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Next Gen Marketing Group
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Next Gen Marketing Group


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Overview of NextGen Marketing Group

Overview of NextGen Marketing Group

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Company Overview and Capabilities Summary
  • 2. Company Overview
    • Provide marketing consulting, staffing, and turnkey marketing services under one umbrella.
    • Innovative business model based on providing customized “ On-Demand/V-Market ” strategic and tactical marketing services leveraging technology to maximize work efficiencies.
    • World-class team of highly credentialed executives with deep resumes of achievement coupled with innovative affiliate partners who offer breakthrough marketing services .
    • Account lead is an industry executive with strong experience and credentials who then can draw from our national “ Brain Trust ” pool of executive knowledge and strategic affiliate partners.
    • Unique capabilities such as Social Media, Virtual Brochures, Software-as-a-Service provided in addition to Advertising, Web, PR, Direct Marketing, etc.
    • Proven success in Telecom, Cable, Internet, Hardware, Software, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail, Casual Dining and Restaurant, and Grocery Marketing.
  • 3. Core Consulting Services
    • Market Opportunity Evaluation – we research and evaluate new business opportunities and assess key success and risk factors.
    • Go-to-Market Plan – we help you develop an integrated, well thought-out Go-to-Market plan that clarifies the strategic roadmap and identifies the tactical programs for effective execution.
    • Branding and Positioning – we help you develop and launch a new brand or enhance and reposition existing brands to deliver desired business results.
    • Product/Marketing Program Development and Implementation – after the GTM plan is ready, we help you build the products, programs, milestones, key deliverables, and operational processes necessary to launch effectively and achieve desired results. We also can help resource the operational management of this process.
    • Business Performance Assessment – we assist clients with developing and evaluating the critical metrics and success factors of their business so corrective measures can be implemented where necessary.
    • Market Expansion – we help clients develop critical strategic partnerships, expand strategic eco-systems, and pursue M&A activity or incremental funding to fuel growth plans.
  • 4. Affiliate Marketing Services
    • Traditional Advertising and Creative Design
    • Brand and Logo/Tagline Development
    • Interactive and Online Advertising
    • Web Design and Development
    • Virtual and Interactive Collateral
    • Social Media Plans and Infrastructure
    • Acquisition Campaigns
    • Direct Marketing/Email Marketing
    • Public Relations/Media Management
    • Customer Lifecycle Management and Retention/Loyalty Programs
    • Marketing Events and Sponsorships
    • Market Research
    • Marketing Specialty Items (Trinkets)
    • Database Marketing
    • Sales Training
    • Recruiting and Staffing
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    We can support clients seamlessly from strategy development through market launch and execution – across the market life cycle.
  • 5. Philosophy and Approach
    • Our firm is designed around several key principles that define how we operate:
    • Fact Based Analysis – we support our recommendations with facts and hard data. We supplement this with our experience and knowledge.
    • Hands-On Work – we roll up our sleeves, dig in, and become an extended part of your management team. We believe we have to understand the details of your business in order to produce effective recommendations and results.
    • Lessons Learned/Best in Class – because of our national reach, collective team experience, and business contacts, we can offer our clients insights into best-in-class solutions from other successful companies or similar client engagements.
    • Results Orientation – we don’t focus on activity and appearing busy - we focus on working smart, effectively and making sure we help our clients get the bottom line results they require.
    • Integrity and Honesty – our team believes trust is critical with our clients and that all relationships formed are long lasting ones. We honor confidentiality and take whatever steps are necessary to protect our clients trust.
    • Business Contacts – we bring extensive business contacts and relationships that in many cases help our clients open doors to new strategic opportunities.
  • 6. Business Model Benefits
    • Our firm is designed around a new business model that provides significant benefits:
    • Experience Matters – the lead account manager for your project is a highly experienced industry marketing executive who is accountable for the entire effort. Our affiliate partners are experts in their specialty marketing fields and highly credentialed.
    • Speed-to-Market – optimized process development with faster development and delivery cycles.
    • Simplified Communications – you don’t have the typical management challenge of coordinating marketing work across multiple agencies and external firms.
    • Cost Savings – you don’t pay multiple retainer fees or get charged for agency resources you don’t need or can’t figure out what value they are adding.
    • No Dropped Ball – you minimize the risk of miscommunication or dropped balls when work is handed off from one external partner to another.
    • Accountability - your NextGen Marketing Group team makes sure the work is done according to the plan and contract. No finger pointing.
    • Best-in-Class – our team provides the latest insights and talent to tackle your difficult marketing strategic and tactical challenges.
  • 7. Some of Our Clients
  • 8. Some of Our Affiliates
    • We have relationships with a growing network of strategic affiliate partners who provide innovative marketing solutions. Here is just a sample:
  • 9. Our National Team Seattle San Francisco Los Angeles Denver and Co Springs Dallas Austin Kansas City Chicago Iowa City Atlanta NYC Basking Ridge Hilton Head Salem SC
  • 10. How We Can Work With You
    • Outsourced Staffing – we can supplement your internal marketing resources as full-time or part-time contractors at the executive, management or tactical level.
    • Project Support – our team can help you by tackling specific projects of any size.
    • Business Advisors – you can “Tap Into the BrainTrust” at NextGen Marketing Group for insights, opinions, or brief consultations on specific marketing challenges you face. These consultations can be brief or extended depending on your needs.
    • Marketing Program Execution – we can become your outside “agency” partner to handle the development and execution of your marketing programs across the various elements in the marketing plan.
    • Marketing Tools – because of our national reach and our growing affiliate network, we can offer you access to unique services and tools that can create revenue or generate marketing cost savings. Examples include Software-as-a-Service and Social Media Platforms.
  • 11. Economic Service Options
    • Hourly Virtual Consultations via Web/Audio or Video Conferencing
    • Brain Trust Conferences with Several NextGen Marketing Group Principals/Associates and/or Affiliates
    • On-Site Consultations or Assessments
    • Daily Consultations for Flat Daily Rate
    • Flat Project Fees for Large or Small Programs
    • “ Unlimited” Services - a Flat Retainer Fee Which Obtains a Full-time Commitment from a NextGen Marketing Group Principal or Associate
    Because we have managed in the real-world like you, we charge for our services in practical real-world fashion. Unlike “traditional” consulting firms and marketing agencies, we offer our clients a variety of flexible, customized service options:
  • 12. Next Steps
    • Determine how we can work together and define a scope of work.
    • Evaluate core deliverables and timelines.
    • Determine staffing and compensation parameters.
    • Prepare initial proposal and schedule review.
    • Finalize agreement and get started.
    It’s time for a new marketing services model – one that’s flexible and provides high quality services on-demand. Test our approach and you won’t go back to the traditional structures!