De Novo Company Presentation (2013)


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De Novo Company Presentation (2013)

  1. 1. De Novo© 2013Professional IT ServicesData Center and Cloud Services Operator
  2. 2. o The best team of experts on the engineering and implementation of IT virtual infrastructuresOn average De Novo specialist has 15 years experience in ITo The leader on the national cloud services market operating the largest in Ukraine commercialDC of Tier 3 levelThe 1st commercial DC of Tier 3 level and the 1st commercial Cloud of Ukraine wereengineered by De Novo specialistsDe Novo in briefo Innovative IT company, which financial reliability is guaranteed by the largest investment fundsDe Novo Shareholders
  3. 3. De Novo Services PortfolioOutsourcing shieldedmodules for customer’sequipment racks in Tier3+ DCPrivate Cloudsdevelopment.Engineering of failuretolerant IT infrastructureData center consultingEnterprise class cloudresources outsourcingSaaS (Software as aService) for retailers. Thesystem of advancedbusiness analytics forsales and product rangemanagementDe Novo CommercialDCDe Novo VirtualPrivate CloudPrivate Clouds and ITInfrastructureRetail OptimizationCloudOur services reduce IT costs, minimize risks and create corporate IT infrastructure of newgeneration
  4. 4. De Novo DC in briefThe best DC of Tier 3+ level in Ukraine provides maximalsafety, productivity and reliability for banks and enterpriseso Higher level of physical security and confidentiality controlo Screened isolated modules meeting NBU requirements forserver roomso Fiber communication channels from 10 telecommunicationoperatorso Readiness to receive equipment of any type, includingEnterprise class equipment with 20 kW per racko Service Level Agreement (SLA) with strict parameters ofservice qualityo Maximal reliability with physical doubling of all engineeringsystemsDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  5. 5. De Novo DC SpecificationsArea 2117 m2 (+720 m2 roof)Modules: 728 m2Office: 271 m2Electrical power (total/IT load) 3300/1650 kWPower inputs 2 independent high voltage + AT groupNumber of modules (unit of tenancy) 11L + 20S + 1H (220 racks)Module types S : 4 racks/30kW, L: 8 racks/60kW, H: 50 racks/400kWTelecommunications10 communication operators present + 2 independent fiber-opticways to L9 commutation centerOperating ambient temperature from -35 till +40o CCompliance TIA-942 3, NBU requirements
  6. 6. DC modules parametersL-module S-moduleArea 24 m2 14 m2Available power 60 kWUp to 80 kW O/D30 kWUp to 40 kW O/DRacks Up to 8 Up to 4Localized fire suppression system, commutation distribution cabinet, video control system, digitalaccess controlled lock
  7. 7. Why De Novo DCo Proven over time: Nonstop operation since November 2010o Proven by market: DC services for the largest banks of Ukraineo SLA guarantee: 99,982% of services availability, the strictest qualityparameterso Approved by central bank: full compliance with NBU requirementso Best practices: DC architecture is engineered in full compliance withinternational standards and has the Tier 3+ reliability levelDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  8. 8. De Novo Virtual Private CloudDe Novo Virtual Private Cloud provides corporate customers with computing resources ondemandVirtual Private Cloud – The customer gets isolated space of Virtual Private Cloud with allcomponents needed to develop corporate class IT infrastructureo CPU, core memory and disc space of various classo Wide range of devices to manage Virtual Private Cloud networkso Administrator console for dedicated resource administeringTrusted Cloud Concept - De Novo Virtual Private Cloud is not publico The access to the resource requires multilevel identificationo Implementation of custom coding and data protection solutions on requesto De Novo Virtual Private Cloud applies all the security tools used in mature corporateinfrastructuresDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  9. 9. Easy and reliableo Quick access to the service – 120 minutes after the initial requesto Contract according to local legislation with SLA meeting your requirementso Easy in telecommunication constructiono Located in the best Ukrainian DC of TIER 3+ levelo Free service testing - 30 daysUsage modelsDevelopment and testing environmentProductive IT infrastructureHybrid cloudBackup DCRepository of backup copiesDe Novo Virtual Private Cloud Usage
  10. 10. Economic benefito De Novo Virtual Private Cloud resources eliminate expenses for purchaseof your own equipmentSafety of applications and customer dataoTrusted Cloud Concept provides maximal protection of Virtual PrivateCloud against external destructive factorsEasy usage and fastness in gettingoVirtual Private Cloud saves months when comparing with traditional ITinfrastructure - you get cloud computing resources within few hoursHigh service availabilityoSLA ensures up to 99,982% availability of Virtual Private Cloud resourcesFailure tolerance is provided by internal architecture of De Novo CloudPay for what you useoVirtual Private Cloud saves money allowing flexible change in the scope ofresources usedWhy De Novo VirtualPrivate CloudDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  11. 11. Solutions for Cloud ComputingCreating Cloud IT Infrastructureo Consolidation and virtualization of computing infrastructureo Virtualization of data storage systems and virtual desktop infrastructure solutionso Migration of business critical applications and data into virtual environmento Convergent networks at DC networking infrastructureo Private Cloud Construction – self-service provisioning and administering the virtualinfrastructureProviding business continuity and disaster recoveryo Red Button – makes your virtual environment failure-toleranto DRP Lab – the support system for uninterruptible ITo Centralized backup and recovery systemso Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery Planningo Data archiving systemsSystems analysis and recommendations developmento Transformation Assessment – IT infrastructure analysis and development of roadmap oncloud transformationo VMware Jumpstart & Health Check on-the-shelf serviceso Complex assessment of data storage systemsDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  12. 