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Depronto Infotech Activities
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Depronto Infotech Activities

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Depronto Infotech Activities Slide

Depronto Infotech Activities Slide

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Table of Content1 All about Digital2 Benefits of Digital Media Presence3 Case Studies To Exhibit Digital Potential4 Categories of Digital IT5 Website and portals6 Flash Applicationsales@deprontoinfotech.com6 Flash Application7 Social Media Marketing8 Email Marketing9 Content Syndication10 Video Marketing11 Mobile Development
  • 2. All about DigitalGlobal Online Ad spend is forecastto hit USD 96.8 bn by 2014, up fromUSD 55.2 bn in 2009Growth in Indian Internet Usersales@deprontoinfotech.comGrowth in Indian Internet UserBase estimated to increase to 237mnby 2015
  • 3. Benefits of Digital Media Presencesales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 4. Case Studies to Exhibit Digital PotentialBrand consultant HarishStarbucks - Starbucks held aLevis – One of the first to useFB. Users can like the productsand share it with their friends. FBis also used for promotion ofeventsPepsiCo, India - 30% of itsadvertising budget is planned to beallocated to non-TV (print, outdoormedia, mall advertising, mobilerelated applications and theInternet) from earlier 10% .sales@deprontoinfotech.comBrand consultant HarishBijoor says - Since 65% ofIndia’s population is under 25 andis hooked to internet, the idea is tofirmly establish the brand in theminds of young consumers.Starbucks - Starbucks held apromotion for free pastries on itsFB page, allowing customers toaccess a coupon that would givethem a free pastry with apurchase of a coffee drink.Advertising on the socialnetwork has also helped to drivetraffic to Starbucks’ page.sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 5. Categories of Digital ITWebSocial Mediasales@deprontoinfotech.comOnline MarketingNext Category
  • 6. Categories of Digital ITWebSocial Media• HTML• Flash• Ajax/jQuery• PHP/Java/.Netsales@deprontoinfotech.comOnline MarketingNext Category
  • 7. Categories of Digital ITWebSocial Media• Facebook• Twitter• Yelpsales@deprontoinfotech.comOnline Marketing• Yelp• Youtube• Google Places• Digg• Orkut Promotions• Delicious• Google Bookmarks• Bebo Next Category
  • 8. Categories of Digital ITWebSocial Mediasales@deprontoinfotech.com• Banner Ads• Pay Per ClickOnline MarketingNext Category
  • 9. Categories of Digital ITSEOContent SyndicationBlogssales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentNext Category
  • 10. Categories of Digital ITSEOContent SyndicationBlogs•Increase Page Rankingsales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentNext Category
  • 11. Categories of Digital ITSEOContent SyndicationBlogs•Promotion•Rankingsales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile DevelopmentWeb DevelopmentNext Category
  • 12. Categories of Digital ITSEOContent SyndicationBlogssales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile DevelopmentWeb Development•Exposure tonumerous platforms•Adding depth toonline informationNext Category
  • 13. Categories of Digital ITSEOContent SyndicationBlogssales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile DevelopmentWeb Development•CustomizedapplicationsNext Category
  • 14. Categories of Digital ITSEOContent SyndicationBlogssales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile DevelopmentWeb Development•CustomizedapplicationsNext Category
  • 15. Categories of Digital ITAd WordsTablet PC/Mobilesales@deprontoinfotech.comEmail/SMS Campaign Mobile AdsNext Slide
  • 16. Categories of Digital ITAd WordsTablet PC/Mobile•Yahoo•Googlesales@deprontoinfotech.comEmail/SMS Campaign Mobile AdsNext Slide
  • 17. Categories of Digital ITAd WordsTablet PC/Mobile• Android apps• Iphone/Ipad apps• Blackberry appssales@deprontoinfotech.comEmail/SMS Campaign Mobile AdsNext Slide
  • 18. Categories of Digital ITAd WordsTablet PC/Mobilesales@deprontoinfotech.comEmail/SMS Campaign Mobile Ads•Mass updates &awarenessNext Slide
  • 19. Categories of Digital ITAd WordsTablet PC/Mobilesales@deprontoinfotech.com•Ads on Mobile AppsEmail/SMS Campaign Mobile AdsNext Slide
  • 20. Websites / Portalssales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 21. P&G Shiksha Portalhttp://www.shikshapg.com/
  • 22. ICICI Hindi Portalhttp://www.icicibank.com/hindi/
  • 23. ICICI Bank Virtual Bankinghttp://izone.icicibank.co.in/Myebank/index_noIE6.jsp/
  • 24. ICICI Bank Events Micro Sitehttp://code.prontoinfotech.com/richlife/
  • 25. ICICI Bank Loyalty Portalhttp://www.imint.in/
  • 26. ICICI Bank Wow Deals Micrositesales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 27. ICICI Bank Handpicked Rewards Micrositesales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 28. Yash Birla Group Websitehttp://www.yashbirlagroup.com/
  • 29. Smart living Awards Micrositehttp://www.smartlivingawards.com/
  • 30. Kotak Reality Funds Micrositehttp://www.realtyfund.kotak.com
  • 31. India Voting Micrositehttp://www.indivoting.com
  • 32. Doehle Danautic Websitehttp://www.doehledanautic.com/
  • 33. Pihop Websitehttp://www.pihop.com
  • 34. Bellpepper Animation Websitehttp://www.bellpepperanimation.com/flash/index1.html
  • 35. Manish Malhotra Websitehttp://www.manishmalhotra.in/
  • 36. Silvol Websitehttp://www.silvol.com
  • 37. Bobby & Colts Websitehttp://www.bobbyandcolts.com/
