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Growing Yourself Professional Development through Membership Association
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Growing Yourself Professional Development through Membership Association


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  • 1. Growing Yourself: Professional Development through Membership Association Spring Forward: Current and Future Trends in HRD Bowie State University March 9, 2013 Deadra Welcome, CPLP CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC Creating Growth Opportunities to Maximize Potential
  • 2. Today’s Discussion Why? • Join a professional association How? • 5-Step Roadmap to Success Which? • HRD-Related Professional Associations CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 2
  • 3. Benefits of Membership Why? • Staying Current • Networking • Volunteer Opportunities • Professional Development Join a Professional Association • Scholarship Opportunities • Career Enhancement • Certification Assistance CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 3
  • 4. Staying Current Predictions for 2013 “businesses will likely see an accelerating need for training…” Bersin by Deloitte • Rapid business change • Shift toward emerging markets • A boarderless workplace • Specialization • Twenty-first Century models of leadership • Intense talent competition CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 4
  • 5. How Do Professional Associations Help You Stay Current? ACCESS • • • • • • Publications Websites Newsletters Case Studies Job Listings Research “one great way to draw on all resources” from Address Up-todate Issues & Developments in Your field CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 5
  • 6. Networking Build Professional Relationships “Instantly become part of a large community of workplace learning and performance professionals...” from Metro DC ASTD • • • • • Help Support Mentoring Coaching Share Ideas & Best Practices CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 6
  • 7. Volunteer Opportunities “ISPI members can develop their skills Give Back and share their expertise by presenting at the conference or a workshop, submitting articles for publication, participating in social media, and volunteering at the local, regional, and international levels.” • Practice Skills • Increase Visibility • Cultivate Creativity CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 7
  • 8. Professional Development Competence • • • • • “Join industry leaders for hour-long professional development webcasts several times per month.” from National ASTD Workshops Courses Conferences Special Interest Groups Webcasts & Podcasts CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 8
  • 9. Scholarship Opportunities Support “…associations provide a source for scholarship information, links to publications, and awards for persons achieving excellence in their field.” from HigherEdJobs • Students • New Members CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 9
  • 10. Career Enhancement Jobs “CBODN is creating career resources for members by acting as a partner with employers to advertise employment and consulting opportunities.” • Resume Review Services • Job Searching/Banks • Impress Potential Employers CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 10
  • 11. Certification Assistance Proof “NCDA promotes and supports professional education, preparation, and credentialing…” from NCDA • Study Resources – Groups – Materials • Information Sessions • Mentors • Scholarships CPLP CPT CTDP CTT PHR/SPHR CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 11
  • 12. Continuous Growth to Reach Potential How? 5-Step Roadmap to Success • • • • Where am I now? Where do I want to be? How will I get there? How do I know I’m moving? • How will I keep moving? CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 12
  • 13. HRD-Related Professional Associations Which? Positive Results from Growth CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 13
  • 14. Take the First Step Local Visit the Websites & Join Associations • Metro DC ASTD – • SHRM Chapters – MChapters/Pages • ISPI Potomac – • CBODN – CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 14
  • 15. Wrap-Up Remember All living things need nourishment for growth… If you want to be successful & thrive in your profession, then we need to continuously feed our skills and cultivate our talents CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC 15
  • 16. For additional information Deadra Welcome, CPLP CONCERNING LEARNING, LLC