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How can bpost help publishers in their e-commerce activities

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  • Message(s):Globally, tehee-commercemarketgrowson average by19% / year. [Bron: JP Morgan’s Global eCommerceRevenueforecast](http://techcrunch.com/2011/01/03/j-p-morgan-global-e-commerce-revenue-to-grow-by-19-percent-in-2011-to-680b/)
  • Message(s): In Europe, the average annualgrowth is 13,4% [Bron: JP Morgan’s Global eCommerceRevenueforecast]
  • E-commerce boost. According to a study of Boston Consulting Group, the annualgrowth is 25%. And the Internet economywillgrowfrom 2,5 % of the GNP to 4,6 % by 2015.
  • Pure e-commerce players are opening physical shops (Coolblue, Pixmania, Amazon). Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers are opening online shops (Torfs, Zeb, MaxiToys, ….). The retailers world is moving towards a multichannel business model in order to have a broader reach and enhance the shopping experience of their customers.Also more and morepeople search info online beforetheybuy in a shop and vice versa.
  • Some Anglo-Saxon online shops (Net-A-Porter) already expand towards providing content to their customers (own digital magazine about fashion).
  • Publishers and E-Commerce are Perfect Together . E-commerce is a big opportunity also for publishers.It started modestly by selling for instance subscriptions online. However, publishers are moving beyond selling subscriptions or even digital content.
  • In the US, big corporations like Hearst Media integrate e-commerce on sites such as Housebeautiful.com, one of their magazines.
  • In Belgium Sanoma made their first steps into e-commerce a couple of years ago. They started the Libelle Shop where they sell articles interesting for their female readers. Examples: interieur or cooking products, fashion products, children, gifts for special days like Mother day, …
  • De Standaard and Het Nieuwsblad also started an e-shop but the concept is different. Next to products of interest for their readers, they are very active in selling seasonal products or product related to certain actions in their newspapers, events. Both Sanoma and Corelio acre actively developing and evolving their e-commerce model so that it continues to support their media activities.
  • Meanwhile, book publishers start becoming also retailers.
  • FW Media from the US for example, is a content creator and marketer of products and services for a specific community/hobby (arts and crafts, hunting and firearms, woodworking, sports, …). They offer a diversified portfolio of books, ebooks, magazines, events, competitions, ecommerce, education, video, and more. They rethought their business model, still focusing on books, but trying to get more out of it. This resulted in launching “all-in” e-stores by hobby (interests) where consumers could find and buy content, online learning but also products.
  • They have 25+ e-shops and the turnover from online business is expected to become their 2nd most important source of revenue.
  • E-commercemeanschange of the current business model. Why do you start ane-shop:- Additional sales channel for the current business (e.g. books publisher)- New incomes (e.g. press editors)- Merchandising (tv- and radio stations)
  • Rethinking your business model is a challenge that sooner or later every company is confronted with.
  • In order to have a successful move towards e-commerce, you need to do your homework well before you launch your online business:Which type of products are you going to sell? How are they related to your current business and the interests and lifestyle of your customers?What ICT platform are you going to use and how does it integrate with the rest of your systems? Can you sell both digital and physical products? Think about the consumer experience on your webshop.How are you going to bring visitors to your website? Can you use your other communication channels to create a cross-channel communication strategy?How are you going to make sure that consumers buy more and different products from your online portfolio? What kind of sales strategy will you use?How are you going to cope with questions from your customers? What kind of customer support do you want to provide?And last but not least… How are you going to tackle all those things a publisher doesn’t normally have to think about: the warehouse, the order preparation, the delivery of the order to the consumer,...
  • Message(s):En tant que partenaire logistique fiable, notre métier consiste à vous permettre de vous concentrer sur votre core business : le ciblage de vos clients, la vente en ligne et la préparation de la commande. Nous nous chargeons de reste:Préparation de l’envoi des colis : Fulfilment (nous vous préparons vos emballages)Enlèvement sur place (nous organisons un enlèvement régulier de vos colis à votre meilleur convenance)Dépôt (vous déposez vos envois dans notre centre de tri à Bruxelles)Livraison des colis. Nous gérons la livraison de vos colis jusqu’au dernier kilomètre.Gestion des retours. Nous organisons le retour de vos colis.
  • Wemakesurethat the right order is goes to the right e-shopper. Wheatherit’s a book, bottle of wine, cookingproducts, electronicsor a heaterforyour terras!!