12. De Novo Cloud Maturity ModelLevel of maturityFunctionalityandlevelofautomationBASICvirtual infrastructureCONSOLIDATEDsystem services and functionscentralizedPRIVATE CLOUDautomation and self-maintenance• IT services separated from physical infrastructure• IT services mobility• Flexible and efficient resource utilization• DC protection against local failures, breakdown, datacorruption, and malware at the OS level• Dynamic load balancing and SLA fulfillmentmonitoring• Automated life-cycle management of resource pools and operatingenvironments• Automated reporting and proactive response system• Self-service portal, procedures for resource tracking and billing
  13. 13. Why De Novo IT SolutionsDe Novo – is the highest class of evaluation in Cloud Technologieso Large experience – a score of successful projects on corporate ITinfrastructures virtualization and Private Clouds implementationo The only partner in Ukraine of global leader in virtualizationtechnologies Vmware with certified competences VMware PremierSolution Provider and VMware Virtualization of Business CriticalApplicationso The only partner in CIS of DataCore – global leader in virtualization ofdata storage systemso Full range of project works – assessments and design, supply of all thecomponents needed, implementation, development of project andoperating documentation, IT staff training, technical supporto We’ve developed the first enterprise class Commercial Cloud inUkraine, let’s repeat this success for youDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  14. 14. Retail Optimization CloudDe Novo innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) for retailerso All the analytical components for top sales efficiency andgoods traffic management in one cloud softwareo Immediate pay-back due to SaaS-model available in the monthsubscription schemeROC enables the retailer too Plan sales and promotional activities with top accuracyo Generate extra income due to assortment optimization anddetermine prices with profitable influence on margino Provide for automatic replenishment and generate purchaseorders automaticallyDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Virtual Private Cloud Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  15. 15. How ROC worksROC core = innovative mathematical toolso prognosis via dynamic series analysis methodo statistical prognosiso analysis and graduation of retail activityo prediction of promotional activity impact on salesocalculation of assortment and price elasticity
  16. 16. Why ROCROC earns 10-20 thousand USD per 1 thousand USD monthlyoAll functions on sales and goods traffic management in one ROC serviceoHigh accuracy of ROC data: operation of innovative mathematical toolsoAutomatic recommendations: generation of recommendations on sales, assortmentuntapped potential, shops with the highest demand omitted, automatic replenishmentoSafety: on default ROC operates in De Novo Cloud, which uses all safety tools of the mostadvanced corporate infrastructuresoData visualization: ease of use without expenses on studying and adjustmentsDe Novo Commercial DC De Novo Cloud Data Center Private Clouds, IT Infrastructure Retail Optimization Cloud
  17. 17. De Novo CustomersFeedback and reviews
  18. 18. De Novo Customers
  19. 19. Customers about De Novo ProjectsAlexey Bilash, Chief Information Officer, National Bank of UkrainePlanned transfer to the model of private cloud is large-scale and complicated process, but De Novo expertsdeveloped the most effective solution of our tasksYuriy Piskarev, IT Department Head, PUMBConsolidation of IT infrastructure is one of the most important stages in IT strategy realization and PUMBinformation safety development. Convergent network will drive agility of the bank meeting businessgrowth rapidly and cost effectively, to add services functionality, as well as implement new services.Vyacheslav Molozhaviy, IT Departmnet Head, Sberbank of RussiaIn level of reliability, Sberbank of Russia occupies the leading positions in the rating of financialinstitutions in Ukraine. High reliability of bank services grounds on business continuity of bank informationsystem. The architecture created by De Novo experts allows us to work for our customers even in case offailures, large emergencies and breakdowns
  20. 20. Customers about De Novo CloudDmitriy Romanchenko, “Nova Liniya”, CIOAs far as market comes to saturation we focus on efficiency when selecting IT solutions for current business tasks.And the key factors of efficiency evaluation are well-known, they are time and money. De Novo Cloud Servicesallowed us to get backup DC faster and cheaper. Cloud computing resources were provided within 2 short daysfrom the time of appealing to us. Besides, we avoided investments into equipment purchase.Dmitriy Kolesnik, МАХ “Аtlant-M”, project managerWe used De Novo Cloud for the project of company business analytics based on QlikView solution.First of all, in the solution flexibility attracted us, as we could scale consumed resources quickly. Moreover, DeNovo Cloud solved our task much faster and effectively , without wasting the time and finances forpurchase, delivery and equipment adjustment.Great that all these advantages associate with attractive service price.
  21. 21. 8 044 200 9339Kyiv, 1/3 Severo-Syretskaya str.