The deb skin care program for healthcare environments canada


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At Deb we understand that managers and practitioners responsible for infection prevention are continually under pressure to reduce infection rates and the potential for bacteria and germs to be spread.

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The deb skin care program for healthcare environments canada

  1. 1. The Deb Skin Care Programfor Healthcare Environments Be the world’s leading away from home skin care system company
  2. 2. Deb in 30 Seconds Deb is a global innovator of skin care products and technologies, providing solutions to workplaces and public facilities for over 70 years. We provide specialized programs featuring our innovative products and support services that are applicable to all organizations regardless of size, type and complexity such that the Deb products selected are those that people like, they understand and are motivated to use. As a Deb customer, you will benefit from our deep expertise in skin care through improved health & safety and environmental impact, with a measurable economic value. Our core purpose is to help create a culture in which hand hygiene compliance is a habit for all. We achieve this by: ● Understanding the daily skin care challenges ● Providing dedicated programs tailored to specific needs ● Reinforcing skin care best practice2
  3. 3. The Daily ChallengeIncreasing hand hygiene compliance with costeffective solutions that respect the environment.At Deb we understand that managers and practitionersresponsible for infection prevention are continually underpressure to reduce infection rates and the potential for bacteriaand germs to be spread.Developing good hand hygiene habits to the pointthat compliance happens without conscious effortis not an easy task. Potential obstacles include:● wareness of the critical risk points A● ime available for hand hygiene T● ocation and convenience of hand hygiene products L● hether people like to use the products available WIn addition, with healthcare workers expected to wash andsanitize their hands many times a day this can lead to dry, soreor chapped skin which not only increases the risk of microbialcontamination, but can also reduce theuse of hand hygiene products.Implementing effectiveinfection preventionprocedures must include aholistic approach to skin careand hand hygiene. 3
  4. 4. A Unique Response The dedicated Deb Skin Care Program tailored for any healthcare environment combining best in class products and support activities. 3-Step Product Range ● Incorporates a variety of specialist products for different applications and user requirements ● ully tested and supported to ensure appropriateness for use in healthcare F environments ● Designed to be effective, pleasant-to-use and universally understood 2-Step Support Activities ● asy-to-understand education and training materials to both implement E and reinforce hand hygiene compliance ● Ongoing technical support to provide help and advice ● Regular reviews to maintain effectiveness and efficiency of the Deb Skin Care Program The Deb Skin Care Program is carefully designed to motivate compliance with skin care and hand hygiene protocols. PRODUCTSCLEANSE SANITIZE RESTOREAppropriate hand cleansers to meet Products that can be used without water Conditioning creams to help maintainthe specific cleaning needs and to kill germs and provide a higher level healthy skin and avoid dryness. Goodpreferences of each clinical and public of hand hygiene. Ideal for use at the skin condition is an important elementwashroom environment. point of patient contact to complement in ensuring good hand hygiene normal hand washing activity. practice.4
  5. 5. Real Benefits The Deb Skin Care Program delivers real benefits to any healthcare environment. Clinical Benefits ● igh performing products that are effective against germs and viruses to help reduce the spread of HAIs H ● ncourages improvement in hand hygiene compliance, reducing the risk of germs being spread E Enhances your Environmental Standing ● eb foam wash technology can reduce water consumption by up to 46% D ● We are committed to environmentally responsible products and manufacturing processes ● Deb collapsible cartridges contain 50% less plastic than coventional bottles and are 100% recyclable Reduces Total Cost ● Reduces the costs associated with treating secondary infections ● owers the cost associated with absence from work or loss of productivity as a result L of worker sickness ● astage cost is reduced with less packaging to dispose of and controlled product W dosage eliminating over-use SUPPORTEDUCATE AUDITThe provision of employee education Conducting ‘pre and post’ audits to helpand awareness materials to establish and maintain the effectivenessencourage good hand hygiene of the Deb Program.practice. 5
