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Red Mango

  1. 1. Red Mango Radian6
  2. 2. I. Team Contact Information PRAD 391 Digitial Public Relations Matthew Ragas 11/15/2011Team Members: Caroline Coleman, Kristina Vukajlovic, andMatthwew Kochis The KVC Group Email: Phone: 312-846-3297
  3. 3. 147 Red Mango Stores Top Earning Store: Top Earning Store: $1,315,246 $1,315,246Lowest Earning Store: Lowest Earning Store: $139,036 $139,036 As of 2011, Zagat rated On average a Red Red Mango as the #1 Mango chain earns chain in America for smoothies and frozen $456,000 yogurt. t
  4. 4. Red Mango Background andHistory In 2002, Red Mango was founded by Daniel J. Kim. In 2007, the first US store was open in Los Angeles. Since 2007,the franchise has expanded to over 145 stores and plans on continuing to expand.
  5. 5. Current Position Statement“Red Mango gets its name because the mango, distinctly delicious and high in nutrition, becomes red at its optimal stage of ripeness. This symbolizes our ongoing commitment to provide the healthiest, tastiest and most innovative treats, snacks and meal replacements for our active and health-conscious consumers.”
  6. 6. Social Media ProfileRed Mango 358 posts on social media 19 posts on other 264 posts on 75 posts on sources twitter blogs (facebook, news articles, comments)
  7. 7. Red Mango SentimentNeutral: RT @Market_Common: New deliciousness at Red Mango - Pumpkin Spice frozen yogurt! #nomnom RT @RedMango: #Rumors #Chicago - Red Mango (Self-Serve) in Water Tower Place is expected to open on 10/31... Halloween!Positive: @GMDOSSOU@RedMango I`m in love with you! thanks for following & for creating the sex in the form of food which we call Red Mango Frozen Yogurt<3 xoxo @STRAWBERRIE_JAM Red Mango frozen yogurt is to die for...Im craving for it ryt now and Im literally drooling... @DanKimRedMangoNegative: @BREANNESP Stupid chicago Midway putting Red Mango at the furthest possible location from my gate. IM COMING FOR YOU, FROYO! @Sarahsaddle_66 @RedMango your on my shit list, I can’t believe your closed! I want my FROZEN YOGERT NOWWW!!!
  8. 8. Social Media Influencers @DanielRedMango @KevinJones
  9. 9. Topics/Keywords Best dessert love pumpkin Healthy fruit meal Madi_Roseee15: Frozen Yogurt form Red Mango sweet is the best cold
  10. 10. Competitive Analysis Decline in online posts since the beginning of October which peaked at 1,268 posts and is now around 93 posts in November Biggest competitors are Yogun Fruz and Forever Yogurt Industry of desserts/snacks is talked about 94.7% of the time, Red Mango is 3.4%, and then it’s competitors at 1.9% Red Mango is most popular
  11. 11. Actionable Social Media Insights  People ask how healthy frozen yogurt really is. “Unlike most products served by its competitors, the yogurt at Red Mango meets the National Yogurt Associations criteria for live and active culture yogurt.” “Red Mango yogurt also has less sugar than many other frozen yogurt desserts. A half-cup serving of Red Mango contains 90 calories, about 18% fewer than a similar serving of TCBYs yogurt.”
  12. 12. Actionable Recommendations  There is more positive feed back than negative and neutral posts that overshadow everything.  Get the positive feedback out there.  Red Mango needs to encourage customers to get on social Media and tweet, posts, like, comment, anything about their experience with Red Mango.  The neutral stuff isn’t bad, but it’s not as helpful as hearing positive or negative feedback.
  13. 13. Continued 358 current posts about Red Mango. ◦ Increase posts and conversations about Red Mango to lead to more promotion and sales Twit Pics of Red Mango fo-yo ◦ Viewing pictures of actual product helps people desire Red Mango FourSquare specials could help create an advantage in a world full of fro-yo places FourSquare promotes brand loyalty and when people are in the area. FourSquare now has a radar that can go off and alert people they are near a red mango Use tips to alert new customers of which flavors to try (which are most popular/liked) Tweets from people checking in to Red Mango. ◦ Red Mango should leverage check-ins to use as positive marketing @BALTSAR I’m at Red Mango (Concourse, B, Terminal 1, ORD Airport, Chicago) @DEBORAHVALLEDOR Forzen yogurt with fresh mango.. A little taste of home (@RedMango)
  14. 14. Conclusion Red Mango has a positive social media It is the most popular frozen yogurt chain in the dessert/snack industry compared to its competitors such as Yogen Fruz, Forever Yogurt, and Star Fruit. Red Mango exceeds expectations throughout social media presence. It has more customer engagement and FourSquare and will help Red Mango reach and maintain its number one position.