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#LostInSocial #LostInSocial Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation by Deanna Payson #NewhouseSM6 – Fall 2012 @deannap09 #LostInSocial
  • Where does social belong? andHow should it be managed? @deannap09 #LostInSocial
  • Where does “social” belong?! “For most companies, social media management is a function of the marketing department…” @deannap09 #LostInSocial
  • Where does “social” belong?! Marketing? Customer Service? Sales? Public Relations? @deannap09 #LostInSocial
  • How should it be managed?Altimeter Group Study #LostInSocial
  • “Decentralized” 10.8%Altimeter Group #LostInSocial
  • “Centralized” 28.8%Altimeter Group #LostInSocial
  • “Hub & Spoke” 41%Altimeter Group #LostInSocial
  • “Dandelion” 18%Altimeter Group #LostInSocial
  • “Holistic” 1.4%Altimeter Group #LostInSocial
  • Ask the experts! #LostInSocial
  • Chris BaccusSteve Rubel Executive Director of Digital Media,EVP Global Strategy & GolinHarrisInsights,EdelmanGary J. Nix Adam BrittenDigital Marketing Community Manager,Specialist, 16 HandlesBlue Fountain Media #LostInSocial
  • Gary J. Nix Where does social belong?  Distinct department in marketing mix @Mr_McFly #LostInSocial
  • Gary J. Nix How should it be managed?  Audience  Principles  Messages  Teamwork! “When it comes to brand communications, they need to work together for the ultimate success of the brand!” @Mr_McFly #LostInSocial
  • Gary J. Nix How does digital/social marketing differ?  Faster  Forums for reactions  Amplified word-of-mouth @Mr_McFly #LostInSocial
  • Chris Baccus - GolinHarris  Where was social in AT&T structure?  Hub & Spoke  Report to agency PR  Corporate Communications #LostInSocial @cbaccus
  • Chris Baccus - GolinHarris  Where is social in GolinHarris? “Strategists” #LostInSocial @cbaccus
  • Chris Baccus - GolinHarris  Where does social belong?  Lead role within PR, marketing OR customer service…but…. “It is truly best handled as a managed collaboration across the organization.” #LostInSocial @cbaccus
  • Chris Baccus - GolinHarris  How should social be managed? -Communicate -Meetings -Governance - “Collaborative responsibility” @cbaccus #LostInSocial
  • Adam Britten – 16Handles  Where does social belong? “Many brands try to silo social media into a traditional category…realistically, social media both lives on its own and crosses into all of these departments.” #LostInSocial @adambritten
  • Adam Britten – 16Handles Relationship-building + Eliciting transactions #LostInSocial @adambritten
  • Adam Britten – 16Handles “If social media isnt driving business goals, it isnt worth investing in.” #LostInSocial @adambritten
  • Adam Britten – 16Handles  Which social media should be used?  Audience! #LostInSocial @adambritten
  • Adam Britten – 16Handles  Who should do the social “listening”?  Hub & Spoke Model  “Central listeners” #LostInSocial @adambritten
  • Adam Britten – 16Handles  How should social be managed?  Now: experts  Later: everyone! #LostInSocial @adambritten
  • Steve Rubel – Edelman Digital  Where does social belong? “Its best to have an integrator who can conduct an orchestra…” #LostInSocial @SteveRubel
  • Steve Rubel – Edelman Digital  How should social be managed?  Creation vs. Curation?  Second Screens? #LostInSocial @SteveRubel
  • Steve Rubel – Edelman Digital  Looking ahead: “In general, [social media management] will become more holistic. More and more, communicators will realize its all connected - not separate.” #LostInSocial @SteveRubel
  • Conclusions  Now: Hub & Spoke is best PR Customer Service Hub Marketing Sales #LostInSocial
  • Future… Everyone?  Employees as brand ambassadors Sales PR Customer Marketing Service #LostInSocial
  • Thoughts?Questions? #LostInSocial
  • Thank you! Gary Nix @Mr_McFly Chris Baccus @cbaccus Adam Britten @AdamBritten Steve Rubel @SteveRubel #LostInSocial