Dawn’s speaking style is personable, fun,
approachable, passion-filled and thought
provoking. With a repertoire teeming wi...
“Dawn is one of the most "in tune" Social Media coaches
I have listened to and feel fortunate to have
opportunities to w...
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Dawn Raquel Jensen Speaker Sheet: Social Media Speaker, Digital Marketing Coach & Trainer


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Speaker Sheet for Dawn Raquel Jensen of Virtual Options Coaching & Training. Social Media Coach, Digital Media Speaker & Trainer

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Transcript of "Dawn Raquel Jensen Speaker Sheet: Social Media Speaker, Digital Marketing Coach & Trainer"

  1. 1. Dawn’s speaking style is personable, fun, approachable, passion-filled and thought provoking. With a repertoire teeming with case studies and a creative sense of humor, she is able to connect with her audience, create a comfortable environment, and adjust her speaking style during the presentation to match the level of comprehension at any given moment. Dawn may be only one of a handful of people who has the ability to navigate the Social Media landscape with her CEO-level clients and coach not only on the best practices and policy but provide the narrow area view of what Social networks are needed right now in the right order, and the right time to build visibility and credibility. She has the knack that leadership teams need to see the wide area view. That is, she can set the long-range social goals, cultivate the social proof that teams can take and build on while maximizing their digital marketing time online. Some of her work involves training those who work closely with businesses and business owners. Whether they are marketing, public relations, or Social Media specialists for their clients, Dawn coaches on the next success steps and the milestones needed. Sought after for her strategic and creative approach to Social Media, Dawn brings over 20 years of technology training, public relations, journalism, and marketing experience to the table. She is passionate about the success of her clients and is seen as an invaluable sounding board for focus, ingenuity, empathy, and strength. She continues to be a catalyst for Social Business growth, Social network coaching, and resources. Speaking Topics Digital Field of Dreams: Seven Tips to Creating Platforms, Influence & Profits With Social Media Social Media & The Entrepreneur: What You Need to Know to start and build a Business through digital marketing. Managing your Client and Your Business: The Essential Social Networks that enhance and support your business and your client’s bottom line. CUSTOM TOPICS: Have a particular interest for your audience? Have a topic idea in mind? Contact me and let’s talk! Speaker | Trainer | Coach www.linkedin.com/in/dawnjensen | www.dawnraqueljensen.com | speaker@dawnraqueljensen.com
  2. 2. 2 “Dawn is one of the most "in tune" Social Media coaches I have listened to and feel fortunate to have opportunities to work with her at several events She showed that she really knows her stuff! She has Social Communication and Social Media Marketing down to a science and is familiar with a plethora of social sites and how to use them. Best of all, Dawn shares that information in a way that anyone, regardless of their online experience, can understand.” Mike Barnes, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, SEO-Alien.com “I have had the pleasure of knowing Dawn for a few years now. She is a remarkable woman! Dawn is also an inspirational speaker to women. My Nanny Support Group (Central Florida Nannies) that I founded in 2003 had the pleasure of listening to her a few years ago. Just a few weeks ago, I finally got to see Dawn in her best shoes yet! I have AT LEAST five pages of notes from her ONE presentation! The buzz that filled that conference after her presentation was remarkable. Every place I walked I heard her name and how fabulous she was.” Marcia Van de Kieft, Regional Manager, Loving Arms, LLC Dawn as panel expert at the 2010 Southern Women’s Show in Orlando, FL 1 For the past 16 years of coaching and training work, Dawn has focused Social Business Strategist, bringing technology and digital media and marketing know- how that is actionable and makes sense to her clients. She founded of Virtual Options Coaching & Training and a as sought after speaker, has been focusing on digital media strategies and tactics to C-Level leaders, sales, and marketing managers, and Social Media professionals. As the Trainer’s Trainer, Dawn’s work practice involved training academics and librarians for the past 11 years and specialized in Social Media and digital marketing since 2007. Through her unique skill set along with her practical, hands-on technical knowledge, Dawn has been advising industry leaders on building a sustained online presence and creating easy-actionable steps on how they can include their Social Media in more of their marketing efforts. She is a Social Media Coach, foundational Biography “Dawn has an awesome expertise in Social Media (training, strategy and policy management, levels), is extremely generous, emphatic, patient and dedicated person (an extraordinary leadership model). Cooperate and learn from you, was a real pleasure and unforgettable experience, you are great and reliable 1st class professional in the new digital media.” -Jorge Monteso - Vice President Global Business Development at analyse2 & Strategic Senior Advisor Barcelona Area, Spain Speaking for Conferences, Businesses, Organizations, and Custom Events. Contact Dawn: 407-588-7246 speaker@dawnraqueljensen.com 2 trainer, corporate motivator, speaker, chief Social Business Catalyst for the wonderful clients she has the privilege of working with. Academic establishments such as: Stetson University, Rollins College, University of Central Florida, and Barry University, have hosted Dawn as a guest trainer for their faculty and staff. She has spoken and trained some of the nation’s most prominent organizations. Testimonials www.linkedin/in/dawnjensen | www.dawnraqueljensen.com | speaker@dawnraqueljensen.com