Stage One Resume Writing


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These are the Stage One Services I provide to my clientele when they need job search assistance and their resumes rewritten.

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Stage One Resume Writing

  1. 1. What is STAGE One?Resume Writing, Coaching,and Career Search Services D. Boyer Consulting Dawn D. Boyer, Ph.D.(ABD)
  2. 2. STAGE ONE Stage one is the „demolition and rebuild‟ process. Remember back when you handed in your „perfect essay paper‟ to your fourth grade teacher and she handed it back to you „dripping with blood‟? The paper had red marks all over it! That‟s my job. Stage One, Round One is the step where the job seeker will get receive a re-formatted resume and the „written interview‟ process begins. The „written interview‟ – within the resume – will pull out the value-added data you may not have thought to add to your resume when starting your job search.
  3. 3. STAGE ONE (continued) Many job seekers have seen examples of „resumes‟ in books. Or, they‟ve been provided examples by career counselors at their college or military TAPS or the local employment center. Recruiters don‟t want to read or re-read those formulaic job descriptions. Sample of a rewritten ‘perfect’ resume• After writing over 10K resumes, I have gotten the layout, format, style, and informational sections down to a science.• Recruiters want real data - I provide that data to my job seekers who can‟t seem to get past the recruiting firewall.
  4. 4. STAGE ONE (continued)  The top four inches of a resume – whether aimed at commercial companies, government contractors, or government services – need to be packed with vital pieces of „at a glance‟ information about the job seeker.  This section gives the recruiter or hiring manager the incentive to keep on reading.  My job, as a resume writer, is to rewrite resumes with a „hook‟ - the resume provides rich, details, concise wording, is easy to read, notes achievements and goals reached, with documentable metrics.
  5. 5. STAGE ONE (continued) I delete subjective language such as: Excellent communication skills, superb management capability – these are not provable or documentable. I rewrite passively written language such as: Chosen to lead, Directed to manage, Picked to oversee… A resume should “SHOW, not TELL” past achievements to demonstrate capabilities and what transferable skills the job seeker has to offer the employer. I help job seekers find their voice, demonstrate strengths, and convey capabilities in the language and wording in the updated resume; now they know just how wonderful they are!
  6. 6. STAGE ONE (continued) It won‟t be a „pretty resume‟ when I am done – (sample to right) –> it‟ll be very „plain Jane.‟ But, it‟ll be powerful in the words that explains why the hiring manager really wants to consider the applicant. Here‟s the reason I write the „pretty‟ out of the resume…
  7. 7. STAGE ONE (continued) Most businesses refuse hard copy resumes today, because businesses have moved to digital solicitation and uploads of resumes. Automated Tracking Systems are used to convert a resume to text and then parse data into searchable fields for the recruiter‟s database. The data is used for reporting to federal agencies requiring annual reporting via Affirmative Action Plans based on EEOC, DOL, and DCAA agency rules defining an Internet Applicant.
  8. 8. STAGE ONE (continued)  Because a company MUST report metrics, and can‟t afford clerks to compile data on huge numbers of applicants, they direct the applicants to record the data.  It‟s faster, easier, and cheaper to have the job applicant upload the digital resume, answer a few questions, and create the data for electronic reporting.
  9. 9. STAGE ONE (continued) Fields Parsed Data Additionally – pretty resumes Salutation John First - don‟t convert nicely in an ATS Last Henry Middle Jones The text conversion could move Initials Address Jr. 1234 information to the wrong place City Middleton ST Lane in the resume OR data could be ZIP Virginia deleted - so it‟s a waste of time US Citizen Yes Security - to make a pretty resume Education 1 BFA Education 2 Master Use the space wisely, craft Education 3 Employment 1 - Burger Queen words richly, use bullets and Employment 2 McFlippers Employment 3 US Navy white space carefully – make it Skill Sets 1 Cooking easier for recruiters to read and Skill Sets 2 Ship Captain Skill Sets 3 - recommend your skills Resume parsing sample (above) that didn‟t work right in an ATS
  10. 10. STAGE ONE (continued) Your resume should be a sales tool that gets you in the door for the interview; it should entice and create curiosity for what else you might know about, or what capabilities you have. That‟s your goal…
  11. 11. STAGE ONE (continued) Are you ready to ensure your resume is one of the richest and the most powerful persuasion tools in your career search arsenal? Here‟s how to get started!
  13. 13. STAGE ONE (continued) You only pay for each Stage as you can afford. You can:1) Pay via PayPal for the stage(s) you wish (account is email address: Mail a check (made out to „Dawn Boyer‟) via the US Post Office for the stage(s) you wish to purchase to Office Address is: 5428 Whitehurst Arch, Virginia Beach, VA 23464-5337THEN3) Email me your resume: Im looking for the long version so I can get a better feel for your past employment, history of achievements, etc. On average: Stage 1 is completed within 1-3 days, Stage 2 within 2 - 5 days, and Stage 3 can take up to a week and a half. These are average time ranges, but the number of customers in the queue can push the completion time back a few hours or a day or so. You can move up to the top of the queue if you wish to pay a extra for 24-hour turnaround (an additional $70.00 each for Stage 1 or 2).