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Peter Martian

  1. 1. Data Mining and Process Review Peter MartinPresident of Cactus Sky Communications
  2. 2. Peter Martin Peter Martin the President of Cactus Sky Communications, one of the premier eMail Marketing agencies in the country. The company’s ability to deliver email through SPAM filters and track the recipients actions (clicks) provides its clients with an unprecedented marketing advantage. The company’s ASM methodology provides drill-down email campaigns with specific communications, based on the recipient’s needs or interests, resulting in a higher conversion ratio.
  3. 3. Database Mining Maximize The Return On Monies you have Already spent.
  4. 4. • 1/3 of US Consumers spend over 3 hours online every day.• Average consumer visits 18 websites prior to visiting a dealership• 79% of people research the dealership prior to contacting them• 63% submit a inquiry via email
  5. 5. What we are going to cover:• Benefits of email marketing• Database overview • Internet Leads • Customers • Unsold Showroom• eMail Frequency• eMail Design best practices• eMail Deliverability• Subject Lines• Warning
  6. 6. Power of eMail• eMail continues to grow and still earns the Highest ROI• Last year, the average return from every dollar spent on: • eMail Marketing - $45.06 • Newspaper advertising - $16.86 • Direct mail of - $15.55
  7. 7. The Value of eMailPer eMarketer:• Internet users in the US check their personal eMail throughout the day, including at work.• Over 70% of people check their personal eMail at work—one-third do it more than three times a day.• On average, business users spend over an hour per day managing their eMail accounts.• 30% of email is checked on Mobile Devices
  8. 8. eMail Adoption Process Action Acceptance Comprehension RecallAttention Builds Awareness Builds Intentions Builds Sales
  9. 9. You have Thousands of Leads Inhouse, email marketing can help youconvert them to Customers…
  10. 10. Database DevelopmentYou have several databasesin house that should be marketedto EVERY month:• Internet Leads• Unsold Showroom Leads• Customers • With emails • Without emails
  11. 11. Maintain & Clean• Analyze your data and remove invalid addresses: – No spaces or special characters (i.e., commas) – Make sure eMails have a valid domain structure – Add data validation to your web sign up form• Remove: – Distribution addresses (i.e., sales@) – System addresses (i.e., postmaster@) – Any address with the word ‗spam‘ in it – Complainers and in actives
  12. 12. The Average Dealership has over 10,000 Leads in the Internet Department CRM Tool. Where do these leads come from? • Lead providers • Manufacturer‘s Site • Your own website
  13. 13. Average lead cost $20• 10,000 Leads X $20 = $200,000• 5% Average Internet closing ratio• Leaving 9,500 Leads that are unsold
  14. 14. …How do we market to each one.
  15. 15. Jan Feb Mar Apr 1 Specific e-Mails sent out New 14 Monthly Year‘s Special: Valentine‘s : Free Leasing Detail 23A Sales Cycle OfferOffering
  16. 16. Internet Leads typically have never beenmarketed to for service. Advantages are:• Cheaper & Faster• Local Prospects• More profitable• Keeps them in your family of customers
  17. 17. “It’s always easier and cheaper to keep old customers than find new ones.” -Dan Lawlor, senior analyst with J.D.Power,• It cost 8 to 10 times more to acquire a new customer as opposed to selling to an existing one.
  18. 18. How do you Target your customers with relevant Email Marketing?
  19. 19. Controversial Statement• It is more important to Communicate every month than to have it be relevant• Targeted messaging is perfect for Direct Mail because of the Cost but makes no sense for email.
  20. 20. Over 60% of your service customers are Orphan Owners. They are havingtheir vehicles Serviced at your store that they did not buy from you.
  21. 21. Clear and Effective Messaging will Produce Results• Develop relevant content that will engage your audience• Easy to read messages (bulleted) and calls to action are clearly designated• Emails are tested in all major email clients as well as mobile to ensure that your message is clearly seen
  22. 22. Jun Jul Aug Sep 3 Oil Change 5 Battery Test 16 Tire RotationA ServiceCycle Offering
  23. 23. eMail Best Practices– The average household has 2.5 vehicles.• Develop relevant content that will engage your audience• Easy to read messages (bulleted) and calls to action are clearly designated• Test in all major email clients as well as mobile to ensure that your message is clearly seen
  24. 24. Building Personal Relationships Requires:• Two-way business/customer interaction AND SELL• STOP spamming MORE CARS!!Understand who is reading your eMail:• Woman• Professionals• Techies• Financially Challenged• Have a vehicle to trade in
  25. 25. Dear Jennifer,Searching for a Service Department youcan trust? Sarasota Ford is your answeroffering a one stop shop for all of yourmaintenance and service needs.•Technically Advanced Service Center•Latest Diagnostic Computer & RepairEquipment•Factory Trained Technicians•Supplier of ―OEM‖ Quality PartsAt Sarasota Ford we look forward toserving you!Sincerely,Tony CooperService ManagerTony.cooper@sarasotaford.com941.209.1497As a preferred online customer PLEASE print this email and bring it with you.
