What flavor of metadata is best for your collection?
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What flavor of metadata is best for your collection?



Upper Midwest Digital Collections Conference, down load original slide format to see builds & animations

Upper Midwest Digital Collections Conference, down load original slide format to see builds & animations



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  • Silvia Southwick and Cory Lampert, UNLV, 

What flavor of metadata is best for your collection? What flavor of metadata is best for your collection? Presentation Transcript

  • What flavor of linked data is best for your collection? Debra Shapiro UW-Madison SLIS
  • 2 … using other methods. … useful It builds upon standard Web technologies such as HTTP, RDF and URIs, but rather than using them to serve web pages for human readers, it extends them to share information in a way that can be read automatically by computers. This enables data from different sources to be connected and queried.
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  • 14 make your stuff available on the Web (whatever format) under an open license make it available as structured data (e.g., Excel instead of image scan of a table use non-proprietary formats (e.g., CSV instead of Excel) use URIs to denote things, so that people can point at your stuff link your data to other data to provide context http://5stardata.info/
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  • http://vimeo.com/36752317 What is europeana? 16
  • 17 • T-Shirt is the subject (resource you’re describing) • Color is the property (relationship) • White is the object http://www.linkeddatatools.com/introducing-rdf RDF triples, HUH??
  • 18 Richard Wallis, for OCLC, 2014
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  • To summarize: • Linked data is: • Method for getting authoritative descriptive data from Libraries, Archives & Museums out onto the web, so that it can be recombined with all the other data stuff garbage out there • Two main problems brain benders for LAMs community: • Linked data is atomized • Lined data is dynamic 20
  • Just two flavors today 1. RDFa/HTML microdata – Schema.org – OCLC’s deployment of Schema.org 2. RDF/XML – BIBFRAME – Europeana 23
  • What is Schema.org? “ html tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in ways recognized by major search providers ” 24
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  • What is BIBFRAME? “In addition to being a replacement for MARC, BIBFRAME serves as a general model for expressing and connecting bibliographic data. A major focus of the initiative will be to determine a transition path for the MARC 21 formats while preserving a robust data exchange that has supported resource sharing and cataloging cost savings in recent decades.” 31
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  • RDFa/HTML vs. RDF/XML • Linked data in HTML way to enrich the html of web pages – that can be displaying collection information – Schema.org originally designed for e-commerce; vocabulary being extended for cultural heritage information – OCLC doing this automatically • RDF/XML way to re-encode metadata in a linked data consumeable way – BIBFRAME is an experiment to convert MARC to linked data in RDF/XML – Existing MARC data can be batch transformed to BIBFRAME; Europeana also harvests metadata & re- encodes 39
  • What I believe • Don’t lose sleep! • Linked data is for discovery • Content, Data & Properties - RULE • < >, encoding, screens & screens of RDF, Do not matter as much as Quality metadata that can be shared • CONTEXT Linked data is HUGE opportunity for librarians, archivists, collection managers 41
  • Why should we be interested in doing this again? • Get LAMs data out on the open web? • Make Google happy? • Context? • Openness and accessibility? • Torture librarians & collection managers …. All of the above 42
  • 43 LODLAM Training Day $75
  • Sites cited W3C http://www.w3.org/standards/semanticweb/data LODLAM http://lodlam.net/ Zepheira/LibHub http://www.libhub.org/ Linkeddata.org http://linkeddata.org/ European Linked Open data http://pro.europeana.eu/linked-open-data What is linked data video http://vimeo.com/36752317 44
  • Sites cited BIBFRAME http://bibframe.org/ LoC Linked Data Service http://id.loc.gov/  Schema.org http://schema.org WorldCat Linked Data Vocabularies https://www.oclc.org/developer/develop/linked- data/worldcat-vocabulary.en.html Linked data demystified http://goo.gl/vezuZw 45