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Task 2 what's out there
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Task 2 what's out there


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  • 1. • Created by Capcom Interactive, and is a very high active free downloadable App, acknowledged from the ratings and the amount of users you can play with in the game.• The concept of the game is simple; all that has to be done is build – from scratch – a village for the smurfs’ by adding crops, houses, more smurfs’, developing the landscape to a larger proximity and adding small smurf business. In addition, tasks must be apprehended to level up as well as growing crops and doing jobs in the businesses, plus add decorations such as: flowers, mushrooms, fences, benches etc.• The game works by simply using multi-touch, that apply on everything in the game, with the ability to upload photos of yourself to the App to use as your profile picture, as you can travel to friend’s village’s on the game.
  • 2. • This App is a social App, with it being a faster and easier way of using Facebook for all members to the most excelling social network on the market for Apps and general internet interactivity.• This App allows for applicants of the network to view their friends new statuses, communication via the chat element of Facebook, view other elements such as: videos, photos and games. In addition all this is accessible, at the advantage of being free.• The layout of the App is simply having a side bar, with links to the many different concepts of the game, plus a bar at the top which takes and notifies you to new news for notifications, inbox and new friend requests.
  • 3. • Jetsetter is such a helpful App, considering people wanting to find the most impressing deals for hotels, spa vacations, weekend trips airline and travel and other transport. Therefore making this a travel App; it offers also 50% off sales on the App occasionally.• The price of this App stands to be free. Additionally, it offers beautiful high definition panoramic photos of locations available to travel to on your holidays and photos of accommodations, plus insider tips and unbiased reviews. Belonging to the market of a leading travel agency Jetsetter, and they’ve designed the concept of the App to have a search bar to navigation to your holiday choice and having categories of different types of holidays, with the choice to add them to your favourite’s menu and have a inbox when requesting deals from sellers.
  • 4. • This App is extremely popular simply because of it’s fantastic ability to allow anyone to produce there own piece of music, anytime anywhere they want, and even including the new addition to the App add their own vocals to there creation.• With it being available on only Apple Smartphones; it’s their official Apple MAC creation – it resultantly cost £2.99, with the accessibility to also buy and download extra components to the App.• All in all, the App obviously is in the music and entertainment genre of App types; you can play your Smartphone like an instrument, using multi-touch for guitars, drums, pianos, organs and basses. Also, whats magnificent about the App is that you can plug in your own electrical guitar and record it through the App and manipulate the sound, to add to your piece of music as well as record your own voice using the built-in microphone and apply fun effects.
  • 5. • This App has large recognition clearly because of it’s subject – football – and being hosted by a very well acknowledged company Sky. Therefore the concept would seem simple and understandable, and it is. Basically, it gives their audience coverage on everything new and old to do with football: game results, team line-ups and formations, player profiles and more. Also it’s an App receiving delightful updates – now being able to listen to Jeff Stelling with the Sky Sports News Radio.• For this Sports and news App the price is completely free, showcasing it on the Apple market to football fanatics. Subsequently, the functionality is rapid and straight forward as football fans will want the news they are looking for to be a quick task. The style sticks to the layout of how you’d navigate around an IPod or IPhone and text scrolls along the bottom just like on the Sky Sports channel.
  • 6. • This app first of all was specifically designed for the IPod and IPhone, and has become a huge hit because of this; it’s graphics have been told to be vivid and immense plus the ability to study nearly every aspect of maps of the world, of continents, of countries. With an internet connection detailed Microsoft Bing maps can be achieved which is like looking at your house on the PC.• There is a price for this App, being £1.49 which is good considering it’s technically a built in atlas on the IPod or IPhone. In addition, the way it works is enjoyable and easy; it uses the new touch-and-hold feature, holding a place on the 3D map to access information and search through the globe by spinning, panning and rotating.• As for the style it’s structured to be easily acknowledgeable because it’s and Educational App and contains a lot of searching.