  6. 6. Our Product Philosophy To simplify skin care - drawing on our deep knowledge and expertise. We provide products that are: ● Simple to understand and easy-to-use ● P eople like and prefer to use ● D o the job effectively and efficiently ● K inder to the environment Our range includes a number of world first patented skin care products and rigorously engineered dispensing systems. Universally Understood We have developed deep insight into the barriers to hand hygiene compliance as a result of years of working with end-users and conducting significant research in healthcare facilities. All too often, users are not sure which products are inside a particular dispenser and proper use is unclear. Deb Healthcare dispensing systems have solved this problem by incorporating language neutral icons, vibrant colour-coding, bilingual product identification and unique transparent covers that help prevent the risk of empty dispensers. 1 Colour coding- We have carefully designed our range to help ensure users know which products to use and the proper technique to using them 2 Language Free Usage icons- Easy to understand - encouraging proper hand 3 hygiene technique, language free “how to use” icons on the front of all dispensers 2 3 Bilingual Product Identification- Clearly communicate the dispenser contents 4 4 Transparent Covers - Dispenser contents can be visually monitored without opening dispensers or relying on small view windows. Empty dispensers and product waste are avoided. 1 CLEANSE CLEANSE SANITIZE RESTORE GENERAL PURPOSE ANTI-MICROBIAL ALCOHOL HANDRUB HAND CREAM HAND SOAP HAND WASH Environmental Products Many Deb products including cleansers and sanitizers are EcoLogo™ Certified. Founded in 1988 by the Government of Canada but now recognized world-wide, EcoLogo™ is North America’s largest most respected environmental standard and certification mark. “Deb’s leadership products help to ensure greener hand cleansers and sanitizers are available to better protect human and environmental health.”6 (Executive Director of the EcoLogo Program)
  7. 7. Deb Dispensing Systems Our dispensers are designed, developed and manufactured in-house to meet the specific requirements of our high quality skin care products. Benefits of Deb Dispensing Systems ● Hygienic - Sealed cartridges do not allow air ingress and ensure ‘fresh’ product is dispensed every time ● ost Control - Controlled product dosage prevents over-use C ● o Wastage - Cartridges designed to collapse in use to ensure all N product is evacuated with no waste ● Security - Lockable to prevent unauthorized access ● asy To Use - Large push buttons make dispensers easy to use E ● o Mess - No drip or clog pump mechanisms ensure no mess N ● Saves Time - Empty cartridges are easily replaced in seconds ● ow Maintenance - Easy wipe-clean surfaces L The Power of Silver All Deb dispensers are protected by BioCote® a silver-based antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of bacteria and moulds. Guaranteed for Life UA RAN • G TEED All Deb dispensers are manufactured from durable plastic components, rigorously FE tested for high usage environments and guaranteed for life.* R LI FO Make It Your Own Good communication is at the heart of achieving high levels of compliance. Deb’s ability to create custom dispensers with full colour graphics, images and messages provide a unique opportunity to communicate at the point of use.*Excludes Deb TouchFREE Dispensers, which are guaranteed for 5 years 7
  8. 8. Product Guide CLEANSE Appropriate hand cleansers to meet the specific cleaning needs and preferences of each workplace environment. Lotion Foam Cleansers ¨ ¨ ¨ ¨ Hygenipak Blue Hygenipak White Hygenipak Hygenipak Pure Conditioning Gel Skin Cleanser Lotion Enriched Skin Cleanser Foaming Skin Cleanser Unscented Foaming Skin Cleanser A high quality cleanser formulated A rich and gentle moisturizing An extremely mild foaming skin for hand and body use. Leaves cleanser containing a blend of cleanser formulated for every An exceptionally mild, unscented skin feeling clean and refreshed. botanical extracts. Recommended day use in healthcare settings. foaming skin cleanser that is for frequent use on the most biodegradable and friendly to the sensitive skin. environment. CCD-104Stock Code 711 712 716 717Pack Size 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge 1L CartridgeCase Qty 12 12 8 8 Anti-Bacterial Lotion Foam Cleansers ¨ Hygenipak¨ Green Hygenipak¨ Plus Hygenipak Hygenipak ¨ 2% CHG Anti-Microbial Skin Cleanser Anti-Microbial Skin Cleanser Anti-Microbial Foaming Foaming Skin Cleanser An antiseptic gel cleanser containing An exceptionally gentle and effective Skin Cleanser 2% CHG formulation to provide a blend of bactericidal agents, natural creamy lotion skin cleanser which A gentle yet effective anti-microbial antiseptic action against a wide emollients and skin conditioners. contains a proven anti-microbial foaming skin cleanser containing range of microorganisms. Suitable for frequent hand washing. agent. DIN 02217937 Triclosan, a proven broad spectrum DIN 02267144 DIN 02158442 bactericide. DIN 02231594Stock Code 713 714 718 720Pack Size 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge 1L CartridgeCase Qty 12 12 8 88
  9. 9. Hygenipak ¨ Pure DispensersSpa Bath ShowerA clear, viscous aquamarinegel which contains a uniqueblend of surfactants forenhanced cleansing powerand a luxurious lather. CCD-103 Description Deb General Purpose Deb Cleanse Shower 2000 Hand Soap Disp.730 Stock Code GP1LDS SHW2LDP2L Cartridge Capacity 1L Cartridge 2L Cartridge6 Case Qty 1 1 Dispenser Description Deb Antimicrobial Hand Wash Disp. Stock Code AM1LDS Capacity 1L Cartridge Case Qty 1 9
  10. 10. SANITIZE Hand Sanitizer for use without water to kill germs and provide a higher level of hand hygiene. Microsan Encore® Highl ective, perfume-free, dye-free alcohol-based foam hand sanitizer with moisturizers. Use without water to kill 99.999% of many common germs in just 15 seconds. The hypoallergenic foam formula is ideal for frequent use, leaving hands feeling refreshed, smooth and soft. Does not contain any gelling agents, so unlike ‘alcohol gel’ products, frequent use of Microsan Encore® does NOT leave hands feeling sticky.Stock Code 805 804 807 ENC1TFPack Size 50ml Personal Pump Bottle * 400ml Pump Bottle * 1L Cartridge * 1L CartridgeCase Qty 36 12 8 3 Certified for EcoLogo™ Instant Hand Antiseptic Products Standard CCD-170 * EcoLogo certification applies to 400 mL and 1L pack sizes only. RESTORE ”Super Hydrating” conditioning cream to help maintain healthy skin and avoid dryness. Good skin condition is an important element in ensuring good hand hygiene practice. Deb® Pure RESTORE Perfume free and dye-free. Ideal for use throughout the day, under gloves and at the end of the work day. Dermatologist tested. The non-greasy formulaStock Code RES150ML RES1L is compatible for use under tPack Size 150ml Tube 1L Cartridge latex and nitrile gloves toCase Qty 12 6 keep the skin hydrated. CHG compatible.10
  11. 11. Dispensers Description Deb Alcohol Handrub Disp. Deb Touch Free II White Deb Touch Free II Black Deb Sanitizer Stand w/Touch Free II Dispenser Stock Code FS1LDS TF2WHI TF2BLK 92750B (Black) 92750W (White - not shown) Capacity 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge 1L Cartridge Case Qty 1 1 1 1 Description Deb Handi Bracket Stock Code 450 Capacity 400 mL Pump Bottle Case Qty 1 DispenserDescription Deb Cream Disp.Stock Code HL1LDSCapacity 1L CartridgeCase Qty 1 11
  12. 12. Deb Support A comprehensive range of Education and Audit activities to help motivate compliance with skin care best practice. This structured approach is designed to address the implementation of the Deb program through to the long term maintenance of improved standards of skin care. EDUCATE AUDIT Deb can provide you with a range As a Deb customer we initially conduct a pre-audit of education tools and activities, such as: to establish your requirements, followed by a post- installation audit to ensure you are completely - On site infection prevention awareness for staff satisfied with the new installed Deb program and visitors then an annual review to introduce to you new - eLearning products and support services that can help drive - Hand Hygiene Posters further improvements in skin care standards. - Newsletters12
  13. 13. Implementing Deb in Your FacilityWe have developed a simple process to help address all of the concernstypically associated with the implementation of a new skin care system.1 Needs Analysis Our fully trained sales team will work with your key staff to identify the application needs within your organization. Product Trial2 We will conduct a trial to establish appropriate product performance and preference. Site Survey3 A complete survey of your facilities will be undertaken to identify the products required and optimum dispenser placement by location. Installation4 Our service team will coordinate the installation of dispensers and product. Training Education5 Deb personnel will implement the Deb Support program, featuring a comprehensive range of education and reinforcement tools and activities.
