Introduction to DaVinci
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Introduction to DaVinci



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Introduction to DaVinci Introduction to DaVinci Presentation Transcript

  • Introduction to DaVinci Platform and Service Leader 1
  • 1. DaVinci Designer Framework2. WYSIWYG-type Authoring Environment3. Drag & Drop UI Layout Configuration4. Resource Editor5. CSS Level 2-3 Editor6. CSS Level 3 Animation Editor7. Animation Editor for Professional8. N-Screen Editor9. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)10. DaVinci UI Framework11. DaVinci Hybrid Runtime12. DaVinci Build Server 2
  • 1. DaVinci Designer Framework  All editor windows of authoring tools are managed as a pane, allowing the free placement of editor panes according to the purpose of edition.  All editors are connected around the Designer View, providing object-centered editing functions View Port Editor Component Browser Supports UI Layout based on A collection of component the Page types Dom Tree Browser Project Manager Displays and edits the Manages files consisting configuration of the UI of the Project which consists of a page as a tree format Pages Browser Property Editor Adds/Deletes/Edits pages Edits the position/inline in the unit view style/property/event of the UI component Resource Editor Displays and manages resource used in the project 3
  • 2. WYSIWYG-type Authoring Environment  Web browser-type UI authoring environment, allowing users to get the same result with the contents being displayed on the screen.  No middle meta language has been used, displaying content which is directly modified using the same HTML code as on the authoring screen. Supports WYSIWYG-type development environment • The content in work is expressed as the same result. • Designer Viewport is Web Browser-type. No Meta format used • The content which is directly modified using HTML code is displayed the same as on the Designer View. Button Insertion Code HTML Code 4
  • 3. Drag & Drop UI Layout Configuration  Configures the UI layout by dragging and dropping views and components.  Uses the Event Handler to develop UI logic and biz logic. Drag & Drop type UI Layout Configuration Property Change Using Property Editor • Drag and drop components in the View area. • Configures the image resource, the number of frames, and frame area • Produces dynamic contents with various element types • Image Roller Component arrangement Property Setting Image Resource Check Operation using Emulator Add Events for Biz Logic • View the configured UI through the Emulator. • Events are added using the Event Listener. • Shows the notification message based on the event cycle. Moves Left and Right Notification 5
  • 4. Resource Editor  Provides efficient management technique for resources used by applications.  Provides resource analysis guide/viewer/editing by file. • Checks the resource information • Provides the guide for resource analysis • Removes unnecessary resources by providing thumbnail images • Provides functions to edit resources in the file unit. Optimizing Binary Size CSS Files default.cs Improving Initial Loading Rate s media.cs s Reducing Memory Share Improving Application Availability 총: 300KB 6
  • 5. CSS Level 2-3 Editor  Provides an exclusive CSS Level editor for developers who do not have special knowledge on CSS.  Easy option setting allows writing, applying, and viewing CSS for easier dynamic content production. CSS Level 2 -3 Editor CSS Code Viewer • Provides a preview function to check the setting values in real time for easy verification. • Easy to apply numerous properties of CSS, even though having no special knowledge on CSS, Provides a function to view the contents written by using and check the applied properties immediately. the CSS Editor as real code • Provides Code Editor for users who are familiar with code. CSS Selector List Add/deletes/manages CSS Select CSS Quick Preview CSS Editor HTML Previewer Provides the content where CSS Allows developers to preview the Previews the effect of a must be applied as the component changes on the entire HTML change to the CSS function type for easy application as soon as it is changed 7
  • 6. CSS Level 3 Animation Editor  Provides a function to configure the CSS Level 3 Animation function based on Key Frame easily.  Improves development productivity by testing the Animation function for the object arranged on the Designer. CSS Level 3 Animation Editor ④ CSS Code • Provides intuitive visualization editing function for editing animation. • Produces dynamic contents by applying various elements. • Available to check the code by executing CSS Editor ③ View the action • Check the action on Viewport immediately ① Edit Animation ② Start Animation Play 8
  • 7. Animation Editor for Professional  Provides a separate Animation Editor for editing more complex animations.  Supports a more detailed animation framework than CSS 3.  Provides a guide that helps users classify the effect edition method according to the purpose. Animation Editor for Professional • Allows detailed effect design using the JavaScript Timeline Framework. • Enhances content completeness by leading users to design effects by considering the cons. and pros, of animation techniques. Classification Standard Complexity Loading Rate Detailed Effect CSS Level 3 Animation Standard Low Fast Low Animation for Non-standard High Slow High Professional 9
