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Basics on creating a winning investor pitch -- with everything you do need and nothing you don't. More information at

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  • This is a great presentation! Very informative.Thank you!
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  • Awesome Slideshare, Deb. Lots of great info and useful insights.
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  • Deb, this slideshare is spot on. Storytelling is such an important part of the sales pitch. I find that they the strongest presentations come from people who have perfected their products’ story, and focused on the problem that their product/service solves. Check out this article: 5 Common Traits of Winning Investor Pitches
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  • This is one of the most useful slideshows I've seen on pitching. There's a lot of practical advice that will really help startups create great pitches.
    Nice work!
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Investor Pitches That Win - Sol Marketing, Austin, TX

  1. Investor pitches THAT WIN
  2. Avoiding death by powerpoint
  3. Jump right into a conversation about your awesome product Get lost in the demo Show only top-down market data Show a business with users but no revenue Be just like others in the category How to FAIL an investor pitch Claim you have no competitors Have an inconceivable, expensive or unreasonable marketing plan Need cash YESTERDAY Stretch the truth Show up unprepared ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""3"
  4. Characteristics of pitches that WIN …all in the first 30–60 seconds. A story everyone can relate to Clear evidence that there is a HUGE problem A vision for what the world would look like if you eliminated that problem
  5. …and in the next 10 MINUTES… Proof that your company can credibly provide the solution, conveyed with language that appeals to the masses and words and images that jump off the page*. *In about 10 slides. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""5"
  6. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""6" Market validation and proof Positioning validation (consumer + business audience) Messaging strategy The right level of detail Visual and verbal storytelling So, how do we get THERE?
  7. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""7" And what does it look like when WE DO? A pitch that takes 60 seconds rather than 60 minutes A 10 slide deck that serves as an artifact of the conversation Requests for additional information/follow-up 60 10 ?
  8. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""8" STRUCTURE of a pitch deck 1 COMPANY PURPOSE 30 – 60 seconds. “We are the X for Y.” 2 PROBLEM/ PAIN Obvious and huge. How many people have it? 3 SOLUTION What the world looks like when you’ve solved it. DEMO Hit the high notes. Don’t get lost in features. CONTACT SLIDE Make sure they know how to get in touch. 4 MARKET SIZE Top down – provided by someone else. Bottoms up – calculate users x usage = revenue. 5 BUSINESS MODELS How are you going to make money? Simple revenue models win. 6 UNFAIR ADVANTAGE Investors get REALLY excited by an unfair advantage. 7 COMPETITION Don’t say you don’t have any. Who they are, why they suck and how you’re better. 9 TEAM It can’t just be you. Show us just how awesome they are. TRACTION AND MILESTONES What have you done to date? What’s coming? 8 MARKETING PLAN Customer acquisition plan. Volume, cost and conversion. 10
  9. BEST practices Reel them in with a good hook Know your audience Combine storytelling, selling and conversation Honor the connection among heart, mind and wallet Avoid excruciating product detail Don’t expect to be the smartest person in the room Consider it a learning experience Have a memorable closing ONE THOUGHT PER SLIDE
  10. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""10" BEFORE presentation day: ON presentation day: Practice. Practice. Practice. Test your story with your grandmother, your barista or your third-grade teacher Anticipate questions/objections and prepare responses Be prepared for ANYTHING Be prepared to be interrupted Answer EVERY question Wear deodorant Don’t pick a fight Don’t bluff
  11. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""11" Other TIPS Provide access to backup information: - Research data - Detailed financials - Detailed business models and projections - In-depth team bios - Variety of use-cases (if appropriate) The deck is important but the conversation, even more so. File size should be appropriate for email. No matter if using PowerPoint or another presentation tool, keep it simple.
  12. ©"SOL"MARKETING""|""13" Let’s start SOMETHING 512.445.4807 904 West Ave. Suite 102 Austin, Texas 78701