Phone Skills that Sell


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Whenever you talk on the phone with a customer, a sale is on the line. How you manage the conversation determines whether you make a connection and set the appointment – or forward the caller to your competitor. This webinar examines the tactics that help you leverage your most important asset in internet sales – the telephone – to win more deals. For the full audiovisual presentation, visit

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Phone Skills that Sell

  1. 1. Phone Skills that Sell
  2. 2. Welcome • Have a question? Need our attention? • Enter your question or comment by clicking on the question mark in the lower right corner of the WebEx browser • Tweeting today’s call? Use #dalive. • Want a recording of today’s presentation? • Visit on Monday2
  3. 3. Webinar Audio • To hear the audio portion for today’s webinar: • Turn up your computer speakers • Use a pair of headphones • Having audio problems? • Request a toll-free dial-in number for the WebEx teleconference3
  4. 4. Today’s Moderator Kathy Kimmel • Director of training, • 20 years automotive industry experience • Connect with Kathy:
  5. 5. Today’s Panelist Grant Cardone • Cardone Training Technologies • Los Angeles • • 800-368-5771 • grantcardone.com5
  6. 6. Today’s Panelist Carla Wade-Williams • Internet sales, ecommerce manager • Mercedes-Benz Manhattan • Manhattan6
  7. 7. Objectives • Develop phone scripts or word tracks that engage car buyers in an ongoing dialogue • Monitor and evaluate calls to ensure ongoing sales success • Turn email leads and online chats into meaningful conversations • Leverage the phone for follow-up with Internet customers • Leave voicemails that get returned7
  8. 8. Phone Skills Drive Sales • With Internet shoppers, the phone is an essential sales tool: • Inbound calls • Outbound calls • Email and online chat follow-up • shoppers are three times more likely to contact you by phone than email*8 * Internal Reporting, July 2008
  9. 9. Be Prepared for the Call • Open your online listings to be on the same page with Internet shoppers • Listen and talk carefully to understand buyers’ needs and build rapport • Know your phone scripts or word tracks to increase your chances of scheduling the appointment9
  10. 10. Skill 1: Give Information to Get It • How do you develop phone scripts/word tracks? • How do you encourage shoppers to provide their name and contact information? • How do you move shoppers from email/online chat to the phone? • What tools do you use to log car buyers’ information?10
  11. 11. Skill 2: Ask for the Appointment • What reasons do you give shoppers to visit your store? • What information do you request and provide so car buyers keep appointments? • How do you confirm the appointment? • How do you follow-up? How do you handle missed appointments?11
  12. 12. Skill 3: Make the Perfect Match • What additional cars do you present based on the lead submitted? • How do you use car buyers’ information (e.g., wants, needs and budget) to open your inventory to other makes/models?12
  13. 13. Skill 4: Set Your Store Apart • How quickly do you respond to inquiries? • How do you handle questions about: • Pricing • Trade-in values • Availability • What voicemails generate the most return calls? • How do you lead shoppers to want to buy from you?13
  14. 14. Skill 5: Fuel Your Business • How do you use outbound calls to drive sales from: • Unsold showroom • New-car, lease customers • Service department, body shop • How do you use automated marketing tools to drive inbound calls?14
  15. 15. Skill 6: Train, Monitor, Repeat • What training do new employees need? How often should additional training be provided? • Who monitors calls? What tools do you use? • How often are calls monitored? • How do you share feedback to improve sales performance?15
  16. 16. Review • With internet advertising, the phone remains an essential sales tool. • Leverage phone scripts / word tracks to ensure your sales process is consistently followed. • Remember the six skills that sell: • Give information to get it • Ask for the appointment • Make the perfect match • Set your store apart • Fuel your business • Train, monitor, repeat16
  17. 17. Resources for Online Success DealerADvantage • DealerADvantage blog: Read and discuss articles, videos and news that drive your success • DealerADvantage Live: Free monthly webinar offers advice on internet sales, marketing • Facebook: Share, discuss internet sales, merchandising • Twitter: Get a daily online sales, merchandising tip
  18. 18. Questions & AnswersThank You & Good Luck