  • Uit een studie van het Vlaams Instituut voor Logistiek (VIL) uit 2011 bleek dat de Belgische e-shoppers verschillende leveringsmethodes vragen. 70 % van hen verkiest een levering thuis, maar ook het aanbieden van andere leveringsmethodes wordt gevraagd: levering op het werk, op het dichtstbijzijnde afhaalpunt of in een beveiligde pakkettenautomaat. VIL study – 1.153 respondents – Average # of methods 2,8 – Dec. 2011
  • We are the onlyone in the Belgiunmarket to offer 3 deliverymethods. The best mix for the e-shopper.Delivery at home Levering tijdens de week Aan huis, of op het werk, in gans België Niet thuis? 15 dagen om pakje af te halen van de naburige postkantoor of PostPunt
  • Pick-up points
  • Grootste Belgische inzamelnetwerk Europees netwerk in samenwerking met locale partners Oplossingen voor verschillende naverkoop retour behoeftenExpertise in B2C retours, groeiend in B2BTransparante en competitieve prijzen Tevreden klanten die terugkeren
  • The consumer wants convenience.We offer him this by providing him with the choice of where and when to have his order delivered.And to make this choice easily accessible to e-shops and consumers we created the Shipping Manager.
  • New tool, speciallydesignedfore-shopswho want to offer anoptimaldeliveryexperience to theircustomers: choice of where and when to receivetheir online order.
  • We worktogetherwithleading professional digital and e-commerceagencieswhocan help youdevelopyour online shop and makesurethatyourconsumersreceives the best deliveryexperiencethanks to bpack Shipping Manager.
  • bpack provides the license fee for free but we want to support yourintroductionintoe-commercebyreimburising up to 500€ of ICT costsfor the integration of the Shipping Manager. Because we knowthat building ane-shoptakessome time, we giveyou the time till 31/12/2012 to getyoure-shop up and running withanintegratedShipping Manager. The complete list of conditionsforthis promotion are availableon….
  • bpost e-commerce for publishers - UK

    1. 1. Publishers and e-CommerceHow can bpost help your online business Frank Jahn Managing Director Europe - bpack
    2. 2. Facts & Figures 2
    3. 3. 19%
    4. 4. 13,4%
    5. 5. 25%
    6. 6. … and the colleaguesLet’stake alookat whatretailersdo… 6
    7. 7. … The e-tailers move towards physical shops Multi- channel … and the retailers open e-shops 7
    8. 8. … and the colleagues(e)-Retailers also start to look at your business CONTENT 8
    9. 9. 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. … and the colleagues And what aboutcontent companies? 11
    12. 12. Luckily…Content companies,like media and bookpublishers, are alsomoving into e-commerce. 12
    13. 13. Media publishers and e-commerce:A perfect match 13
    14. 14. 14
    15. 15. 15
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17. Alsobook publishers can become (e)-retailers 17
    18. 18. 18
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. E-commerce?Your business modelwill have to evolve. 20
    21. 21. Rethinking your business model isa significant challengeTap into new segments: book publishers are often B2Bproviders and selling via resellers and retailers Think how to become a brand that attracts consumers.Expand into new product categories: selling non-contentproducts is not a core business Think about products related to your own content or your readers’ interest. 21
    22. 22. Some of the e-commercechallengesProduct Marketing Sales Logistics ICT 22
    23. 23. Our job: add valueto your e-commerce
    24. 24. How, when & whereOffer your customers a wide choice of delivery options DELIVERY PHYSICAL AT HOME LOCKER OTHER POINT STORE Home Pick-up Pick up Parcel Other delivery point in store automate 70% 33% 21% 10% 10% 25
    25. 25. bpack@homeThe choice of 70% the consumers 10/12 /31 - bpost styled prese ntatio 26 ns -
    26. 26. bpack@bpostFor the consumer who’s not at home 10/12 /31 - bpost styled prese ntatio 27 ns -
    27. 27. bpack 24/7For the consumer who wants to choosewhere and when 28
    28. 28. Also returns… 29
    29. 29. How, when & whereOffer your customers a wide choice of delivery options DELIVERY PHYSICAL AT HOME LOCKER OTHER POINT STORE Home Pick-up Pick up Parcel Other delivery point in store automate 70% 33% 21% 10% 10% 30
    30. 30. bpack Shipping Manager 31
    31. 31. 32
    32. 32. Our partners The Shipping Manager can be used for any open source or self-built e- commerce platforms …
    33. 33. References Shipping Manager…and many other e-shops 34
    34. 34. Shipping Manager promotion Reimbursement of up to 500€ ICT costs for the integration of the bpack Shipping Manager in your e-shop. Conditions available on www….. 35
    35. 35. we move your ideas the partner for your e-commerce