfor Anything by BILL DONAHUE photography by JEFF FUSCO Plaintiffs seeking justice turn to Sacks, Weston & Petrelli LLCXX Suburban Life DECEMBER 2012
  • 2. Although the ferocious storm known as Hurricane Sandy Petrelli Law P.C. added the talents of family-law “superstar” Thomasmerely brushed the Philadelphia area, massive swaths of New J. Petrelli Jr., thereby significantly expanded upon the kinds of casesJersey and New York—and elsewhere—were not nearly as fortu- it can handle.nate. Andrew B. Sacks, who has a 53-year history with Long Beach “Before Tom came aboard we didn’t do the kind of family lawIsland, N.J., knows this better than most. work that he does so well,” Sacks says. “I thought he would add a “Sandy has been horrifying,” says Sacks, partner in the general- nice component to the partnership, and it’s worked out wonderfully.”practice law firm Sacks, Weston & Petrelli LLC, which has offices in Before merging with the Sacks Weston firm, Petrelli was theJenkintown and Center City. “You’re talking about a 1,000-mile-by- managing partner of Petrelli Law, where he focused on divorce1,000-mile swath. If you think about the depth of the storm, Lake and family law. With a Juris Doctor from the Vermont Law School,Michigan had the largest waves ever from the storm. On LBI, you have an LLM in Trial Advocacy from Temple University James E. Beasleylines of shops that were obliterated, taking people’s livelihoods and School of Law and a Master’s of Studies in Environmental Lawmemories along with it.” from Vermont Law School, he has helped families overcome the To make matters worse, stingy insurance companies have been difficult legal matters that arise in matters of divorce, includingpreventing those hardest hit from rebuilding and returning to normal child custody, parental rights, child support and estate planning,life. He likens Sandy to another destructive storm: 2005’s Hurricane among others.Katrina, which rocked the Gulf Coast. Interestingly, Petrelli began his career practicing environmental “Sandy is following the track of Katrina, where insurance com- litigation and insurance law in Pennsylvania before expanding hispanies denied tens of thousands of victims,” Sacks says. “When knowledge to include real estate and environmental Litigation inpeople get denied by insurance companies or FEMA, they need to New Jersey. Furthermore, he helped shape environmental policyhire us because we’re experienced; we know the exclusions, we and regulations while working for the Clean Air Council and remainsknow how the process works, and we also know how to litigate. A active in community education in matters of real estate and insur-public adjustor is not going to be able to handle it. ance law. “You’re talking about $100 billion worth of Sacks, for his part, earned his Juris Doctor degree from Dick- claims, and in the end insurance companies inson School of Law and began his legal career practicing personaldThe attorneys in are not going to pay,” he continues. “If a mas- injury law in Philadelphia. In 1994 he purchased his employer’sgeneral-practicelaw firm Sacks, sive tree falls and smashes your car, that’s fairly assets and launched the present firm, which has since evolved andWeston & Petrelli cut and dried. But if a business that had been diversified to serve a broad client base. He currently maintains dualLLC—including doing $10,000 a week [in sales] had to shut interests in general practice law and environmental law, with a focusAndrew B. Sacks down for week because of an ‘act of God,’ on pursuing litigation against companies and industries that damage(right) and ThomasJ. Petrelli Jr.—fight that’s more difficult to measure. We have the the environment or injure property or individuals. He is one of thefor justice on behalf experience, the resources and the knowhow, few U.S. attorneys who has handled two cases in excess of $1 billionof clients in virtually and we’re smart enough to have coupled with and has settled more than a dozen cases with verdicts in excess ofany case, from the a firm that has already handled the Katrina millions of dollars.monumental to themost intimate. cases.” In addition to Sacks and Petrelli, the firm’s experienced attor- The firm is intimately familiar with the neys include John K. Weston, as well as associates Albertine Y. damage Katrina left in its wake, having previ- DuFrayne and Kristen Sawicki. Weston, who has been involved inously opened a satellite firm in New Orleans to be closer to the areas as diverse as real estate law and corporate practice, personalclients whose land had been contaminated. In fact, the firm pio- injury and civil rights litigation, labor and municipal law andneered NORM (naturally occurring radioactive materials) litigation, employment litigation, handles the firm’s “unusual” cases andwhich ultimately resulted in the largest single-landowner verdict— supervises the firm’s complex litigation, as well as commercial lawmore than $1 billion—in the nation’s history. To this day, Sacks, and appellate cases. He received his J.D. from the Ohio State Uni-Weston & Petrelli remains one of the country’s leading plaintiffs’ law versity College of Law and is admitted to practice in the U.S.firms in NORM litigation, as well as in other environmental and toxic Supreme Court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and the U.S.tort matters. Circuit Courts of Appeal for the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth In addition, the firm is currently handling complex mass-tort litiga- and Sixth Circuits.tion, including cases pertaining to significant injuries—and, in some The firm continues to grow in both size and scope. Next the firminstances, even death, according to Sacks—suffered by patients who intends to add another attorney—“an excellent trial lawyer to roundhad been operated on with the da Vinci Surgical System. The injuries out what we’re doing,” says Sacks—who focuses solely on personalresulted from design defects, according to Sacks, and although the injury.defects have since been addressed by the manufacturer, there has “We’re a plaintiff law firm, and we’ve been in existence longbeen no recall of the old systems dating back to the da Vinci’s 2000 enough to handle anything that comes across our desk,” says Sacks.approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. “This makes us a full-service firm of the highest caliber, and we pride ourselves on making sure our clients are treated fairly and respon- sively.Experience Matters “I have three children, and I’ve always wanted my children toThe attorneys at Sacks, Weston & Petrelli P.C. are able to fight for jus- admire me and what I do for a living,” he continues. “My job is totice on behalf of clients in virtually any case, from the monumental help people, not hurt people, and that’s what we strive for with eachto the most intimate. For example, a January 1, 2012 merger with case we take on.” nfor its expertise in virtually every area of the lawSACKS, WESTON & PETRELLI LLC 1818 Market Street 114 Old York Philadelphia, PA 19103 Jenkintown, PA 19046 215-523-6900 215-925-8200 DECEMBER 2012 Suburban Life XX