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  1. 1. Evaluation 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?The chosen song for our music video is „Move It 2 the Drum‟ by DJ Chuckie featuringHardwell (Hatrias Remix). We have studied a majority of music videos that focus on thecodes and conventions relating to this song. Therefore researching on artists like BennyBenassi, David Guetta, Lady Gaga and many more, gave us more of an in depth idea on howto play around with the music video.The genre for the music video is Techno and Dance, therefore following the lyrics within thesong, we decided to portray a narrative storyline and an abstract image by making it comical.We did this by the main character „Jignesh‟, who works in the club as a janitor, and dreams ofbeing a DJ therefore enters a dream trance ending up with different girls, who graduallybecomes worse from a „Sexy chick‟, „Buck Tooth girl‟ and „Transvestite‟. Typically Dance music videos are performed of people dancing without a storyline, however we decided to go against this convention by using a closed narrative structure. One of our influences was Benny Benassi- Satisfaction. The music video uses a closed narrative structure where the viewers understand what is happening throughout the video. We used this as the viewers follow along hisexperience within his dream. However unlike the song Satisfaction‟, we chose to have alinear structure in portrayal to his dream. We portrayed the difference of his reality and thedream by having the reality shots in black and white symbolising his dull and boring lifestyle.However when entering his dream we chose to have it colourful and used a majority of closeup and mid shots of the lights and Jignesh playing on the decks. By showing it in colour, itemphasised that this is what he craved by working as a DJ and having many girls dance withhim, evoking the male attention. This is similar to the music video of Satisfaction due to amajority of colour used and close up shots displaying the women who are promoting the DIYtools, emphasising the voyeuristic response of the „male gaze‟.Dance and Techno music videos are normally shown to be having the man walk off with thehottest girl, however in our video we went against this convention. We made it more comicalby starting with the hottest girl becoming worse to another sexy girl who ends up to be shownas a buck tooth woman; this is then followed by a transvestite. As the music gradually gotfaster, we kept cutting to different shots building the fast pace connoting how it was gettingworse and is dream was not going as he wanted it to.We decided to follow the conventions of a small introduction which is not always used indance and techno music video. However, this convention allows it to set the scene of thestory of his dream through a closed narrative structure.
  2. 2. It is traditionally an important convention to useprops and costumes. Therefore using thisconvention, we decided to use buck teeth for thebuck tooth lady, and a moustache and a wig forthe transvestite in order to make it comical.The chosen costume for Jignesh in reality wasshown to him being in jeans and a grey hooded jumper with a mop to convey that he hasn‟tgot a good appealing job. However when showing him in the dream sequence, he is shown tohave jeans and a smart black jumper. We chose his hair being flat and messy without beingstyled at all, until he gets into the dream sequence where it‟s shown to be spiked up. Thisshows that he has gone from a dull atmosphere where his appearance is portrayed to beunappealing towards girls, which is changed in the dream as he is shown to have a big makeover making him seem attractive and smart towards the women.Having 3 other main characters within our music video, we started off with the sexy chick.We chose her to wear a tight grey tube skirt with a low cut black vest revealing cleavage andblack high heels. We decided to use this type of costume to portray her as an appealingwoman as she would be the girl of his „dreams‟. Moving on the next character being thegeeky buck tooth woman, we had her wearing jeans, top with braces along with glasses andbuck teeth. The buck teeth would be slowly revealed as she smiles which then shocks Jigneshmoving on to the next character. Transitioning into the next character as we pan up showingthe transvestite‟s curvy body, in which is then cut to the face showing him as a woman;eventually shown to be a man. We did this by him wearing skinny black jeans with boots anda black top along with a long curly brunette wig. We got him to also wear a gold ring byusing bold accessories we wanted to portray the character to be unusual and unique.Lighting also plays a big part in music videos to establish the themes. Therefore we followedthis convention using artificial lighting to convey the nightclub with a suitable loacation. Theadvantage of this location was that we had great use of the different lights such as strobelights to create the clubbing atmosphere, and got to use the pioneer decks which are usedduring the sequence. The setting and props made it clear that the music video is based on adance club. We made sure that we used a variety of different angles and shots to establish thatthe setting was in a club, such as a long shot of Jignesh mopping on the dance floor, and closeup shots of the disco balls and lights flashing portraying the clubs atmosphere.
