Video Search Engine Optimization


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Video Search Engine Optimization

  1. 1.  Quick review :Online video growth Part 2 : Video SEO Strategies Questions
  3. 3.  Video = currently 55% of all Internet traffic Video = projected 90% all Internet traffic by end 2013 Average U.S consumer watches 22 hours of online video each month 22 hours = 299 unique videos per month  61 of the 299 unique videos watched are Ads = 20% Ad exposure rate
  4. 4. 11 HOURS 7 HOURS
  5. 5. 95% of car buyers use search engines to shop for vehicles Average consumer spends 22 hours each month watching online video (Comscore 2012) Combine Video’s power of sight,(2011 Auto Polk Automotive Influence study) sound & motion internet search to connect where buyers spend Used car buyers the most time! New car buyers
  6. 6. (2011 Auto Polk Automotive Influence study) -  Average 70% of all searches are done on Google sites Average 65%+ of a dealer’s web traffic comes from Google searches  Less than 10% of car buyers click on the page 2 search results  Over 57%+ of search is now done on mobile devices  97%+ of mobile searches are done on Google
  7. 7. Branded2011 Automotive Shopper Study HONDA ACCORD QUEENS Non-Branded 2012 ACCORD QUEENS  Consumer using search 10+ years  24/7 easy access to search on numerous devices including mobile  17/100 search terms car buyers type are new = more descriptive  Long tail search terms = 3 or more words > 20% yearly  Short tail search terms = 2 or less words < 10% yearly Result = car buyers get to destination on PG 1 of search which is called “Universal Search” in today’s world.
  8. 8. • Websites • News • Micro-sites • Paid listings• Maps • Social Media • Images • Blogs• Reviews • Remarketing • Local Places • Video 50% of the time Videos show up in search?
  9. 9. La Car Guy VW PPCLa Car GuyVWWebsites  95% of paid search impressions doLa Car Guy “NOT” get clickedVW Videos  87% of all traffic comes from Organic Search Website + Video + PPC = Max Market Share
  10. 10. Brand Conquest Service ReputationNew & Used Buyers
  11. 11.  Target in-market buyers & competing brands Average car buyer looks at 3 different brands  Highlight your brands features & advantages  Generate new online market share
  12. 12.  Target buyers looking for used vehiclesLa Car GuyVW video  Minimize 3rd party listings  Minimize private seller’s listings  Reduce other dealer’s trade-in listings3rd party  Promote unique used carprovider specialswebsites  Generate your own 1st page real estate
  13. 13.  Target service business  20% of service searches include GEO keywords  Push out Big Box service retailers Push out local repair/body shops  Promote services, amenities, specials… etc  Generate online market share
  14. 14.  Target service business  20% of service searches include GEO keywords  Push out Big Box service retailers Push out local repair/body shops  Promote services, amenities, specials… etc  Generate online market share
  15. 15.  Manage your Positive PG 1 Online reputation  67% of customers put “Post Purchase Experience” online 4 out of 5 prospects research your dealership  1 in 5 changed their mind based on unfavorable reviews  Promote trust & authenticity of brand in your market  Don’t sell cars for your competition!
  16. 16.  Target in-market low funnel buyers Promote new models Highlight specific model features to buyers Highlight your dealership’s advantages over other local dealers Promote specials & incentives to get buyers to your website Maximize your PG 1 online market share!
  18. 18.  Video content must be unique, no duplicates as this is SPAM. Video length < 2 minutes - target is B.F.C. looking for 3 P’s – get them to your website! Videos in search are NOT final destination as they are just a gateway to your website. Upload frequency is monthly, as search engines prefer new content, Video = time relevant. Upload to numerous video sites, so don’t put eggs in one basket/network. Manage each account per video site by using a spreadsheet to track. Make lots of videos (VIN specific walk arounds, service, how to, sales, branding, testimonials, community, financing, special programs, awards, amenities, location…etc) In addition, put testimonial videos on Facebook and website tab , but get signed releases! Quality video content is king! No shaky videos, and get a tri-pod if necessary. No white noise, be specific and get creative. Title, tags, categories, descriptions, comments, ratings are all important. Hyperlink URL’s, phone numbers, store address, maps are all important. Proper keyword optimization should be followed, so use variety , update keywords - don’t SPAM! Build an efficient process and be committed! It’s SEO, and takes dedicated time.
  19. 19.  Video SEO is only 5 years old, and is NOT completely measurable like TV. Use as competitive product - dominate your online market share. Every % = sales and service $ Reduce your competition’s market share and get buyers to YOUR store! (Avg. car shopper looks at 5 different dealers websites before they go to the 1st lot, they visit only 2 now, don’t be one of the other three they NEVER visit) Manage your PG 1 reputation in search & push out customers unfavorable comments about your dealership - Don’t sell cars for your competition! Toot your own horn and be proactive with PR! View counts- 57% search is on mobile/tablet – views not always counted on shared FREE Wi-Fi IP’s View counts – not counted if not full view on most engines or if embedded on other sites Tracking Clicks- 90% of video sites don’t allow hyperlinks – they’re online TV networks Reality of Search example - people manage the research process and open new browsers Tracking phone numbers- Google panda SPAM rules & limited due to reality of search- Example Go after competing brands- average car buyer looks at 3 different makes in bottom of the funnel! Don’t let competing dealers employ this strategy & reduce your online market share!