  26. 26. HTML eMails
  27. 27. Sample of a BAD eMail:Peter,I received your request for information regarding a Hummer. Please let me know what you are interested in and I will assist you. Best regards, Mark "the bow tie guy" Cadillac and Hummer 727-822-20
  28. 28. Avoid Spammy Content• Avoid overaggressive language and spammy-looking content such as – Very large fonts – Using all caps – Big red letters – Anything that looks unprofessional and could be confused with a true spam eMail
  29. 29. Online Coupons73% of consumers have used a online coupon.
  30. 30. Unsubscribe Link• Make it extremely easy to unsubscribe.• If someone calls in and requests to be removed you must have a policy to accomplish that quickly.• If your spam complaint rates are very high, include an unsubscribe link at the top of your message.• Consult your Legal advisor about compliance with CAN-SPAM and other requirements.
  31. 31. Smartphone users will grow to 106.7 Million in 2013 Up 18.4% Your emails Must be Mobile Enabled.
  32. 32. Now that you have your eMail built how do we get it into the inbox? Know the difference between sent and delivered into the inbox.
  33. 33. Poor DeliverabilityPoor deliverability costs your company significant revenue from:• Lost potential sales• Money wasted to create content• Building databases or lists• Sending messages that never reach their intended audiences
  34. 34. Reputation is the key to deliverability.20% of permission-based eMail messages are being blocked.
  35. 35. List Hygiene• The process of cleaning your list of undesirable eMail addresses• Why is list hygiene important? • Reputation • The #1 driver of deliverability today • Proper list hygiene will help establish a good reputation resulting in better deliverability.
  36. 36. Minimize Spam ComplaintsAmerica Online, for example, currently recommends keeping spam complaints below one per 1,000 messages.
  37. 37. Managing ComplaintsComplaints are the #1 factor for deliverability • You need to set up and manage Feedback loops • Complaints are forwarded to sender‘s abuse address for processing • Remove/suppress complaining addresses immediately • Complaints are the cause of ISP blacklisting.Someone can complain or register your eMail as spam with the click of a mouse button.
  38. 38. AuthenticationVerifies sender‘s identityAccreditationThird-party verification of sender‘s good habitsCertificationTokenized proof of sender‘s good reputation
  39. 39. ISP Monitoring
  40. 40. How to Improve DeliverabilityTo achieve high deliverability rates requires involvement and cooperation from:• IT Department• Web designer/programmer• Copywriter• Marketing company• Database and list managers• Your staff on the front lines collecting eMail addresses• Executive management
  41. 41. Address Book• Encourage new subscribers to add your eMail address to their address book.• These personal white lists are your fastest route to the inbox.
  42. 42. Dedicated IP Address• Belongs to you exclusively• When you share an IP address with other senders and they deploy a bad practice - your messages will be filtered or blocked along with theirs.• Dedicated IPs cost more, but will ensure that you are in control of your sender reputation.
  43. 43. Importance of ―From Name‖ • Choose your sender/from name carefully. • Use your most recognizable and expected brand. • Be consistent with it.
  44. 44. Subject Line• Spend time on your subject line – first impressions mean the world to your recipient.• Personalize the subject line. Import the recipients first name into the subject line when possible.• Example subject line: Peter we have some specials for you.• Make sure the subject line is relevant. Tie it directly to your message.
  45. 45. Subject Line Best Practices• See which subject lines delivered the action you wanted: – The most conversions – The highest average sale per order – The highest click-through rate, etc.• Review your web analytics reports to see: – Which newsletter article topics draw the most clicks or forwards – Which whitepapers get downloaded most often – Which brands or departments get the most traffic• This analysis should: – Drive content and product selection strategies, – And it can also show you what information is most relevant or useful.
  46. 46. Subject Line LengthSome eMail clients allow more characters in a subject line than others, but most give you at least 50, including spaces. – Load your key information in that first 50. – Also, make sure the cut-off doesn‘t occur in a crucial word, such as a price or date.One way to really see how your subject line will work in your recipients‘ inboxes is to send yourself an eMail with your proposed subject line.
  47. 47. WARNINGS:Before you start Mass marketing you need to check thefollowing or you run the risk of getting Black Listed:1. Is your prospect list clean, when was the last time youremoved invalid email addresses2. Do you have a dedicated IP address3. Do you have feedback loops set up4. Are the domain name keys correct5. Is your authentications set up properly6. Do your emails contain a unsubscribe link7. Are your emails Mobile enabled
  48. 48. Questions
  49. 49. Contact Information Peter “webdoc”Martin 941-756-1932 954-205-7716 cell