  3. 3. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? I feel that our music video links well with our ancillary texts aswe have kept the same theme throughout which is shown in themusic video. The use of vibrant neon lights connotes the theme ofa club. From choosing a techno mix genre, we knew that theconventions within a music video would involve many vibrantcolours and emphasis on the artist. We were influenced by manyother digipack covers such as Tinie Tempah. The use of violetand white are spotlighted on him with the world in his hands. Thiswould connote that the theme of his album is about discovering himself in the world.My research findings have shown that the main focus is on the lights and the main artistinvolved within the songs. Keeping this in mind we combined our influences together inmaking the front cover of the digipack.
  4. 4. From the research obtained, I found that the focus on the digipack is mainly on the artist. For example, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Drake are on the main focus on their Digipack front cover. We followed this convention in our front cover as we had shown Jignesh to be the main focus. This emphasised him to be the main character that is surrounded by the sub main characters who are made up in his mind. They had kept the image linked to the music video, which is similar to what we have done as having the characters around him, portrays what the story line of the song is about.We decided to use thistype of font to make itseem more unique andoriginal. The words areshown to be breakingdown making it lookshattered which links tothe music video as we seethe dream becomingworse and is shattered.We chose to lay the fontout like a drum linking itwith the title and keepingthe theme in mind. Following the conventions to establish a nightclub, we decided to use vibrant colours that connote this theme such as white, purple, green, orange etc. This reflects the use of artificial lighting used in the music video establishing it to be more like a club. By keeping the same elements throughout the digipak such as the background, the font, and colours, relates to the characteristics of our music video in relation to the setting and location of a nightclub. Having the main character used in main focus connotes that he is the artist, which is able to link with our ancillary texts and music video.
  5. 5. By the main focus still being on the main character, we decided to add the three characters involved in themusic video which still links to the music video. However, still keeping a lively background compliments thebusy and live atmosphere created within the music video keeping the main focus on the main character.Therefore having decided on creating the front cover like this enables the audience to absorb and rememberthe main elements within the music video and digipaks itself. This keeps the theme of the dream continuousaspiring to become a successful DJ. From the research concluded, we found that in many inside slips include lyrics to the video and information about the song. Taking a similar approach, we chose to add the lyrics of the song shown on the left side, and using thought tracking images of the cast in the music video. By doing this, it still carries the humour in which is created in our music video. This would be appealing to our audience, as they would understand the humour in this situation after watching the music video. Using mise-en-scene elements such as the bucket and the mop portrays the continuous theme of dreaming and the reality. Having the picture of him moping conveys nothing has changed and he is still portrayed to being sad from the current job he has when he actually aspires to be a DJ as shown on the front cover of the digipak. Incorporating the main song and track list along with the artists name in the advert creates a brand identity. This allows the ancillary product and music video to create an identity allowing the audience to become familiarised with it. We decided to go for a simple approach when designing the digipaks as we didn’t want to With over crowd the design and to keep the whole focus on the main artist and the themes throughout. This was inspired by Nicki Minaj and Mika as they were unique and colourful in a simplistic way; yet appealing to the audience. Therefore our design for digipaks makes it eye catching and draws your attentions in making you want to watch the music video.
  6. 6. In the advertisement, we have included links that our audience are more likely to be fond with, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. With these links on the advert shows where the music video can be viewed also promoting it through these links.We created a brand We haveidentity from the followed theadvertisement as forms andwell as the digipaks conventions formaking it more the digipak intorecognisable for the our advert bytargeted audience. using the same image, which isWe included the also used in thename of the song, back cover. Thethe artist’s name in mise-en-scenewhich the audience elements of himcan look out for with a mop andbecoming bucket are alsofamiliarised with the continued on theartist. We have kept advert keepingthe advert linked the continuouswith the digipak theme of himcovers and video dreaming and thekeeping the theme harsh reality.of dreams. Wedecided to keep theadvert simple as wewanted to conveyinformation for theaudience on where Overall, ourthey can purchase advertisementthe video and when keeps theit will be out by characteristicsadding the release making a link withdate. the ancillary texts and making it more recognisable for the audience.
