Teamwork ~ Essential to Business


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When starting a business, you get to choose your own team mates! But, just like when you were in the military, you are responsible for leading and managing your team.

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Teamwork ~ Essential to Business

  2. 2. Teamwork is as essential to business as it was while you werein the military.However, when starting a business, you get to choose yourown team mates! But, just like when you were in themilitary, you are responsible for leading and managing yourteam. This is especially important when you are starting yourown business. It is imperative too, that you are asking the“right” questions, especially when consulting with others.
  3. 3. So, who are your team-mates?You will need at a minimum the assistancefrom the following professionals:•A Small Business Lawyer•An Accountant that specializes in small businesses•A Small Business Consultant•A Small Business Coach•A Small Business Finance Officer•An Insurance BrokerAnd, if you are starting a “brick and mortar”business that retails products:•A Retail Space Leasing Agent•A Product Development Manager
  4. 4. My suggestion is never to “skimp” in these areas, and truly hire thebest people that you can afford at this time.Once you begin to generate an income, and as that income allowsyou to, upgrade the levels of the professionals that you teamwith. Never continue business relationships that no longer serveyou just because they “were with you in the beginning.” As yourbusiness grows and flourishes, you will need the expertise of thosepeople that have “been there, done that.” Their advice andexpertise is available to you and important, as you will need theirexperience to guide you towards further growth.These professionals, your “team-mates”, serve as yourcompany’s “Board of Advisors.”Even if you are choosing to start a business as a soleproprietorship or even run it only part-time while “straddling”between your business and your job, you will still need tobuild, lead and manage this group of people.
  5. 5. Finally, remember, regardless of their expertise and advice; it isultimately you who are responsible for the decision-making.Often times, you may have an instinctive gut reaction to advicethat someone gives you on running your company. I havefound, if you have the superior knowledge regarding your targetmarket, “go with your gut.” The reaction may be based onknowing and understanding elements about your target marketthat you may not be able to articulate. Part of being an“executive” is knowing how to manage the tension that formsbetween following the advice of others and your own instinctivegut reactions.A good executive knows when to listen to others andwhen to follow their gut.That skill is developed over time and with practice.
  6. 6. Team Scorpion (Veteran Owned Small BusinessDevelopment Team) and I are looking for 5 veterans ,ormilitary spouses that I can commit my time and energy tohelp them be successful and get paid!I’m not looking to work with just anyone.Serious inquires ONLY from people who desire change andcan use an extra $2000-$3000 a month.Use this money to capitalize your start up or pay off anydebts that you may have AND build your business’ Internetpresence.
  7. 7. Hi, Im Deanna Wharwood and Im known as the VeteransCoach. I help active duty, veterans and their families transitionfrom military life to their dream life through a proven process oftransition assistance coaching and small business start up. Imnot a mental health professional. However, I believed that itwas important to get this information to our community.If you feel I can be of service to you, helping you and yourfamily transition from military life, find jobs you love, or startyour own business, contact me on importantly, please share this information with those whomay need it. And..."Welcome Home!"Best,Deanna