4 Steps to Success Getting Started Guide


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By walking this step by step presentation will help you understand how 4 STEPS TO SUCCESS EARN AS YOU LEARN opportunity works, and how it can help you in all you do to create your web on the web also complete your 1st steps.

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4 Steps to Success Getting Started Guide

  1. 1. 4 Steps To Success
  2. 2. 4 Steps to Success Your Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide
  3. 3. Sign up You will receive a welcome email From 4 Steps to Success Create a folder in your email box for 4 Steps so you can save the daily emails you will get. These are called DMOs (Daily Method of Operation)
  4. 4. You will be contacted by the person who referred you This is a RELATIONSHIP- BASED Program!
  5. 5. Join our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/4stepstosuccess/ Click on image!
  6. 6. Attend Our Strategy Sessions http://www.anymeeting.com/stepstosuccess Click on image! Times and days will be given in the DMOs
  7. 7. Log into your admin area http://levelone.4stepstosuccess.com/login.php Click Here!
  8. 8. This is the level one sales/sign-up page Click on image
  9. 9. You will see green check marks with linked pages. Follow each link and do the steps to complete your sign-up process. While in Your DashBoard
  10. 10. You will see that your referral affiliate link is Also in your admin area. Note the links on the left side of your back office admin area Your Admin Area
  11. 11. Here is where you can Edit your: • Name • Email • Password • PayPal email Edit Account
  12. 12. Make certain that you follow the instructions and video about how to set up your PayPal account CAREFULLY! If you skip this step or don’t complete it, you will NOT receive any affiliate commissions Setting up PayPal
  13. 13. You will receive DAILY Emails called DMOs (Daily Method of Operation). So you need To REGISTER for them In your admin area! Register For DMOs The DMOs will tell you EXACTLY what to do and How to do it – DAILY To promote 4 Steps and Grow your business
  14. 14. This step is 100% Optional. If you would like a free lead generator – complete the steps in your admin area. FREE Lead System There will be more trainings on how to use the free system coming soon….
  15. 15. Our recorded trainings are also listed for you in your admin area. You can also see our live trainings and recorded trainings here: http://www.anymeeting. com/stepstosuccess Training Calls
  16. 16. Affiliate Tools You will notice that your referral link is also in your “Affiliate Tools” tab We will be adding to this tools page as the program progresses
  17. 17. Downloads Each level comes with free e-book downloads for you to read, use, and give away to build your list. We will be providing training on how to use e-books to build your list in future training sessions. The other e-book is for your use only.
  18. 18. Everything you need to know to work the program will come in your DMOs and will be in your dashboard
  19. 19. Now that you are set up, it is time to work the program
  20. 20. What ARE the 4 Steps to Success?
  21. 21. Sharing Share the opportunity with 4 people ONLY This is the KISS of the system…by only having to work with four people - not working wide…but working deep
  22. 22. Team Working and helping each of your four people. These are business relationships that you are working with to move up the steps HOW?
  23. 23. Exposing 4 Steps Remember, this is a RELATIONSHIP-BASED Program which means you will be sharing the opportunity with people you know or will GET to know and that is the ONLY way they will get your referral link – when you GIVE it to them! Be sure to ONLY give out your link when they are ready to sign up. REMEMBER you CAN ONLY have FOUR!
  24. 24. Overview Page This link goes to the company rotator This tells them to get back to the person who sent them to this overview
  25. 25. Overview Page WHY? Because you are supposed to be working with them and following-up with them so you CAN give them YOUR referral link. Also, the rotator is used for advertising purposes so that it will help keep everyone and the company moving forward. WHERE IS THIS PAGE?
  26. 26. Overview Page http://overview.4stepstosuccess.biz/ You can also click on the image to the right to take you to the overview page If you are using the upgraded Free Lead System, you will have A page/subdomain in your system called “4stepsoverview.yourdomain.com” that will also point to the same page BUT it will have YOUR contact information on the page (training will be provided for those using the system)
  27. 27. Overview Page How Else Can You Promote? • Follow the directions in your DMO • If you are using the upgraded free lead system, you have 4 Sales funnels available for you to use. These sales funnels start with a lead capture page where you can collect contact information of those who complete the form. Each lead capture page takes the person filling out the form to the SAME overview page with the overview presentation but with YOUR contact information