  7. 7. Following the forms and conventions for the digipack and keeping the same themethroughout the music video combines together to create a brand identity. Overall, theadvertisement for our music video both complement each other as the elements within theproduct are linked together very well making itmore recognisable.We used Photoshop in order to produce theadvertisements in which we used to a greatextent being creative and imaginative withdesigning our product. I found the colouralteration tool most eligible for me to use whenexperimenting with different contrasts andsaturation for the main photos adjusting the exposure.However some photos didn‟t have the need to be Photoshopped as their contrast andbrightness were perfectly fine. Overall, I think our digipak and advertisement are successfulwhen promoting the music video as it gives an insight to the characters and the lyrics.Keeping the same theme throughout we ensured it is also creating a branding image, which isthen easily memorable for the audience by the image and identity. Majority of screenshotsfrom the music video are used creating a link between the music video and the ancillary workgiving an efficient combination.3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?Our initial target audience would be males and females aged 14 to 30 years of age. This was decided because the dance and techno music is a genre that is mainly played in nightclubs for youngsters. Therefore this age group are more likely to have some knowledge on the artists and the music genre itself. We felt that targeting at a certain gender and ethnicity was not relevant due to the song being suitable for anyone in that age group. I also found that our target audience always look for something different in a music video in order to appeal to them. We successfully did this by using a creative mind and taking a different approach to the song making it comical.From the audience feedback I found that many of our audience enjoyed the music video andwere intrigued by the concept driven from it. We took a different approach to the music videoby portraying it to be more of a humorous music video in which our audience referred to it asbeing ‘creative and imaginative’. We found that our audience like aspects such as a narrativecreative and unique storyline. Therefore, in conducting this within our music video, havingthe storyline being humorous, it would focus on the narrative being more visual on what‟shappening telling the story itself with the audience left to have their own views on the video.This was due to a majority of our audience who listen to Dance, Techno, and Dubstep whichtend to have a music video with a narrative structure and more focus on the story line whichthe lyrics are able to connote.
  8. 8. Due to our target audience beingappealed to a different and uniquestoryline, we decided to mainly focuson the visual element within ourmusic video which clearly portraysthe theme of the main character„Jignesh‟ who is dreaming aboutbeing a DJ. This song can beinterpreted as being a sexual songabout lots of hot girls; however wetook a different approach and added humour into it. We decided to have the main characterdancing with 3 different characters, „sexy chick‟, „buck tooth girl‟ and a „transvestite‟,showing each scenario becoming worse leading to it being humorous. Although our audiencewanted the focus to be on the narrative and storyline, we also focus on the main character,whom is shown to fall in the same age category. By intercutting to close up shots and longshots of him in reality whilst dreaming, allows the audience to follow him throughout thejourney. They audience could react sympathetic due to his harsh reality, as we stereotyped theway a man with a job like this cannot get a girl. This allows the audience to mock him andlaugh at how the different scenarios are becoming worse and he is left with no one.Our script development allowed us to incorporate the different types of shots we would use toportray and emphasise the fact that he is dreaming and to keep the pace and theme of anightclub constantly shown throughout the music video. From our audience feedback theyfound the music video and ancillary products to both look professional to an extent. However,they all seemed to understand the concept of the music video and understood the storylinewhich was successful and they were able to find it humorous as one referred to it being‘Hilarious and unexpected is all I can say!’. This is great evidence that the music video hadappealed to them being very beneficial for us. However some had stated that we could haveincluded more shots of Jignesh in reality to make it more clearer that he is still dreaming andto portray his reaction within. From our final print work, the audience were fond of having the theme of dreams and nightclub running through all of them, by keeping the same background, font type and similar pictures. They understood very well on how it portrays that everything was a dream and found that it linked very well back to the music video due to the vibrancy of the colours used, and the cast which are also used. However, one had stated that the magazine advert could have been a bit different to the digipack designs, such as the background and the main picture to make it bolder however it created amemorable image for the public to have. The majority of the audience really liked the use ofcolours used in the digipack and advert to represent the atmosphere of a nightclub.The audience feedback had shown that a majority of them wouldn‟t purchase the music videoas they would access it using YouTube which is what a majority of the public do these days
