Companies w/ websites and/or                             44.B9 Energies
E-mail Addresses for resume / j...                          137.ETI Professionals inc
89.Columbia Group www.c...
182.Information Manufacturing Corporation (IMC)          228.Lucas Group               ...
274.Parsons                              320.Sentek Consulting
275.PDS Technical ...
366.The Marlin Alliance       The following organizations had Product Literature on
367.The Mil...
(540) 347-0055                                               b
design                     f
                           food service
cor...         p
senior and retirement        ...
USA Northeast Job Board                     
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Company List For Url And Recruiting Websites


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This is a multi-paged listing of Companies with their website URL's and other Miscellaneous websites for job and career search "job descriptions" and "job postings" for job candidates to search for jobs.

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Company List For Url And Recruiting Websites

  1. 1. Companies w/ websites and/or 44.B9 Energies E-mail Addresses for resume / job search: 45.Ball Aerospace 46.Barrios Technology 1.21st Century Systems inc. 47.Battlespace Flight Systems LLC, 2.A-T Solutions www.A-TSolutions.Com 3.Abacus Solutions Group, LLC 48.Battelle 4.Able Body Labor 49.BCA Networks 5.Accenture 50.BCFSolutions 6.ADD STAFF Systems, Inc 7.ADDECO 52.BearingPoint 8.ADM & ASSOCIATES 53.Bernardo Technical Services, Inc 9.AEROTEK - staffing company 10.AGS AECOM - engineering 54.Blackhawk Management Corporation international 11.Airetel Staffing 55.BMI Combat Systems 12.Ajilon Finance 56.Boecore Inc. 13.Akima Facilities Management 57.Boeing 14.Aleut Management Services 58.Bombardier Aerospace 15.Alpha Ten Technologies 59.Booz-Allen-Hamilton 16.All Medical Personnel 60.Bradley-Morris 17.Alliance Recruiting 61.Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway 18.Ambassador Health Staff 62.Business Technologies And Solutions (BTAS) 19.American Medical Alert Corporation 63.Business Technology Connection 64.Butler International 20.AMI Recruiting of South Carolina 65.Calhoun International 66.Caliper 21.Amina Enterprise Group 67.Camber 22.AmmoTech 68.CAM Systems, Inc. 23.Analex Corporation 69.Capital City Technologies 24.Analysts International Corporation 70.Capstone Corp 25.ANSER Analytic Services Inc. 71.Career Management Corporate Search 26.Apex Systems Inc. 27.Apogee Engineering 72.Carneiro, Chumney & Co., L.C., 28.Apollo Group 73.Carnick and Company 29.Areté Associates 74.Catalyst Placement 30.ARINC 75.CDM Constructors Inc 31.ARMA Inc. 76.CDO Technologies, Inc. 32.Armor Group 77.Celestar Corp. 33.ASI Constructors 78.CH2M HILL 34.ASRC Aerospace, 79.Charsky and Associates: 35.ASC Global Services 80.Chenega Advanced Solutions and Engineering, LLC 36.ASI Federal Credit Union (CASE) 37.ATAIR Aerospace 81.Chenega Integrated Systems, LLC 38.Atlantic Sea Island Group 82.Chenega Government Consulting, LLC www.cgc- 39.Aviation Recruiting 40.Aviation Resources LLC (currently 83.Cherokee Inc not avail) 84.Ciber 41.Aviation Systems Engineering Company 85.CMC Electronics 86.CMC Technical Recruiting 42.Axsys 87.Coast IRB, LLC 43.AxxessConnect Data Solutions 88.Colorado Engineering Inc
  2. 2. 137.ETI Professionals inc 89.Columbia Group 138.Eurocopter USA 90.Colsa Corporation 139.Evolving Systems, Inc. 91.Combat Training Solutions 140.Executive Search of America 141.EXO Strategies 92.Command Information 142.Express Personnel Services 93.Computer Technology Associates 94.Compuware 143.Farheap Solutions 95.ConAgra Foods 144.FedSys 96.Consilium Associates 145.FGM 97.Coors Brewing Company 146.Flying Dog Brewery 98.Core Integration 147.Force 1 Resource 99.Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) 148.F-O-R-T-U-N-E Consultants 100.CorpComm 149.Foth Production Solutions, LLC 101.Covanta Energy 150.Four Seasons Venture Capital 102.Craig Technologies 151.Frontline Solutions 103.CSX Transportation 152.Fuel$aver 104.Cubic 153.Fugro Chance Inc. 105.Datacom 154.Fujitsu America> 106.Davidson Technologies 155.Fuze Aerospace Inc. 107.Decisive Analytics Corp (DAC) 156.GCM-Arbora 108.Defense Recruiters LLC 157.Graven Austin & Drake 109.DELEX 158.General Dynamics Information Technology 110.Delta Solutions and Strategies 111.DeVry University 159.Gemini Industries Inc. 112.Detica-DFI International 160.Global Info Tek 113.Digital Consulting Services 161.Global Security Consultants Inc., 114.Discovery TI 115.dnovus 162.Global Technologies Resources Incorporated 116.Doxa Associates 117.DSoft Technologies 163.Golden Services 118.DUCOM Inc. 164.Gould & Associates Global Services Inc. 119.Durango Group, LLC., 165.Gould & Associates Global Services 120.Dynamics Research Corporation 121.DynCorp International 166.Gunther Douglas Professional IT Services 122.Dynetics 123.Eagan, McAllister Associates, Inc. 167.Harding Security Associates, Inc. www.harding- 124.Eagle19 Consulting (no website) 125.Eagle Aerospace 168.Harris Corp. 126.East West Enterprises, Inc. 169.Hobbs-Towne Inc. 127.EHS Technologies Corporation 170.Hound - for job searchers 128.Electronic Warfare Associates 171.Honeywell 129.EMC 172.Hudson 130.Empire International 173.Human Touch Solutions 131.EMSolutions 174.IBM 132.Engineering Systems Solutions 175.Ideal Innovations 133.Entereza 176.Idea Integration 134.Enterprise Information Management (EIM) www.eim- 177.Ideal System Solutions 178.Imprimus 135.Enterprise & Portal Software Systems 179.Indus Technology 180.Indy Recruiting 136.EOD Technology Inc. 181.Infinity Systems Engineering
  3. 3. 182.Information Manufacturing Corporation (IMC) 228.Lucas Group 229.MacAulay-Brown, Inc 183.InfoSciTex 230.Managed Business Solutions 184.Infozen 231.Management Recruiters of Chantilly 185.Infusion Development 186.Ingersoll-Rand 232.Management Recruiters of Kannapolis 187.InnovaSystems LLC 188.INTECON 233.Management Recruiters of Raleigh 189.Integrated Alliances LLC 234.ManTech 190.Intelligence Careers 235.Martin Technologies 191.Intergraph 236.Master Solutions LLC www.Mslco.Com 192.ISYS Technologies 237.Matrixx Partners 193.Information Technology Engineering Corporation 238.McKellar Corporation 239.McNeil Technologies 194.INTEC 240.MEI Technologies 195.IntelligenceCareers 241.Mercury Computer Systems 196.International Security & Defense Management, LLC. 242.Meta-Tech Consulting 243.Midcom 197.Iron Mountain 244.Mission Solutions Inc. 198.IST Research 245.Military Officer’s Association of America 199.ITS Technologies 200.ITT 246.MILTEC 201.JIT Human Resource Solutions Inc. 247.Minerva Engineering 248.MITRE Corporation 202.JJCInnovative Security Solutions 249.MJM Global Search 203.Job Arsenal 250.Morris Material Handling 204.Kaye/Bassman International Corp 251.MTC Technologies 205.Kenexa 252.MyAlphaJobs 206.Key Logic Systems 253.Nana Pacific 207.Keystone Staffing Solutions 254.Navigator Development Group Inc. 255.NBS 208.Kforce Technical Staffing 256.NCI Information Systems Inc. 209.Ki LLC 257.NCL Holdings, LLC 210.Knowledge Consulting Group 258.NEK Advanced Securities Group 211.Kroswise Consulting 259.Net-Centric Design Provider 212.L-3 Communications 260.Newpoint Technologies, Inc. & SAT Corporation 213.Lakeshore Engineering 214.L.C. Wright, Inc. 261.NJVC 215.Leader Communications Incorporated 262.Northrop-Grumman 263.Object Video 216.Leaders Inc. 264.Objective Resources International LLC 217.Leading Edge Design and Systems 218.Lear Siegler Services 265.Odyssey Systems Consulting Group 219.Lee Hecht Harrison 220.LGS Innovations 266.Omitron 221.Liberty Business Associates, LLC 267.Optimal Velocity Solutions, LLC. 222.Lincoln Group 268.Oracle 223.Linquest 269.Operational Support and Services 224.Lockheed Martin 270.Overlook Systems 225.Logicore 271.PAE Group 226.Logistics 2020 272.Paradigm Technologies, Inc. 227.Logistics Support Inc. 273.PARATUSEC
