Joseph DeLappe's Student Work 1996-2010
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Joseph DeLappe's Student Work 1996-2010



Work by the students of Associate Professor Joseph DeLappe from 1996-2010 created through the Digital Media Studio at the University of Nevada, Reno and in the BFA and MFA Interdisciplinary programs.

Work by the students of Associate Professor Joseph DeLappe from 1996-2010 created through the Digital Media Studio at the University of Nevada, Reno and in the BFA and MFA Interdisciplinary programs.



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Joseph DeLappe's Student Work 1996-2010 Joseph DeLappe's Student Work 1996-2010 Presentation Transcript

  • Joseph DeLappe Selected student works 1996 – 2010 Digital Media Studio, UNR Hank and Harriet , Pete Froslie, 2005 Two robots are contained within an arena. Each has its own personality determined by the code. Both will avoid one another and the walls; if they approach head-on they will perform a 'dry erase dance'. Each is controlled independently and relies on a series of three ir emitters and receivers.
  • Bob and Doris – Thrift Stories , 1996 Collaborative multimedia project exploring fictionalized interactive narrative based on a found box of slides from a local thrift store. Create by students in Art 360 Digital Media II. The project was created in Macromedia Director for Cdrom. The resulting project was shown as an installation in a recreation of a 1950’s era living room. Bob and Doris was accepted and shown at the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) in 1997.
  • Rock Machine , Dan Ruby, 1997 Interactive multi-media kiosk and art vending machine. The installation was designed to provide access to a combined music and multimedia Cdrom project. After listening to and interacting with the Cdrom users were invited to buy the work using the adjacent vending machine.
  • Reizoko (Interactive Refrigerator) , Toshiaki Otsuka, 1997 Installation for display of interactive multimedia. Based on the student’s childhood memory of his father hiding illegally obtained money in the refrigerator at his home in Japan.
  • Rotocam , Ben Tedore 2000 Flash interactive animation functioning as a visual diary of a Tedore’s daily activities.
  • Hell , Yumika Tanaka, 2000 Flash interactive multimedia project.
  • Etch a Sketch Machine , Pete Froslie, 2003 Ten Etch a Sketch toys drawing autonomously - one shakes itself clean. Servos are attached to the wheels of each etch a sketch that allow them to draw and scrub their surfaces clean. The underlying mechanism is slowly revealed to a rhythmic electronic humming created by the toys and the servo motors. Froslie completed his BFA Interdisciplinary degree in 2003 and went on to earn an MFA degree at the Studio for Interrelated Media at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2008. He is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. http:// /
  • Mr’s Patrick Stewart , Jeanne Jo, 2004 Digital photo montage. Basis for online work and final BFA Interdisciplinary installation. Ms. Jo went on to complete her MFA at RISD and is currently commencing her course of study to complete her Phd at the University of Southern California. http:// /
  • Tower of Bagelon , 2005 Collaborative class project from Art 404 Art in the Community. The course involved the consideration of food waste, specifically bread products, as the content of a variety of public actions. Mierle Laderman-Ukeles worked with the class long-distance and in person for a one week visiting artist residency.
  • Buff Mark Guided Tour , Erik Burke, 2005 A pulbic art tour and book featuring transparent pages with drawings created to perfectly fit over buffed out graffiti in Reno. Burke completed his B.A. degree in Digital Media in 2005, he went on to complete an MFA in Design and Technology at the Parsons School for Design in New York City. He currently is a practicing artist living and working in Brooklyn. http:// /
  • Chuck Norris Performance Ensemble , 2006 Student conceived and led collaborative performance in Second Life. Each student was provided with the same Chuck Norris avatar skin. The entire class then teleported randomly to locations throughout Second Life, whereupon the multiple Chuck avatars text chatted Chuck Norris jokes in the first person.
  • Personal HUD – School Newspaper Editor , Jessica Fryman, 2009 Project assignment to recreate aspects from student’s daily lives in the form of a HUD (head up display) for an imagined computer game.
  • Interactive Mountain Bike, Meredith Richardson , 2008 Installation using arduino and Max/MSP Jitter for recreated experience of biking on a local MTB trail.
  • Desktop , Michael Gjurich, 2008 A hacked desktop using processing to create an interactive desktop application with live video input mixing the users face with floating, animated keyboard activated social media iconography.
  • My Life as SIms , Kim Williams, 2008 Mixed reality performance involved the daily recreation for one month of her life in the computer game “The Sims”. The final work was presented as a projected, sped-up compilation of the recorded video footage and sound.
  • Western Star, Jeff Erickson, 2009 MFA Interdisciplinary thesis installation. The installation was a complex interactive environment that viewers enter and experience. The main component of the exhibition is a mirrored corridor that evokes a hospital with patient rooms staggered along its length. As viewers explore the hallway, individual installations unveil a larger narrative. The work is based on the death of Erickson’s infant son in 2008.
  • Encounter , Clint Sleeper, 2010 Interactive installation featuring night-lights that are real-time reactive according to audio input. Audio portion of installation is a remix/mash-up of the sound track from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
  • Memory Museum , Audrey Love, 2010 ongoing Projected installation of video works created for an online crowdsourcing project.
  • Sugar Room , Andrea Daerice, 2009 Daerice is an MFA Interdisciplinary candidate completing her thesis in Spring of 2011. This image depicts Daerice performing as part of the Nada Dada Hotel event in Reno. A hand-made dress flows from wall-to-wall in the empty hotel room – the performance involves feeding candy to visitors. Daerice’s performance was covered, along with the entire event, in the New York Times.
  • Constellated Space , Jeremy Stern, 2011 Stern is completing his MFA Interdisciplinary degree in the Spring of 2011. This is an image representing part of his proposed installation. He intends to carefully reveal the gallerie’s 30 year history by painting around the bumps, paint drips and spackle marks in concert with a motion activated arduino controlled soundscape mapping recordings from specific points in the Truckee Meadows. http://
  • Joseph DeLappe University of Nevada, Reno Digital Media Studio [email_address]