  9. 9. instead of buying it. Therefore, we would be suited for an independent label due to not havingall the technical elements in featuring it as a major record label. However, many of ouraudience said that they would purchase the music video.I found that from the audience feedback, the minority of our audience were not keen on thegenre of the music, however still enjoyed the music video and were likely to watch it again asthey found it interesting and it didn‟t get boring. In conclusion, I think that we met the OCRbrief of the forms and conventions for our music video and print work in which it appeals toour target audience due to having a more creative interpretation on the storyline for the musicvideo making it more interesting for the viewers.4. How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction andevaluation stages?When it came to the research and planning stage I used a majority ofeveryday search engines such as „Google‟ (www.google.com) tocarry out any secondary research. I had to make sure the site isreliable before using it on the sub genre of techno/dance, such as„Wikipedia‟ (http://www.wikipedia.org/) as anyone can create this page with unreliable and inaccurate information about the artist. This was overcome by using a more reliable source of information from the chosen artist DJ Chuckie‟s official website (www.djchuckie.com). I also used Google Images in order to convey research on different designs ofdigipaks to influence my ideas in creating my print research and final print work. Whenconducting out specific research on music videos, I used „YouTube‟ (www.youtube.com) toanalyse specific music videos in which related to our genre such as my Similar TextualAnalysis. I analysed Benni Benassi- Satisfaction, when watching this, it gave many ideas onwhat to do in the final chosen idea for our music video. The use of „YouTube‟ also enables usto watch other music videos related to our genre influencing our ideas. Social networkingwebsites also assisted in carrying out research on the expectations on the artist‟s music videofrom the public. I used „Twitter‟ (www.twitter.com) to gain an outlook on the public‟sexpectations of dance and techno music videos. Another website I used was „Facebook‟(www.facebook.com) in which we were able to directly communicate with DJ Chuckie‟s fansand a pint of view on what they expect of a music video when they listen to „Move it 2 thedrum‟.Technology played a big part in decision making and helping us decide on what criteria‟s areneeded for the target audience. I used „Hotmail‟ (www.hotmail.com) which helped usmaintain our group work efficiently meeting our deadlines and ensuring that we are organisedand helping our communication and team working skills. The camera we used was Canon XM2 digital lenses. Weused the camera successfully as we had used if before inAS. We also had a chance to use a digital HD camera inour 1st shooting. In the second shoot we were able to usesuitcase dollys in which were used when doing tracking
  10. 10. shots making it more fluid and stable. When constructing our music video, we faced manydifficulties and problems. When we were in the edit suite, we combined the shots togetherand found many faults in the continuity.For the final shoot, we decided to use the Canon XM2, this enabled us to go manually changethe exposure and focus. We found that from our shoots before at the „Grims Dyke Hotel‟ and„The Master‟s Bar‟ they did not have the efficient and appropriate lighting to establish our setting of a club very well. We then decided to go to a different location for our final shoot which was very beneficial for us as we went to South- end-on-Sea, Essex, at a nightclub „The Mansion‟. The new location had all the efficient equipment that we needed in order to establish that the setting was a nightclub due to the artificial lighting such as strobe lights.When editing, we used Apple‟s Final Cut Pro software which allowed us to add differenttransitions and effects to enhance the sequence. We emphasised the theme of him dreamingby using a ripple transition effect into a colourful setting connoting that it isn‟t real life. Wedecided to have the reality shots in black and white conveying that his reality is dull. To showhis reality, we included a small introduction clip of him mopping allowing it to set the sceneand show the audience the different between his reality and dream.We enhanced the audio on Final Cut Pro, but had to be aware that the sounds in thebackground weren‟t overpowering his voice. In future use, we would have to take intoaccount to use a microphone such as a boom microphone to enhance the actor‟s voice. Weused cross dissolve transitions to make the sequence flow clearly and fluidly from the longshots cutting to the mid shots. This was also used when transitioning from the opening titles“By DJ Chuckie... featuring Hardwell”, creating a smooth transition when fading into to thenext shot. From this I also used Photoshop to create the final print work for our digipaks and advertisements. I had designed the front cover of the digipak in which I developed many skills in using Adobe Photoshop in which I have never used before. I learnt many tools in which I included within my cover. I
  11. 11. learnt how to change the exposure, contrast and saturation along with making it look as itthey are in the dream sequence by fading the edges of the pictures. I used this when editingthe main focus of the picture which is „Jignesh‟; I enlarged the photo changing the contrastmaking it seem as if he is in a nightclub atmosphere.From the foundation portfolio AS, I learnt many skills onusing „Blogger‟ (www.blogger.com) which was a greatbeneficial element when it came to this year. I already had thebasic skills in uploading files from slide share, and on theblog itself. In this I learnt how to change the background andcustomise it to the genre of our music video by having a DJ on decks making it look moreprofessional. I also learnt how to upload videos from YouTube and adding pictures, as wellas changing the layout and sizes allowing the viewers to easily reach the audio interviews andmusic videos. This enhanced the atmosphere of our blog linking with the genre making itmore appealing for the viewers wanting to read it.Overall, this was a very busy yet fun experience in learning that working in the musicindustry is not very easy and a lot of dedication is needed. However from reshooting andediting three times constructed and developed out skills making us more aware in what to dothe next time round.