  28. 28. Overview Page As Soon as Someone Fills Out Your Form (This is ONLY for those using the upgraded Free lead system. • You will receive an email notification • Contact that person • If they have seen the overview and want to join, give them YOUR referral link as long as you don’t have your 4 already • If you already have your 4, give them one of your four’s referral link. This is how we help our team!
  29. 29. Sales Funnels If You Are Using The Upgraded Free Lead System Watch the video on how to use shared sales funnels. Click on The image to the right!
  30. 30. Building REMEMBER… We are not building wide-we are building deep. This is where following instructions become critical. When your referral signs up, get their referral link from them, so that YOU have it available to help THEM. We will be discussing this in our Google Hangouts in more detail.
  31. 31. Next Level Once you have your 4, you will receive a link to sign up for your next level where you will be redirected to a new registration page. You will fill out the form and then you will log into your dashboard.
  32. 32. Next Level At this point, you will have received $150 from your first level sign-ups, so the $100 that purchased your second level was profit and your original $50 is returned to you. There is nothing else for you to do on that level except receive your download for the e-book. All activity is still maintained in the first level dashboard.
  33. 33. Next Level The sign-up process for each new level is the same as when you first joined, it will be a new registration link sent to you with a new URL link. Now your goal is to work your DMO which gives you a place to post an ad a day. The purpose of the DMO is to saturate our market because it takes 7-12 times for anyone who sees an ad to actually to get them to take action. The interdependency of the system is so that everyone is working together for the growth of the company which moves everyone forward.
  34. 34. Next Level Once you are ready to buy your next level, contact the person whose link you used to buy THIS level and ask them for their next level referral link. Purchase your next level from their link. If they are not yet ready to move forward, fill out a support ticket in your admin area and request a link for the level you are ready to purchase.
  35. 35. Company Help The company is helping you by doing paid advertising that points directly to the company rotator - everyone's link is in the company rotator. Once you receive your 4 - you come out of the rotator so new members go in as old members receive their 4 and this is what pushes everyone forward. You will be moving to the next level as people are placed under you, you will receive commissions, as those 4 are completed on that level, you will have enough to move to the next level. You will also be putting profit into your pocket.
  36. 36. How It Works Whatever it costs you to buy each level is the amount of profit that will go into your pocket.
  37. 37. How It Works For example, level 2 costs $100. When 4 have purchased through your level 2 link, you will have $300 profit. You will take $200 out of that $300 and purchase level 3 and you will put $100 in your pocket. Level 3 costs $200. When 4 have purchased through your level 3 link, you will have $600 profit. You will take $400 out of that $600 and purchase level 4 and you will put $200 in your pocket. Level 4 costs $400. When 4 have purchased through your level 4 link, you will have $1200 profit. You will take $800 out of that $1200 and purchase level 4 and you will put $400 in your pocket.
  38. 38. How It Works Level 5 costs $800. When 4 have purchased through your level 5 link, you will have $2400 profit. You will take $1600 out of that $2400 and purchase level 6 and you will put $800 in your pocket. Level 6 costs $1600. When 4 have purchased through your level 6 link, you will have $4800 profit. You will take $3200 out of that $4800 and purchase level 7 and you will put $1600 in your pocket.
  39. 39. How It Works Level 7 costs $3200. When 4 have purchased through your level 7 link, you will have $9600 profit. You will take $6400 out of that $9600 and purchase level 8 and you will put $3200 in your pocket. Level 8 costs $5000. When 4 people purchased through your level 8 link, you will have $15,000 profit. You will take $5,000 out of that $15,000 and purchase your residual level for $5000 and you will put $10,000 in your pocket. The residual level is a rinse and repeat of level 8.
  40. 40. How It Works Residual Level costs $5000. When 4 people have purchased through your residual link, you will have $15,000 profit. You will take $5,000 out of that $15,000 and purchase your residual level for $5000 and you will put $10,000 in your pocket. From this point forward, you will stay on the residual level for residual income. Rinse and repeat.
  41. 41. How It Works At level 8, you will have an option to come back into the system to double your income. You can start out again at level one for $50 while continuing your residual weekly process which doubles your income. The purpose of this is to keep the bottom level filled!
  42. 42. Your Blueprint There you have it, your financial blueprint in 4 easy steps to success!
  43. 43. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.