New Technologies: Augmented Reality and Geo-Location by Dawn Jensen


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Social Media Speaker Dawn Raquel Jensen presents on Augmented Reality overview as guest lecturer in St. George's, Grenada. Dawn (@dawnrjensen) is a social media and digital marketing trainer at Virtual Options Coaching & Training (@virtualoptions). For more information email Dawn at

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  • Photo credit: 2002 film adaptation of Phillip K. Dick’s Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, featured near-ubiquitous use of augmented reality, including interactive personalized advertisements overlaid over the real world 
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  • New Technologies: Augmented Reality and Geo-Location by Dawn Jensen

    1. 1. Geolocation & Augmented Reality Presented by Dawn Raquel Jensen Virtual Options Coaching & Training
    2. 2. • Augmented Reality is the overlay of computer- generated media and information onto a video feed of the real world. What is AR – Augmented Reality?
    3. 3. AR has been around for over 19 years. The combination with the smart phone represents a dramatically new development.
    4. 4. What’s it to You? • AR is interactive, provides the opportunity to interact with a product or brand. • Because of the interaction, AR itself turns the physical world into an information- rich game.
    5. 5. Three Ways to Use AR 1) AR transforms everyday objects into opportunities for brand engagement 2) Takes the Guessing game out of shopping 3) Delivers practical information when and where it is needed
    6. 6. How it Works
    7. 7. How We Can Use it
    8. 8. A Geotag is a GPS coordinate that associates content such as videos, text information, audio to a specific location. Geotagging & Geolocation
    9. 9. How This Works in Museums • By “attaching” information to art so you don’t need to buy audio tours • You could walk up to nearly any painting in any museum and the [AR] recognition will work on it • This works by using LLA (Longitude, Latitude Altitude) to navigate indoors
    10. 10. Car Navigation
    11. 11. • Superimpose digital data on local imagery • Glasses or phone Deeper AT
    12. 12. • Smart Phones are the primary tools for accessing AR content. • Augmented Reality goggles and cameras, allowing them to see the augmented images directly, rather than on a small screen. Current Uses of Technology
    13. 13. • Augmented Reality field trips: “Scavenger Hunts” in which the students search a physical area for embedded virtual clues • Educational AR games that can be played anywhere. Educational Uses of Augmented Reality
    15. 15. • Started in 2004, Yelp provides user reviews about stores in photos on your smartphone. • Over 25 million people access Yelps website each month, putting it in the top 100 of U.S. Internet web sites Yelp
    16. 16. • Community: Over 15 million people worldwide • Over 1.5 billion check-ins, with millions more every day • Businesses: Over 750,000 using the Merchant Platform
    18. 18. Cyclopedia shows you information about nearby landmarks and historic locations in your iPhone’s viewfinder. Cyclopedia relies on the 65,000 entries on Wikipedia that are geotagged. AR Applications: Cyclopedia
    19. 19. • World-Browser • User-Geo-tagging • Create your own individual places by dropping a pin on the map. Instantly view these in the World, directly accessable from Wikitude's home screen.
    20. 20. • Layar is a tool to browse the world. It enables exploration, more informed decisions, serendipity and fun. • While looking through the phone’s camera lens, a user can see houses for sale popular bars and shops, touristic information of the area, play a live game, etc. AR Browsers: Layar
    21. 21. Dawn Raquel Jensen Social Media Coach Digital Marketing Trainer Social Business Catalyst
    22. 22. Questions??