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Accounting tally shortcuts

  1. 1. Accounting Tally Shortcuts :As we all know that in computers, shortcuts make our day-to-day life easier. In Tally too shortcuts arethere, although Tally is already easy to operate and fast to work with it however by knowing someshortcuts of Tally it would be possible to operate it extremely fast. Either you are displaying a report,creating ledgers or making vouchers, these shortcuts are really helpful.Alt 2 :To create duplicate voucher when we display daybook. When we display day book, highlight theentry for which you want to make duplicate voucher and then press Alt 2 key. It will take you to thevoucher entry screen and it is voucher duplication mode. There you save the entry and you are done.Ctrl A:To accept duplicate voucher without asking y/n. When you are duplicating voucher by pressing Alt2. Alt 2 will take you to the voucher entry screen there you don’t need to accept the all entries, you candirectly save the entire voucher without asking y/n by pressing Ctrl A. If you are doing totally newvoucher entry before typing narration press Ctrl A, will save the entry without asking y/n.Alt C:This shortcut has many uses like:1. To create new voucher when cursor ask account name in voucher entry mode:2. To access calculator when cursor is at amount field in voucher entry mode.:3. To create new column when we display any report like Balance Sheet, Trial Balance Account booksetcAlt N:To change column details like weakly, monthly, quarterly & yearlyAlt A :To change newly created columnAlt D:To delete newly created columnF7:Shortcut to change valuation methodAlt F1:To access Inventory buttons in voucher entryF1:To access Accounting buttons in voucher entryF1:To Select an existing company From Gateway of Tally. It will show you list of created companies tochoose from.Alt F1:To Shut a company. If more than one company is selected then it will ask us to choose which is tobe closed. Select the desired company and then press Enter key will close the company.
  2. 2. Alt F3:To get Company Info menu when you are in Gateway of Tally. In company info menu you can dovarious work such as Selecting a company, Shutting a company, Create a company, Create a newcompany, Alter a company data, Change Tally vault, Split company data and also take backup andrestore company’s data from there.Ctrl G:To create groups while creating a new ledger.Ctrl V :To create new voucher type while creating a new Ledger or GroupCtrl V :To change the voucher entry mode as a voucher/ as a invoice.Ctrl I: To create new Item while creating a new GroupCtrl U: To create new Unit while creating a new Item/GroupAlt I: To change voucher as a accounting invoice/ item invoice.Alt F1: To display detailed or condensed report while displaying reports.Ctrl T: To switch between Post – Dated Voucher and regular VoucherCtrl R: To repeat last voucher narrationF2: To change date of voucher entryAlt F2: To change Financial Year from Gateway of TallyF4: To create a contra entry for deposit and withdraw from bankF5: To create payment voucherF6: To create receipt voucherF7: To create journal voucherF8: To create a sales voucherF9: To create a purchase voucherF11: To change featuresF12: To configure settings
  3. 3. Ctrl N: To access calculator at any time.Ctrl M: To Stop CalculatorAlt R: To hide a entry in a report or temporary removeAlt S: To Unhide a entry which you hidden temporaryAlt U: To Show last entry which you hidden temporaryAlt X: To cancel/remove an entry in day bookCtrl + Alt B: To check the tally version, Release, Build, company statutory versionCtrl + Alt I: To import statutory mastersCtrl + Q: To quit from tally without making any changesAlt P: To Print any report while displaying it.Alt E: ExportAlt M: E – MailAlt O: UploadAlt L: To change Language of tally. We can change 11 languages in tally such as BahasaIndonesia, BahasaMelayu, English, Gujrati, Hindi, Hinglish, Kannada, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu.Alt K: To change Keyboard commands language.In most popular accounting software Tally, Generally you see Different windows in different colors. Youcan disable all these windows colors of Tally so that it will be visible in Black and White. It works in allthese versions of Tally such as Tally 5.4, Tally 7.2, Tally 8.1, Tally 9.0 etc. Follow the given below steps todo so.
  4. 4. Step 1: Go To My ComputerStep 2: Click the drive where your Tally folder exists.Step 3: Open Tally Folder.Step 4: Open Tally.ini (Tally Configuration Settings file). Step 5: Find the line Color=Yes, change it to Color=No and thensave the file. Step 6: Now Open Tally Software it will look like the followingpicture.
  5. 5. Purpose:Faster Data Entry in TallyIf you are doing voucher entry in Tally and typing the same narration for each voucher entry again andagain. It must be quite time consuming. You can save your data entry time in Tally by copying thenarration through Ctrl + R key combination from the keyboard. Follow the given steps to do so.Step 1: Make a voucher entry and type the narration you required and then save the entry.Step 2: Make second entry, when cursor at the narration field you can copy previous voucher narrationby pressing Ctrl+R key from the keyboard. When you press Ctrl+R , narration of previous entry will bedisplayed at narration field then you can also modify the narration if required. By this method you cancopy narration of all of your entries.