Sbs google+ for nonprofits


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An overview on how nonprofits can use Google+

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Sbs google+ for nonprofits

  1. 1. Orange Leap• Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) System used by Nonprofits around the world• Fundraising, Sponsorships, Events, website integration, and more• Cloud-based• Budget-friendly subscription pricing• You can’t pick the best solution for your nonprofit if you don’t have a choice. Orange Leap gives you a fresh new choice.
  2. 2. Adding Google+ to Your Marketing Mix Dawn Westerberg
  3. 3. Agenda• Tour of Google+• Compare and Contrast Google+ with other established Social Media• Q&A
  4. 4. Tour of Google+• Why is Google+ important?• Google+ Profile• Google+ Circles• Posting on Google+• Directions for setting up a page for your nonprofit: wer/1746120?hl=en
  5. 5. Why Google+ is Important• Google+ is indexed by Google search• Online visibility is the name of the game• Google owns the gateway to online visibility
  6. 6. Why Google+ is Important • Easy for people to find and connect • More control for you in what you choose to share and with whom you want to share • Took the best element from other platforms
  7. 7. Why Google+ is Important• Potential integration with: – Google Places – Google Docs – Google Calendar – Google Android – Google Analytics – YouTube – More
  8. 8. Google+ is an Opportunity• “Google+ isn’t a hardcore sales and marketing engine…” » Chris Brogan, Google+ for Business – Way to educate – Way to connect – Platform to promote (but sparingly) – Develop relationships before you need them – Networking > actions, donations
  9. 9. Tour Stop 1 - Profiles
  10. 10. Tour Stop 1 - Profiles• Profiles matter in all Social Media• First impression• Online business card• Photo important, quality of image important• Invest in a headshot
  11. 11. Tour Stop 1 - Profiles• Elements of the Profile – Introduction – Work Contact – Bragging Rights – Relationship – Occupation – Looking for – Employment – Gender – Education – Other names – Places Lived – Profile discovert – Home Contact
  12. 12. Introduction• Make it attractive to human readers…• …but don’t forget about key words• First paragraph crucial• Can be as long as you want• Most important to least important• A couple examples
  13. 13. Google+ ProfileBragging Rights Employment• Awards won • Where Google+ looks a – “Best Places to Work in little liked LinkedIn Dallas 2011” • Opportunity to highlight – “Peabody Award” accomplishments as well – “Top 25 Software as dates of employment Companies in Austin” • Develop as appropriate to• Books published your Google+ page• Speaking experience strategy (if your’e looking to get hired vs.• Membership launching a new business)• Fun and Unique
  14. 14. Google+ Profile• Right hand side bar – Other Profiles – Contributor to – Recommended links • Positive reviews • Amazon page for your book • Valuable (free) download
  15. 15. Google+ Circles
  16. 16. Google+ Circles• Circles = COOLEST part of Google+• Circles = Lists• Can categorize those you follow into Circles that you create and name: – Volunteers – Media – Donors – Etc.
  17. 17. Google+ Circles
  18. 18. Google+ Circles • You can follow the entire Stream • Or you can limit the updates you see to a particular Circle • You can put a person in more than one Circle
  19. 19. Google+ CirclesA Word of Caution: While you candirect your update to a particular Circlewith limited distribution in mind – thosewho receive your update CAN sharewith a larger group.
  20. 20. Ability to Share Circles
  21. 21. Ability to Share Circles
  22. 22. Other ways to use Circles• Create a Circle for: – Journalists – Influential Bloggers – Research CRM-like organization – How To/Resources – Alliance Partners – Niche/Industry segments – Location-based
  23. 23. Very cool: ability to reach outside of platform
  24. 24. Finding People for Circles
  25. 25.
  26. 26.
  27. 27. Google+ Stream“A post can either be a photo post, a video post, or a link post,but not more than one of these…”
  28. 28. Posting to Stream - Photo
  29. 29. Posting to Stream Blog Articles
  30. 30. Blog Articles
  31. 31. Tip: Google+ picks up meta description
  32. 32. Tip: Google+ picks up meta description
  33. 33. Other Google+ Features: Chat
  34. 34. Other Google+ Features: Hangouts
  35. 35. Events
  36. 36. Great Resource • Chris Brogan’s book “Google+ for Business” • Case Studies • “Day in the Life” of how different professionals use Google+
  37. 37. Measuring Success• Number of people who “Circle” you• Number of +1s you get• Number of comments your posts generate• Traffic brought to your website/blog
  38. 38. Worth the trouble• Allows for another profile• Allows for links to website, Google Places, Reviews, maps, etc.• Can create java code for Google+ button on website
  39. 39. Great Resource • Hubspot ebook • Free download
  40. 40. Great Resource • Circle Google+ • Frequently send updates, tips, new integrations
  41. 41. How do they compare?• 500,000,000 Facebook• 106,000,000 Twitter – “More than Twitter, less than a blog”• 101,000,000 LinkedIn• 90,000,000 Google+ and growing – Huge Local Play – Immediate indexing – More targeted
  42. 42. How do they compare• Linking platforms – Doesn’t play nice with others • Hootsuite, Buffer, etc.• Tools• Driving traffic back to websites/blogs• All or nothing versus targeted• The monolith that is Google
  43. 43. Powerful
  44. 44. Q&A• Thank You!• Dawn Westerberg•