  • 8. N-Screen Editor  Web applications should provide a UI/UX optimized for various LCD sizes for N-Screen service.  N-Screen Editor provides the functionality to develop and manage a UP layout optimized for various LCD screen sizes.  A universal functionality which can be expanded to the universal function for responsive web design that actively response to the external environments (weather, location, sensor, etc). Narrow Screen N-Screen Preset Normal Screen • Provides a template where properties of various media are applied, allowing developers to design the screen by applying the properties without additional development. • Provides the preview of applicable N-Screen list for developers to view and apply them. N-Screen N-Screen Manager Previewer Wide Screen • The Previewer allows developers to forecast the result of applying the media properties to the screen. 10
  • 9. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)  DaVinci IDE seamlessly supports a series of processes from development of HTML5-based Web application to service.  By seamlessly interworking with DaVinci Designer, it supports the modulized development and management of the UI logic and Biz logic.  Enhances development productivity and efficiency by providing the emulator, debugger, and profiler which support various H/W profiles. Create and Manage a Project Develop UI Logic and Biz Logic Build, Packaging, Distribution Test, Debugging, Profiler Web App Android iOS Build/Packaging Build/Packaging Build/Packaging 11
  • 10. DaVinci UI Framework  Provides an extensible UI Framework Library based on jQuery and jQueryMobile.  Provides more than 30 basic UI widgets for easier Web App UI authoring.  Provides the page template and combination widget for easier, faster, and quicker UI configuration. Various Basic Widgets Page Template • Extends the basic widgets to page templates and • Configures the page as the user wants with the pre-configured page accessible the combination widgets by combining basic with one click. widgets/views/page containers • Develops the required UI by setting the property and simple operation in a fast way. Change Property Blank Page Develop Logic Select a Page Completed Page Combination Widget • A widget created in the unit of block by combining the widgets having the pattern used repeatedly • Developers can create their own combined widget and register it. Layoutview Tab Combination Grid Image Label 12
  • 11. DaVinci Hybrid Runtime  Cross Platform Runtime that provides the same functions on various platforms with an identical HTML-based source  Improves the range and level of application implementation by providing various native functions through JavaScript API.  Supports a plug-in architecture that allows the 3rd party to easily extend the functions required to develop services. DaVinci Run-Time Architecture Feature Description Application Service Framework System • Device & System Information access • System Configuration supports • System UI – System alert, Indicators, … Javascript, HTML, CSS, … Runtime API Provider Security • Symmetric Encryption : AES, SEED • Hash Function : SHA-1, MD5 Runtime Core User Plug-In PIM • Device Contacts Information access User Plug-In … User Plug-In H/W Access • Accelerometer Plug-In • Gyro Loader Device API Plug-In (Built-In) • Compass Webkit • GPS System Security PIM • Camera control & Accessing Photo storage (Device) • Sound & Vibrator Application H/W Access Network Telephony Manager Network • Network Retrieve & Control Storage Notification OS Extension • Easy HTTP 1.1 Communication APIs • File & Binary Data Transfer Telephony • Voice Call Feature Description • Message Service Application Manager • App. Execution/management functions - Execute, Install, Data Storage • Database – SQLite supports Update, • Native File System supports Plug-In Loader • Built-In/Custom Plug-In management for interworking • Private & Sharing Storage between Apps. with native functions Notification • Inter Application Communication Feature Description • Push notification supports Runtime API • Built-In API for the functions required by applications OS Extension • Platform specific functions Provider • Interworking with the custom API extended from the - iOS badge, Gesture Recognizer, … plug-in 13
  • 12. DaVinci Build Server  Supports various packaging types such as Android (apk) and iOS (ipa) by using the build server for hybrid application build.  Available to build a local (enterprise) build server based on the company’s needs.  Provides the user management function, the build status management function, the build history, and statistical information. DaVinci System Designer Internet Build Server Developer Android iOS Build/Packaging Build/Packaging General Users Company System Designer Administ rator Local Network Enterprise Build Server Developer User Android iOS Build/Packaging Build/Packaging Enterprise Users 14
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