  4. 4. 274.Parsons 320.Sentek Consulting 275.PDS Technical Services, Inc. 321.Serenetics 276.Pegasus Group 322.Shape Technologies 277.Penta Research Inc. 323.Silverback7 278.PE Systems 324.SI International 279.Periapsis 325.SI Placement 280.Perot Systems Government Services 326.Software Engineering Solutions 281.Phelps Dodge Staffing 282.Phillips Defense Systems (no website yet) 327.Soldiers4Hire 283.Pinnacle Executive Search 328.Solution Partners 284.Piton Science and Technology 329.Solvern Innovations 330.SOAR Careers 285.Pravius Group 331.Sorce Solutions 286.PRC 332.SOSI 287.Primerica 333.Spectrum Healthcare Resources 288.Princeton Information 334.Spiral Solutions and Technologies 289.Professional Solutions 290.ProSoft 335.SRS Technologies 291.Proteus Technologies 336.STG 292.Qatar International Trading (QIT) 337.Stinger Ghafferian Technologies 338.Strategy and Management Services 293.Qwest 294.QinetiQ North America 339.Strategic Analysis, Inc. 295.Quantum Research International www.quantum- 340.Strategic Directions LLC 296.Quick Service LLC 341.Strategic Financial Partners 297.Real Interface 342.Suarez Consulting Inc. 298.RecruitMilitary 343.Subsidium 299.RETAAS 344.Succeed To Lead 300.REMAX 345.Sumaria Systems 301.ReMilNet 346.Summit Group LLC 302.R. G. R., Inc. (no website: technical services 347.Synteras company) 348.Systems Planning and Analysis 303.Rhino 349.TAC Solutions Group 304.Rivada Networks 350.TAC Worldwide 305.Rockwell Collins 351.Tactical Linguists 306.RS Information Services 352.Tactical Communications Group, LLC 307.Synergy Support Systems Unlimited 353.Talecris Biotherapeutics, Inc. 308.SABRE SYSTEMS, INC. 354.TechOp Solutions 309.SAIC 355.TechTeam Government Solutions, Inc 310.Schafer Corporation 311.Schafer TMD 356.Technisource 312.Scientific Research Corporation (SRC) 357.Technology Support Center 358.TechStart LLC 313.SDS International 359.TechUSA 314.SearchTec 360.TechWise 315.Search Works Group 361.TEK Systems 316.Sears 362.Teledyne Brown Engineering 317.Secure Technologies Group, LLC 363.TeraproX 364.The Analysis Corp 318.Select Nurse Source 365.The Goal Inc. 319.Select/Remedy
  5. 5. 366.The Marlin Alliance The following organizations had Product Literature on 367.The Military Edge display at a recent learning convention for trainers and developers: 368.The Novo Group 369.Toffler and Associates ( 370.Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc. 14001 N.W. 4 Street Sunrise, FL 33325 371.Trawick & Associates (954)233-4000 372.Trillium Staffing Booth: 2 373.Triunity Engineering and Management ( 47370 Westwood PL 374.Unified Industries Incorporated Sterling, VA 20165 375.UNISYS (703) 436-2125 376.United Human Capital Solutions Booth: 6 377.United Launch Alliance Sealund & Associates ( 450 Carillon Pkwy Suite 100 378.United States Postal Service St. Petersburg, FL 33716 379.URS Corporation (727) 572-1800 380.US Army Corps of Engineers Operitel Corporation ( rm/RockyMtnArea.htm 194 Sophia Street 381.USFalcon Peterborough 382.Vaco Ontario, Canada K9H 1E5 (705) 745-6605 383.Van Dyke Technology Group 384.Vector Planning & Services, Inc. Yukon Learning ( 385.Velocity Consulting Corp. 4860 Cox Road Suite 200 386.Veteran Corps of America Glen Allen, VA 23060 387.Vertical Path Recruiting (804) 727-0030 Element K Corporation ( 388.Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc. 500 Canal View Boulevard Rochester, NY 14623 389.Vision Information Technology Consultants (703) 803-0456 390.Volt Information Sciences Nova Southeastern University ( 391.Walbridge Aldinger Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences 392.Webster Data Communications Inc. 3301 College Avenue DeSantis Building, 4th Floor Ft. Lauderdale-Davie, FL 33314 393.Westaff (800) 986-2267 ext. 22001 394.Westech International, Inc 395.Westwood College CourseAvenue, Inc. ( 396.Wexford Group 35721 West Avenue 397.Whitney, Bradley & Brown, Inc (WBB) Consulting Suite 600 Warrenville, IL 60555 (866) 594-1296 398.Williams Tison 399.Windmill International Journal of Instruction Delivery Systems 400.Wolverine ( 401.World Financial Group 50 Culpeper Street 402.Wyle Labs Warrenton, VA 20186 (540) 347-0055 403.XOTech 404.YOH Talent Solutions Journal of Interactive Instruction Development 405.Zel Technologies ( 50 Culpeper Street Warrenton, VA 20186
