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Social media fun

  1. 1. Free Marketingin Social MediaChelsea Boomer and Stacia Doss
  2. 2. What is social media?Yikes! What is all of this?
  3. 3. -Users create the content for social media 2 definitions mentioned in our textbook: 1)"Social media are online communications in which individuals shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author." (Joseph Thornley, CEO of Thornley Fallis PR Firm) 2)"Social Media. Any communications format where the users publish the content." (Isabella Hillborn, blogger)
  4. 4. ExamplesThere are many forms of social media, to name a few:-Blogs--Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger-Social Networking--Favebook, LinkedIn,, Eventful-Video Sharing-Socialcam, YouTube-Photo Sharing-Instagram, Flikr, PhotobucketAnd so much more...
  5. 5. HistoryFrom research,many argue theexistence of theinternet as beingpart of the start ofsocial media , but isthis true?
  6. 6. Social Media as Marketing ToolRoles in Marketing:-Branding o Create and strengthen a relationship between the brand and the consumer--2 way communication-Website Traffic o Low cost to drive traffic from social media o Study showed greater ROI from social media than Google AdWords (paid search engine) o Can use ads on some social media, but it costs-Customer Insights/Feedback o Likes/Dislikes, Comments, etc. o Helps marketers know if they are selling in the correct distribution channels at the right time, right price
  7. 7. Benefits?-Engagement-85% o Customer engagement-Direct consumer communication-65% o Quick consumer/customer preferences in real time-Low cost-51% o Cheap, but labor intensive-Brand building-48%-Market research-42% o Measure and monitor the voice of the consumer-Reach-37% o Can target consumers who are most important to building brands
  8. 8. Pros/ConsBiggest Advantage? Low cost (Or relatively less than other marketing mediums)Biggest Disadvantage? Hard to Measure.
  9. 9. Something to think about...Brands: Please Stop Trying to Start Conversations On Twitter (Ad Age article)Main points:-Social media is dictated entirely by consumers, not brands -Brands that can enter current news conversations as theyre happening are giving consumers what they want and leveraging ongoing momentum-No point in brands "suggesting hashtags and slapping platform logos on the end of their commercials"
  10. 10. BloggingWhats a blog? Short for "weblog." Its a web- based journal...write what you want!Why Blog?-Product promotion-Education-News and Information* And adds humaninterest
  11. 11. So many choices...tumblr. wordpress weebly blogger flavors.meBlog design tools- templates, widgets, html or text editorPromotion/tracking-directories or tracking toolsEase of use-combo of coding and htmlTechnical help/support-tutorials/help topics Choose a design, start posting and distributing the url amongst different social networks to build an audience.
  12. 12. Marketing on Blogs-Provide customers information that could be important when researching a product. o Product evaluations o Reviews o Free publicity for the bloggers products
  13. 13. Social Networking SitesTwitterFacebookMyspaceGoogle+LinkedIn
  14. 14. Social News Sites Discover and share content from anywhere online Was virtually ad free until Google AdSense was added Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is most important marketing use
  15. 15. Publishing Platforms &Communities User-generated, small web pages called lenses Content creators can earn revenue from referral link sites like and Ebay 5% of revenue goes to charities 50% goes to lensmasters 45% goes to Squidoo About half of lensmasters donate their royalties to charities
  16. 16. Squidoo Benefits for Internet MarketersSEO: More lenses increases search engine ratingPolling: Can provide valuable insight into your niche marketsHosting: Earn a royalty if someoneclicks your Amazon/ eBay/ Youtube linkTesting: Dashboard provides statisticsContent: Can earn money by being aSquidoo content provider
  17. 17. Social BookmarkingShare, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web resources.
  18. 18. Video SharingYouTube as a Marketing Tool Accounts for 43% of all videos viewed on the Internet and 99% of Googles video viewsYouTube and Advertisers Cost-effective alternative to commercial television Millions of views on videos means millions of impressions Cascading effect: more views leads to greater popularity which means it gets closer to the top of the page and the homepage
  19. 19. Increasing Video Audience Content Sharing Social Activities Update Feeds Effectiveness Feedback Insight"How Does a Law Firm Grow its YouTube Audience?" Community from Real Lawyers Have Blogs Hot Spots
  20. 20. Going ViralMake a good, professional video that will engageyour target audienceEmail the video to your companys list or yoursites email listPost the video on your blogPost the video on social networking sitesPost the video to relevant message boardson YouTube