  14. 14. GROUP HEAD OFFICE DENMARK SINGAPORE GLOBAL RD CENTRE Deb Swarfega A/S Deb Singapore Pte. Ltd. Agerhatten 27B 7 Kaki Bukit Road 1 Deb Group Limited 5220 Odense SØ #01-10 Eunos Technolink Denby Hall Way T: +45 6472 2400 Singapore 415937 Denby F: +45 6472 3300 T: +65 6316 9730 Derbyshire F: +65 6316 9731 DE5 8JZ FRANCE UK Deb Arma SPAIN T: +44 1773 855100 Batiment A - Hall 2 Deb España Higiene SL F: +44 1773 855107 3/5 rue du Pont des Halles Paseo de Europa 11-13 94656 RUNGIS CEDEX Planta 4 Oficina A T: +33 1 41 80 11 30 28700 San Sebastián de los Reyes NATIONAL OFFICES F: +33 1 41 80 11 69 Madrid T: +34 91 651 4870 AUSTRALIA GERMANY F: +34 91 653 2554 Deb Australia Pty Limited Deb Deutschland GmbH 73 Alfred Road Amselstraße 5 SWEDEN Chipping Norton 68307 Mannheim Deb Sverige AB NSW 2170 T: +49 (0) 800 588 97 01 [Kostenfrei] Skårs Led 3, 412-63 Göteborg T: +61 2 9794 7700 F: +49 (0) 621 460 864 22 T: +46 31 165 050 F: +61 2 9755 3259 F: +46 31 406 053 NEW ZEALAND BENELUX Deb New Zealand Limited UK IRELAND Deb Benelux BV PO Box 97740 Deb Limited Minosstraat 6 Manukau Denby Hall Way 5048 CK Tilburg Auckland 2241 Denby, Derbyshire Netherlands New Zealand DE5 8JZ T: +31 13 456 1915 (N) T: +64 3 545 1046 T: +44 1773 855100 F: +31 13 456 2848 (N) F: +64 3 545 1047 F: +44 1773 855107 T: +32 2 461 0575 (B) F: +32 2 461 0687 (B) NORWAY USA Deb Swarfega Norge A/S DEB Inc. CANADA Trollåsveien 4 2730 W. Tyvola Road Deb Canada 1414 Trollåsen Suite 200 42 Thompson Road W. T: +47 6680 3440 Charlotte, NC 28217-4582 Waterford F: +47 6680 3110 T: +1 704 263 4240 Ontario N0E 1Y0 F: +1 704 263 9601 T: +1 888 332 7627 PORTUGAL T: +1 800 248 7190 T: +1 519 443 8697 Deb (Portugal) Quimicos, Lda F: +1 800 367 7408 F: +1 800 567 1652 Edificio Altejo S.605 F: +1 519 443 5160 Rue 3 á Matinha 1950-326 Lisboa T: +351 868 0503 F: +351 21 868 3536 www.debgroup.comBe the world’s leading away from home skin care system companyAustralia • Belgium • Canada • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Ireland • Luxembourg • Netherlands • New Zealand • Norway • Portugal • Singapore • Spain • Sweden • UK • USA