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  • This is what I’m doing nowwww.PerfectScoreProject.comWriting a book about taking the SAT with my sonOnline Marketing the year before to build the brandWill get back to this at the end
  • Before that I was in Book PublishingStarted New Publishing Imprint to break the rulesHigh Profile BlogConnected directly with the readers and helped authors do that too.
  • Used to be that an author could isolate in peace and write their book, and the publisher would do “marketing” for them through traditional channels.
  • DisintermediationNow those traditional media channels through which a publisher would market them are disappearing because of the internet.
  • Sounds like a scary dearth of opportunity to sell their books and connect with their audienceBut it’s the oppositeThere are MORE opportunities for authors who see them.They can tell the story they want to tellNot be dependant on the media’s willingness to let them tell their story
  • Examples of Individuals who have built their brand on the internet for next to no costGary Vaynerchuk: Daily video about wineConnect w/CustomersIncrease Business
  • Turned it into a 10 book dealHad direct relationship with his audience
  • Another Example is The Pioneer WomanThrough her blog built an audience that was so devoted that when she published her first book she instantly became top selling cookbook author without having done any traditional media.
  • This brand building by individuals ultimately can lead to many opportunities for the authors that will help sell the book as well as bring in other evenues of revenue.
  • Major followingBlogs every dayAll those people pushed the re-tweet to all of their people
  • DISINTERMEDIATION – Cutting out the Middle MenCan host own conferenceNo need to pay Booking Agent
  • Partnered with Amazon and cut out the publisherFaster to marketFewer middle men
  • So what does it take?Different things for different brandsThis is Frequent and Regular Seems to be common – though does not have to be EVERY day. Seems like most who are successful post every day.
  • 80-90% is interacting with the community
  • Extreme EngagementThink of it like a garden that needs tendingThe more you do, the more it will grow.
  • Calls to action (Follow Me, Tweet This, Like it, Order the book)Allows people to convert to moreSharing functionsBuy the BookAllow people to interact with the brand
  • Many different low cost and free platforms.
  • What is Twitter?140 Character micro bloggingSharing LinksConnectingEngagingNOT ABOUT HOW MANY FOLLOWERSCan be powerful if used properly
  • Not about how many followers you haveOr broadcastingIt’s about connectingBe a reflection of yourself in the real worldDon’t be over the top promotional
  • Authors are using it to engageAnother place to syndicate contentConnect with readersBrandingRemind People of website
  • Targeted, not just broadcastingSearch on TwitterBecome part of the conversationVirtual Cocktail party
  • FacebookHUGEAnother place to engage and connect with audienceThe Whitehouse is using it it to get out information --- because that is where the people are.
  • Asking questions engages
  • InsightsTrafficNumber of fansBreakdown into demoYou can adjust your message
  • Easy and inexpensive place to do very targeted ads.
  • Back to, WHY BLOGI was blogging about my obsession with the SAT on while working in book publishingHad been in book publishing but was trying figure out “what next?”A publisher called and said my SAT idea was a book
  • Started Writing Book ProposalBuilt new website that was dedicated to the SATwww.perfectscoreproject.comIdea was that I would get insiders perspective on how to get a good score without an agenda – i.e. just share what I learn, HONESTLYSet up the BrandThe SyndicatorsBuiilding the audience for the book while I am writing
  • Building the Brand on all of the Online Platforms
  • Facebook is another place to syndicate the content and connect with people who are interested in the SAT
  • Twitter – Thousands of people “following me” for SAT information – and then they can tell their friends about the SAT informationMore than just broadcasting“@” sign means I’m having a conversation with someone who is interested in the same topic.
  • Extremely strong engagementCan be seen through the number of comments and shares on every post
  • Average Time on Site is another sign that they are engagedThis is an Extremely Long time for the internet
  • So ultimately? What does this all mean? An audience for my book, when it’s ready (I hope)All of this pre-publication brand-building as a write the book is ultimately going to lead back to people feeling connected, and engaged and part of the process, and will hopefully buy the book when it goes on sale – AND, tell all of their friends on Twitter and Facebook, etc.
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    1. 1. Why Blog?1. Turn a Passion Into a Business2. Build a Profile3. Build a Brand4. Build an Audience for Book Publication
    2. 2. Resulted in 10 book deal