Traits of a good leader


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Traits of a good leader

  1. 1. Traits of a Good Leader Debojite Chandra Bhowmick
  2. 2. Traits of a Good Leader Leading an organization or a team is not an easy task; it requires a number of qualities that help an individual to become successful. There is a debate whether a leader is born or created but it is definite that all successful leaders have some common traits. Most important thing about leadership is- it can be acquired by learning and exercising these leadership traits. There is no magic formula but exercising the following qualities can help you to become good leader.
  3. 3. A Leader has a clear vision A leader has a clear vision. He knows his destination, knows why he wants to go there and also know the way how he should reach there. He communicates his vision among his people and helps other to create their own visions as they can achieve organizational goal together.
  4. 4. A Leader is dedicated Dedication means entirely committed to a particular thought or action. It is a very important attributes of a leader. A good leader is prepared do everything to achieve his objective. If any task is not done as expected he will allocate additional time, work and energy to achieve his objective. He will never allow any task to be undone.
  5. 5. A Leader is a good strategist A good leader is always a good strategist. He analyzes the entire situation before developing a strategy. He tries to know how much time and resources are required to achieve his objective. He try to understand present market scenario, his own competitiveness, competitor’s strength and weakness, external threats etc before developing a strategy. He carefully analyzes the above factors and shapes his strategy to achieve his goal.
  6. 6. A Leader knows how to delegate responsibility Good leaders know how to develop and delegate responsibility to their team members. Effective delegation saves time, develops people and grooms successor. Delegation of responsibility allows manager to concentrate more on those jobs that require more expertise. It is impossible to do everything by a single person, if somebody does that, he actually loses his productivity; he squeezes time for his self-development and become backdated soon.
  7. 7. A Leader is a good psychologist Every good leader is a good psychologist. If any leader doesn’t understand the psychology of his team members he would never be a leader. Great leaders can understand the liking and disliking of his followers in advance. He takes action accordingly and capitalizes the emotion of his followers to achieve his or organizational goal.
  8. 8. A leader is a good communicator Good communication skill is one of the most important qualities of a good leader. Organization may generate outstanding strategy but if that strategy is not communicated effectively; it does not add any value to the organization. Good leaders know how to communicate the message among all team members effectively which inspire them to achieve their objectives.
  9. 9. A leader is optimist Good leaders always focus on positive achievements, avoid negatives and expect success from all people around them. Adverse situation can’t stop them; they find opportunities in every difficult situation. They like to be surrounded by positive people and stay away from professional complainer. They doesn’t like pessimists because they are contagious and they have strong ability to turn good employees into negatives.
  10. 10. A leader knows how to create leader Good leaders invest their time, resource and energy to develop their team members as they can execute their responsibility independently. They are not self-satisfied to see some people are following them. They like to see their employee as future leader. So they teach, coach and share their knowledge and experience with their team members to build them good leaders.
  11. 11. A leader is energetic Manager is the heart of a team. He stimulates all employees of the team and his surrounding people. He must be a vibrant character; if he suffers from lack of energy it would be difficult for him to energize the whole team.
  12. 12. A Leader knows how to lead a team Leadership is a unique attribute of a person for which people feel proud to follow him, carry out his order and even they don’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their leaders.
  13. 13. A leader has the ability to work under pressure Ability to Work under Pressure: True leaders keep them cool in the midst of a storm. They don’t lose their temper or become upset when disaster happened. Good leaders keep them cool and put their best effort and provide wise guidance to overcome that situation. If leader become upset at the moment of crisis than the whole team will be demoralized and situation may turn out of control. They are the best leaders who perform at their best under pressure and on demand.
  14. 14. A leader has the ability to resolve conflict Conflict resolution is great strength of a leader. Conflict is inevitable in any work palace. Personal interest, ego, leadership style, viewpoint, poor communication etc are the reason of conflict. If it is resolved or minimized or diverted properly it is beneficial for the organization. If it is not resolved successfully it becomes destructive for the organization. It polarizes people, sharpens difference, and undermines the moral of the employees.
  15. 15. A leader has the ability to break barriers No obstacles can stop a leader to achieve his goal. Things don’t always run smoothly, misfortune can happen at any moment. A good leader handles that situation carefully. When he faces obstacle, he doesn’t come back rather he prepare appropriate strategy to overcome that situation. He breaks down barriers and gets result.
  16. 16. A leader is a good listener Good Listener: Listening is an important part of leadership; you can’t be a good leader unless you listen carefully. Listening attentively means you are respectful to others and you are open to accept new ideas and suggestions. It helps you to see the things through the eye of other people. By good listening you can create a powerful interaction between you and your team members resulting respect, trust and release of fear.
  17. 17. A leader has good analytical skill Analytical Skill: An analytical skill is cluster of common skills that allow a person to solve any problem. Good leaders are master in analytical skill. When things are not going as expected; leaders think, observe, listen and question to find out the reason what actually causing the problem. Before coming to conclusion leader analyze the entire situation from different angles, consider all negatives and positives, forecast the outcome of each alternatives and justify which would be the best suited for that situation. Finally he develops a plan of action to overcome that problem.
  18. 18. A leader has the ability to motivate people Good leaders always become good motivators; they know how to inspire their people most. They know the best way to get the job from their people is to motivate them, not ordering. So they spend enough time and explore hidden needs and expectations of employees. Not all people is motivated by the same motivational factors, every individual is motivated by different factors. You cannot motivate all people only by giving money, appreciation, promotion etc. Leaders identify the needs of each individual and treat them accordingly as they become enthusiastic to achieve organizational goal
  19. 19. A leader is a good team player People of different capacity and different background work together in a team. It is not unusual to have different opinions in the team but a good leader hold the total team together to achieve a common goal. He identifies key competencies of each team members and keeps the right person in the right place as they can contribute to their full potential. He stops internal politics and backbiting in the team because it destroys the team spirit. He supports each member of the team to do their best.
  20. 20. A leader is courageous Perhaps courage is one of the most admired leadership traits for which people feel proud of their leader. Courage is ability to take risks and to face difficulties in adverse situation. In crisis moment leader comes forwarded, inspires his people and helps them to overcome adversity. It is contagious and spreads rapidly in the team.
  21. 21. A leader can assume what is going to happen in advanced A Good Leader can assume what is going to happen in future. He can see distant matter more clearly than ordinary people. As he can guess the remote effect of his current actions; so he concentrates on those things that assist the organization to achieve its goal in the long run.
  22. 22. A leader has the ability to take decision Taking right decision in the right moment is an important attribute of a good leader. This influence organizational success and failure to a great extent. People don’t like those leaders who hesitate to take decision or who change decision frequently. So create a rational and prompt decision for the interest of your team. Unnecessary delay in taking decision can throw you in difficult situation. “The quality of decision is like well–timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy it victim.” Sun Tzu
  23. 23. Thank You Very Much