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Fascinating Womanhood Class
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Fascinating Womanhood Class


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Online and on location classes teaching women how to be the women her man desires through the teaching of "Fascinating Womanhood".

Online and on location classes teaching women how to be the women her man desires through the teaching of "Fascinating Womanhood".

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Presents “Fascinating Womanhood” Facilitated in love by Debbie Kessler, M.Min, CME
  • 2. Welcome, ladies. Ahead of us will be the chance to consider new thoughts and ideas, and maybe reconsider old ideas that seemed outdated for the time we live in now. Either way your being a part of this exciting and fabulous study is proof you want another way to love that resonates with your soul and spirituality. I congratulate your choice and pray for your love and marriage to honor Christ.
  • 3. To be a guide to a happy home To strengthen the home To provide a role model To help you enjoy your feminine role
  • 4. Most marriages are in trouble. Only an estimated one out of thirty is a truly happy marriage. The rest range from comparatively happy to miserable and over 50% end in divorce. Because of this children are troubled, homes are in turmoil and society inherits its problems. Young women are growing up without role models. They are confused as to just what kind of women they should become. There is no sure path to follow - no promise of happiness.
  • 5. 1. Love of Husband: If you are to be happy in marriage, you must feel that your husband truly loves you. His love is essential to your happiness and security. F.W. will teach you how to awaken his love and tenderness. 2. Self-dignity: A source of pain in marriage is when your husband mistreats you, neglects you or is unfair or harsh with you. The important thing is not so much what he does, as how you react. Do you shrink back as if struck by a lash? Do you retreat into your shell? Or, do you respond with a few cutting words. F.W. will teach you how to respond with self-dignity, so you will not feel trampled on. It will lessen the pain, turn a tense situation into a light-hearted one and strengthen your marriage. 3. Heartfelt Desires: If you are to be happy in marriage your desires must be considered. There may be something you want to have, someplace you want to go, to do, or have done for you. I am not suggesting selfish whims, but just desires - things you are deserving of. Your happiness is not complete if you must go without things you need, want, and could easily afford. F.W. will teach you how to obtain these things without causing a marital stir. It will teach you how to cause him to want to do these things for you.
  • 6. You hold the keys to your own happiness in marriage: You can bring these three ingredients into your marriage. By applying the teachings of F.W. you can awaken the love of your husband, preserve your self-dignity, and gain your heartfelt desires. You can make it happen. It is in your hands. This is not to imply that you are to blame for all of the problems, but you have the power to turn your marriage around and make it all you want it to be. This is the miracle of Fascinating Womanhood
  • 7. 1. What You Give Up: Resentments, bitterness, tension, frustrations, unnecessary worry. 2. What You Gain: Husband's love, tenderness, devotion, romantic love. You become a happier person. You become a better person, a better mother, a better citizen. Possible improvement in health, physically and mentally. Happier home and family life. Husband is happier. Children are happier.
  • 8. Contact: Debbie Kessler, M.Min, CME Phone: 770-307-7759 Web: Email: Contact Debbie Kessler for dates and locations of classes.