  6. 6. (540) 347-0055 b biotech For more information on exhibitors visit the SALT web site at this address: pn=sxengine b broadcast Society for Applied Learning Technology 50 Culpeper Street Warrenton, Va 20186 Ph: (540) 347-0055 Fax: (540) 349-3169 Web: b brokerage Links to Job Boards for Every Industry c callcenter Apr.03, 2009 in Uncategorized accounting 406.accountingjobstoday chemical c child care s administrative, data entry & secretary a advertising c college see entry-level c communications a aerospace c computer & systems a agriculture a airline c construction a apparel a architecture consulting c consumer corporate c See management a arts c courier see delivery c creative a audit c customer service automotive a aviation d database b banking d defense delivery & courier
  7. 7. d design f food service f forestry d distribution See logistics g government d diversity h hardwarehealthcare & medical d driver h home e education h hospitality& hotel e engineering h hourly e entry-level & college h hr j e environmental i insurance e executive i international facilities internet f fashion i internship f finance and investment i investment see finance j journalism f fitness & wellness l laboratory & technician l enforcement law
  8. 8. p pharmacy l law p pr l logistics and distribution p printing m maintenance project management & corporate m manufacturing p publishing q qa m marketing r radio m media r estate real m medical see healthcare r recruiting m merchandising see retail r restaurant m mining r retail modeling n news s safety non p profit s sales n nurse s science o oil s seasonal s secretary operations see administrative p pharmaceutical s security
  9. 9. s senior and retirement w warehouse s software w wellness see fitness s sports wireless see telecom Here are some excellent job search sites for you. Career Builder: s supply Sure Jobs Network: Snag A Job: s systems Hot Resumes: see computer t tax Yahoo HotJobs: Preferred Jobs: t technician see laboratory t technology Just Tech Jobs: Rise Smart: Creative Jobs Central: t telecom & wireless Also, here are some companies that are hiring! There are some opportunities at this company that I thought I would pass on to the group. New Breed textiles Logistics has a presence in many areas of the country t therapy and is hiring. Here is the link. Also, for those of you looking in CT for employment, this tourism & travel company just received a large contract from the state. training Here is that link. t transportation & airport LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers t television The LinkedIn Job & Career Network already has 60,000+ participants... and we just added 40 brand new groups. These groups are organized by location, profession, and industry. You are invited to join as many as you wish - a complete listing is below: u underwriting *********************************************** JOB BOARDS BY LOCATION Asia / Pacific Job Board u utility Australia / New Zealand Job Board Canada Job Board veterinary Europe Job Board v veteran India Job Board United Kingdom Job Board v volunteer ***********************************************
  10. 10. USA Northeast Job Board Non-Profit, Philanthropy, Government USA Southeast Job Board USA Midwest Job Board Technology, Science, Engineering USA West Job Board Telecom, Wireless, Internet *********************************************** Transportation & Distribution California Job Board *********************************************** Florida Job Board DREAM JOBS AND CAREERS High Paying Jobs & Careers Georgia Job Board *********************************************** Illinois Job Board For more must-join groups: Michigan Job Board New York Job Board North Carolina Job Board Ohio Job Board Pennsylvania Job Board Texas Job Board *********************************************** BY PROFESSION Consulting Finance HR (Human Resources) IT (Information Technology) Law and Legal Executive Management and Operations Marketing Recruiting Sales *********************************************** BY INDUSTRY Education Energy & Mining Health, Medical, Bio, Pharma, Life Sciences Leisure, Hospitality, Travel Manufacturing Media, Arts, Entertainment