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Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. What Are The Effects ofClimate Change To The Arctic? By Devon Coyl Artic Landscape
  • 2. What are the effects of global warming? Sure is getting warmer Penguins on Ice
  • 3. It’s not called global warming The problem is it’s called climate global warming. change.  There is often confusion between theses two terms.Two Penguins Fighting
  • 4. What is Global Warming or Climate Change? "Climate change" affects more than just a change in Climate change is the weather, it of global the result refers to seasonal changes over a warming which long refers to rising period of time. global temperatures .
  • 5. Climate Change These climate patterns play a fundamental role in shaping natural ecosystems, and the human •economies and cultures that depend on them. The negative effects of climate change
  • 6. Climate Change
  • 7. Global Warming  Is the increase in the earths average temperature due to the buildup of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse• How and Why CO2 becomes trapped and gases in the atmosphere from human activities. builds up
  • 8. GreenhouseChart
  • 9. He Wants Know TooHow is climatechange and inturn globalwarmingeffecting theArctic?
  • 10. According to Earth’s Best Defense  If this trend continues, summers in the Arctic could Average temperatures become ice-free by the end of in the Arctic region are the century. If this continues rising twice as fast as hundreds of Arctic species they are elsewhere in could be wiped out. the world.
  • 11. Final Dialogue Also by the year 2100But by running rise of sea level thecleaner energy to 13 inches. by 7and burning less means the Whichgas everyone can coast line beingdo there part to moved back severalhelp. miles
  • 12. Bibliography Natural Resources Defense Council. (2005, November 22). Global Warming Puts the Arctic on Thin Ice. Retrieved from http://www.nrdc.org/globalwarming/qthinice.asp Washington State Department of Ecology. (2007). Climate Change. Retrieved from http://www.ecy.wa.gov/climatechange/whatis.htm