Small Screen, Big Sales- Optimize your Listings with Video
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Small Screen, Big Sales- Optimize your Listings with Video



With your online listings, video helps to bring the car to life and lets shoppers take a virtual test drive. This webinar looks at what car buyers want to see in online video, how to produce a ...

With your online listings, video helps to bring the car to life and lets shoppers take a virtual test drive. This webinar looks at what car buyers want to see in online video, how to produce a walk-around demonstration or personal introduction video and where to share your videos to increase exposure and generate traffic. For the full audiovisual presentation, visits



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Small Screen, Big Sales- Optimize your Listings with Video Small Screen, Big Sales- Optimize your Listings with Video Presentation Transcript

  • Small Screen, Big Sales
  • Welcome • Have a question? Need our attention? • Enter your question or comment by clicking on the question mark in the lower right corner of the WebEx browser • Tweeting today’s call? Use #dalive. • Want a recording of today’s presentation? • Visit on Monday2
  • Webinar Audio • To hear the audio portion for today’s webinar: • Turn up your computer speakers • Use a pair of headphones • Having audio problems? • Request a toll-free dial-in number for the WebEx teleconference3
  • Today’s Moderator Kathy Kimmel • Director of training, • 20 years automotive industry experience • Connect with Kathy:
  • Today’s Panelist Kirk Davis • EVP, co-founder • Liquidus • Chicago5
  • Today’s Panelist Rob Fontano • Digital sales and marketing director • Marazzi Motors • Fort Myers, Fla.6
  • Today’s Panelist Eric Miltsch • Internet director • Auction Direct USA • Rochester, N.Y.7
  • Today’s Objectives In today’s workshop, we’ll discuss: • What car buyers want to see in online video. • How to produce a walk-around demonstration or personal introduction video. • Where to share your videos to increase exposure and generate traffic.8
  • Video Demand Accelerates Online video is growing rapidly • Automotive Internet video viewership magnified six times from 2007 to 2009 • In-market shoppers 14 times more likely to view automotive video than general browsers • Among car buyers watching video: • 30%: 10 to 30 minutes • 18%: 30 minutes to 1 hour • 22%: 1 to 3 hours9 Source: 2009 Google/Compete Auto Video Study
  • Give ’Em What They Want • In video, online car buyers want to see: • Product reviews (77%) • The vehicle (75%) • More information about specifications (68%) • How the vehicle drives (52%) • Shoppers viewed video content at: • Third-party sites (60%) • Manufacturer websites (59%) • Dealer sites (52%) • YouTube (52%)10 Source: 2009 Google/Compete Auto Video Study
  • Video Sets the Stage for a Sale Video deepens engagement • 63 percent of shoppers who viewed video said it influenced their decision to visit the dealership* • 41 percent of third-party site users viewed vehicle videos before walking into a store*11 * Value of Third-Party Sites to Dealer Walk-In Traffic, Synovate 2008
  • Video Drives Low-Funnel Action • After watching automotive video*: • 61% visit a dealership • 55% visit a manufacturer website • 55% search dealer inventory • 52% visit a dealer website • 52% build and price a car with an online configurator • 50% visit an automotive research site • 54% of buyers watch only in the month of purchase* • Listings with video drive 13% more contacts**12 * 2009 Google/Compete Auto Video Study ** Merchandising Effectiveness Analysis, 2009
  • Getting Started: Define a Process • Determine how you will use video with: • Email • Listing sites • Store website(s) • Customer follow-up • Social media • Define the message you want to communicate • Identify who will: • Produce the videos • Be featured in the videos13
  • Video Sells the Car • Videos should show the vehicle’s: • Condition • Standard equipment • Unique features • Personalizing the video builds rapport • Make a call to action, invite the customer to contact you14
  • Automating Video Production Develop “stitched videos” from your listings’ multiple pictures • Vendors integrate videos with your website, third-party sites, social media networks • Voiceover narration describes the vehicle and key features • Graphics and text overlays create a customized effect • Information updated in real-time with your listings15
  • What Works: Automation Tips for success: • First 10 photos will be used • Photos should be 800 pixels wide, 600 pixels tall at 72 dpi • 75% exterior, 25% interior photos • Minimize the use of close-up pictures • Avoid the use of logos, watermarks or text • Center the picture around the feature you want to highlight16
  • What Works: In-House Production Low-cost cameras allow you to add good-quality, full-motion videos: • Walk-around vehicle demonstrations • Salesperson/ISM introductions • Competitive reviews • Customer testimonials • Tours of your showroom, parts and service departments • Explain your sales, trade-in process17
  • What Works: Marazzi Motors • Model- and inventory- level video increases: • Website visits (up 10%) • Pages/visit (up 33%) • Time on site (up 30%) • Offers stitched video for entire new- and used-car inventory • Provides on-request walk-around videos18
  • What Works: Auction Direct USA • Inventory-level video drives additional: • Time on site • Vehicle details page views • Transparency in the sales process • Offers stitched video for entire used-car inventory19
  • Video Sells the Store • Provide reasons to buy from your dealership: • Extensive inventory • Convenient location • Financing opportunities • State-of-the-art facilities View this video at • Business philosophy • Community reputation • Ask happy buyers for video testimonials20
  • Video Sells Your Sales Staff • Introduce yourself • Assure shoppers you’ll help them find the right car • Invite prospects to contact you for more information or to set an appointment • Encourage car buyers to ask for you when they contact or visit the dealership21
  • Video Drives SEO Performance Optimize videos for increased visibility • Create title with relevant search terms • Describe what’s in the video • Align title with the description • Tag video with key search terms22
  • Video Fuels Social Media Content Repurpose videos to drive additional exposure • Model comparisons • Walk-around demonstrations • Store commercials • Customer testimonials23
  • What Works: Marazzi Motors24
  • What Works: Auction Direct USA25
  • Review • Develop a process for how you’ll produce and use video at your dealership • Video: • Plays a greater role in the purchase process • Drives shopping behavior, make/model decisions • Creates transparency in the sales process • Provides valuable content for your website, third-party listings, social media sites • Automated solutions allow you to easily merchandise your new- and used-car listings26
  • Save the Date Trust Makes the Sale • Friday, Aug. 13 • Noon EDT • Host: Kathy Kimmel, director of training27
  • Resources for Online Success DealerADvantage • DealerADvantage blog: Read and discuss articles, videos and news that drive your success • DealerADvantage Live: Free monthly webinar offers advice on internet sales, marketing • Facebook: Share, discuss internet sales, merchandising • Twitter: Get a daily online sales, merchandising tip
  • Questions & AnswersThank You & Good Luck