Side by Side comparison using XBRL data

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S&P 500 side by side comparison tool . An investor can compare side by side any two companies of S&P 500 index using XBRL data.

S&P 500 side by side comparison tool . An investor can compare side by side any two companies of S&P 500 index using XBRL data.

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  • 1. Mission – Help investors unlock theintrinsic value of XBRL by DevelopingInvestment analysis tools based on XBRL data. visit 1
  • 2. S&P 500• S&P 500 is one of the most tracked indexes in the investment world. It consists of 500 companies covering over 90 different industries.• Knowledge of these 500 companies is a very valuable assets for any investor.• Presently there are no FREE tools that help investors in analyzing these 500 companies. visit 2
  • 3. S&P500 COMPARISON TOOLAnalyze10k has come-up with a FREE tool that will help investors do side byside comparison of S&P 500 companies in a fast and efficient manner. Tools isavailable online at With just a few mouse clicks an investor can do side by side comparison of any two peer companies belonging to S&P 500 index. The comparison report can further be saved in excel format for further analysis. visit 3
  • 4. HOW DOES THE TOOL WORK?• The tool makes use of the XBRL technology. Based on the user’s inputs it goes and queries database that has the interactive financial reports based on the XBRL data Main parts of the tool  GUI based input panel where user selects parameters for the comparison report.  PHP based processing engine that takes in the input from the GUI based panel , further queries the SEC database and then generates the comparison report. visit 4
  • 5. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISONSCENARIO : Let us say that one is exploring the P&C Industry and wants tocompare the latest balance sheet of 10-Q reports for two leading P&CInsurance companies Chubb and Traveler’s inc.Following are the four steps one needs to take to get to the comparisonreportSTEP-1 : Got to and click on S&P500 comparison tool visit 5
  • 6. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISON• Following input screen will be displayed. visit 5
  • 7. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISON• STEP-2 Select the appropriate values from the drop downs boxes as shown below. visit 5
  • 8. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISONReport by filing date – This is captured directly from the SEC’sweb site. Following is the snapshot from the SEC web site thatgives last two filing dates for Traveler’s 10-Q reports. visit 5
  • 9. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISONFinancial statement names – This is captured directly from theSEC’s interactive web site that has the XBRL format data.Following is snapshot for Traveler’s inc’s latest 10-Q report. visit 5
  • 10. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISON• STEP-3 : Click on the button that says “Click here to generate report” . It will give for few seconds a red message as “Please wait” . During this time the system queries SEC database for the Financial reports matching the input values. visit 5
  • 11. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISONThis is how the final comparison report looks like. Its displayed in two slides herebecause the comparison report could not fit in one slide. visit 5
  • 12. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISON• Comparison report continued from previous page visit 5
  • 13. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISON• STEP-4 : Option for downloading the comparison report to Excel : The user can click on the link click here for excel output to get the comparison report in Excel format. User can then save the excel file for further analysis. visit 5
  • 14. DEMO OF A SAMPLE COMPARISON• In order to view the sample comparison report in excel please log in to visit 5
  • 15. THANK YOU!!!In case of any questions please e-mail admin@analyze10k.comWe will be more than happy to assist you. visit 5