  • 38. IKen Social Networking Portalsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 39. Websites Showcase…http://code.prontoinfotech.com/indobees_prontohttp://www.motorvessel.comhttp://www.rollandsafeandlock.com/http://www.indoors.co.inhttp://www.bollywooddimensions.com.auhttp://www.athenamarketing.comhttp://www.accucomhealthcare.comhttp://www.birlakeralavaidyashala.comhttp://www.cafebasilico.comhttp://www.scotthunter.comhttp://www.thpalliance.comhttp://www.mybeautifulembroideries.comhttp://demo.prontoinfotech.com/selfstylerhttp://www.diamondexotica.comhttp://www.verkko.comhttp://www.mamaway.co.ukhttp://code.prontoinfotech.com/ylphttp://www.gallerybmb.comhttp://www.cafebasilico.comhttp://www.komalgoel.comhttp://www.nitintandon.comhttp://www.chisk.comhttp://www.cragmartin.comhttp://www.smhpcl.comhttp://www.statusquo.inhttp://www.debrahlewis.comhttp://www,shakila.com/index.phphttp://www.anchor-world.com/index.phphttp://www.lsdink.comhttp://www.gallerybmb.comhttp://www.drcarolle.comhttp://www.manzoni.co.inhttp://www.mayfairtextiles.comhttp://www.executiveenclave.comhttp://www.sandhyasculturalcentre.comhttp://www.vinblitz.comhttp://www.divnova.comhttp://www.modsquaddental.comhttp://truehealing-drcarolle.blogspot.comhttp://www.positivehealth.com/index.phpsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 40. Flash Applicationssales@deprontoinfotech.comFlash Applications
  • 41. Yes Bank Money Monitor Viralsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 42. ICICI Bank Business Card Introductory Kitsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 43. ICICI Bank Handpicked Rewards E-catalogsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 44. ICICI Bank TV Launch Presentationsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 45. Motorola KBC Gamesales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 46. Flash Gamessales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 47. E-learning Gamessales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 48. E-learning Gamessales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 49. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 50. Social Media Marketingsales@deprontoinfotech.comSocial Media Marketing
  • 51. Social MediaAs per Social Bakers Website, there are more than 17 mn Facebook users in India(Dec 10) of which 80% is in the age group of 18-35 years. Penetration of Indianinternet population is 20%.India has more than eight million Twitter users, a figure that has almost doubledin the last one year (it was 4.2 million in January 2010). On an average, close tothree million users from India log on to Twitter each dayShare links - Articles, Videos, PicturesJoin groups and Fan pagessales@deprontoinfotech.comJoin groups and Fan pagesGroups of common interestGroups which have their friendsTo attract employeesAnnounce new products/services,Take feedback on products, advertising, service levels, etc.
  • 52. Sony Pictures India Facebook Pagesales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 53. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 54. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 55. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 56. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 57. P&G Shiksha Facebook Applicationhttp://apps.facebook.com/shikshaquiz
  • 58. HUL Supervalue Desktop Applicationsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 59. Lords of Odds Facebook Applicationhttp://www.facebook.com/lordsofodds
  • 60. Walk when you talk Facebook Applicationhttp://www.facebook.com/zac.junior
  • 61. Pepsi what’s your way Facebook Applicationhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Pepsi-Whats-Your-Way/158809272361
  • 62. Sorryboys Facebook Applicationhttp://apps.facebook.com/despoexpo/
  • 63. Email Marketingsales@deprontoinfotech.comEmail Marketing
  • 64. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 65. ICICI Bank British Airways Cardsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 66. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 67. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 68. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 69. Content Syndicationsales@deprontoinfotech.comContent Syndication
  • 70. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 71. Video Marketingsales@deprontoinfotech.comVideo Marketing
  • 72. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 73. sales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 74. Text and display advertising isexpected to grow to Rs 993crores in FY11 from Rs 785crores in FY10. (Source: Internet &Mobile Association of India (IAMAI))Internet Advertising and Mobile MarketingMore than 500 mn mobilesubscribers in IndiaCheaper smartphone availabilitySms CampaignMobile based web developmentInternet Advertising Mobile Marketingsales@deprontoinfotech.comMobile Ads
  • 75. I-Phone Gamessales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 76. Blackberry Applicationsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 77. Mobile Trading Applicationsales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 78. About DePronto DigitalPast 5 years of experience in Digital DomainResources with mix of Creativity + Technology know-howEndeavour to increase Online Penetration and Customer Engagement on client’sbehalf.Track record of servicing a Reputed Customer basesales@deprontoinfotech.com
  • 79. For any queries contact: Gaurav Kabra. He can be reached atgaurav.kabra@deprontoinfotech.com