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Our Tap Creative brochure. Digitally printed we keep it up to date by only printing several personalised when needed.

Our Tap Creative brochure. Digitally printed we keep it up to date by only printing several personalised when needed.

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  • 1. Challenge Conventional Thinking An introd uction to Tap Creat ive.
  • 2. does a strawberry have to be red?
  • 3. contents 4 introduction 5 group structure 6 client list & case studies 7 awards and accolades 8-9 fsc & iso 14001 10 paul wallace estate agents 11 northampton saints rugby club 12-13 darwin holidays 14 babcock 15 gearhouse broadcast 16-17 herts & middlesex wildlife trust 18 O21tv 19 flynn pharma 20-21 thurrock council 22-23 websites 3
  • 4. introduction When you sit down with the friendly team at Tap Creative Design Agency in St Albans you probably won’t have a very clear idea what your final design is going to look like. And we won’t have a preconceived picture either. Your project starts with you, a blank canvas and infinite possibilities. That’s how we create what’s right for our clients, whether that be print related design such as a brochure, a magazine advertisement or a complete new corporate image and logo. Or interactive multimedia such as websites, flash games, and interactive multimedia. In the design world this isn’t exactly conventional thinking. Some designers find it much easier to give you “one we made earlier.” We prefer to push the boundaries, and explore unexpected, unusual directions. When you work with us you’ll tap into the skill, confidence and experience to challenge conventional thinking. It’s an exciting process for our designers and for you. And it’s one of the things that keeps our clients coming back to us. Tap Creative. Challenge Conventional Thinking. creative services Graphic design Advertising Brand design Google Adwords Brochure design VDP Variable data printing Photography Litho & Digital Printing Healthcare design PURLS, EMAIL, & SMS Marketing with XMPie Web design & content management Cross Media Capability from January 2011 4
  • 5. group structure Tap Creative are part of a larger group of companies providing complete design and print solutions across the board. We provide you with a complete range of services at your fingertips, with one point of contact. EAVESWOOD AVALON PRINT COLOUR Production & Project Management Manufacturing GRAPHIC DESIGN WEB DESIGN BROCHURE DESIGN BRAND IDENTITy P R I N T M A N AG E M E N T V A R I A B L E D ATA & D I R E C T S M I L E SPECIALIST PRINTING D ATA C L E A N S I N G PRODUCTION & FINISHING TAP CREATIVE Design 5
  • 6. client list Case studies For detailed client case studies, please visit our website at the address below: http://www.tapcreative.co.uk/en/case_studies.html darwin holiday parks David Josephs Communications 6
  • 7. awards and accolades Winner of the “Best Business Website” Award for: www.tapcreative.co.uk “ What AstraZeneca have said about our service It is a pleasure to be able to provide you with a reference to be used with other potential customers. I am really glad you asked, as I have been meaning to write through to thank you for all of your help in recent months on a number of different projects! Having worked with any number of the ‘so called’ large agencies in London and the like, many of them could learn more than a thing or two from TAP! The client focus, attention to detail, creativity, dedication to the objectives and overall professional approach is second to none. I would highly recommend any company to work with TAP. your work in the design of our respiratory meetings some years ago was brilliant, but the development work and re-branding conducted more recently has had an incredibly positive response from internal and external customers alike. Fresh, innovative, eye-catching, and thought provoking are just some of the comments I have heard. A very challenging, but VERY HAPPY internal customer! “ I think the fact that you spent much of your personal time creating branding for half of my team’s expedition to do the 3 Peaks Challenge exemplifies the dedicated approach that you have - and the fact that the organising committee of such a prestigious event have asked to use this for all of their branding speaks volumes. Robert Bagust Meetings Management Leader, AstraZeneca UK Ltd 7
  • 8. fsc approved What is FSC? FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) What do they do? FSC is an international network that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests. Its main aims are to find solutions to the problems caused by bad forest management. What is the FSC Chain of Custody? Paper Forest Mill Printer Customer Merchant FSC guarantees that the paper is “supplied from a well managed sustainable source” this will be in the form of a correctly managed forest with full environmental accreditations. For the chain of custody to be secure all parties involved in the chain must be certified. When can you use the logo on your literature? you can use the FSC logo on all of your company marketing literature and stationery providing you use an FSC certified supplier and stock. Did you know? “ “ An area the size of a football pitch is consumed every five seconds by illegal logging. To help prevent this illegal monumental forest devastation, we wholly embrace FSC and all its key benefits. The key benefits of using Forestry Stewardship Council: • A cost effective way of reducing environmental impact • Forest sustainability • Forest re-planting • Wildlife protection • Protecting de-forestation • Supporting social & economic changes • Providing jobs for local people • Following the Fair Trade Agreement embraced by FSC • Offering the end user complete chain of custody • Out of 18,000 printers in the UK only 5% are currently certified • Wide variety of FSC stocks available 8
  • 9. iso 14001 Tap Creative are proud to announce that we now only use ISO 14001 accredited suppliers. You can help reduce your carbon footprint by using ISO 14001 accredited suppliers. What are the benefits to you? • Provide your company with assurance that you meet, and will continue to meet, your environmental management system commitments and corporate policy requirements • Increase efficiency through potential process improvements and energy conservation • Quantify your impact on the environment (e.g. from emissions) whilst reducing your environmental liability • Involve people in minimising negative impacts What is ISO 14001? One of the most effective ways to minimise environmental risks, meet legislative requirements and demonstrate corporate governance, is through the implementation of an environmental management system (EMS). Certification to the globally recognised EMS standard, ISO 14001 from an accredited and reputable provider is becoming a preferred choice for organisations looking to demonstrate their environmental credentials. 9
  • 10. paul wallace brochure Paul Wallace Estate Agents approached Tap offering the chance to pitch for a new housing development branding project. We won the pitch with the branding illustrated below. The brochure produced was in a folder format, including 4 x inserts. The houses were sold at a fantastic rate with the new branding in place. Connections BY TRain BY ROaD Site Plan Hertford St Micha Liverpool Street 16 mins Gatwick Airport (approx) 25 mins 66 miles Stansted Airport (approx) 35 mins Heathrow Airport Luton Airport 44 miles 34 milesBROx els Row r Plan Stansted Airport BOURne d Floo A1(M) 23 miles , HeRTFO RDSHiRe wer Groun 15 miles M11 Lo Towards HERTFORD M25 13 miles 5 miles ellite Sat Navigation: Hertford Postcod Luton Airport East e EN10 7HU J4 A414 HATFIELD Towards N High Road ST HARLOW M11 Stansted Airport J3 HODDESDON ALBANS SizeS 25’ x 15’ 9” A414 J2 St Michaels Row BROXBOURNE Dining Room: x 4.8m ) J7 Kitchen / Broxbourne (7.62m J22 A1(M) A10 Station A414 x 8’ 2” Dining POTTERS 15’ 9” J1 x 2.5m ) Room BAR CHESHUNT M11 Study: (4.8m M25 EPPING J23 J24 J25 J26 BOREHAMWOOD J27 2 1 4 3 ENFIELD J6 6 5 A1 8 7 BARNET M25 Kitchen 10 9 M1 LOUGHTON St Michae J5 ls Row SOUTHGATE A10 J3 CHIGWELL A406 J2 HARROW J4 A1 J1 A503 A12 A41 A12 A406 A406 HORNCHURCH Access Road LONDON A40 Study A13 DAGENHAM Liverpool A13 M4 J1 Street Towards Heathrow Airport Towards Gatwick Airport Reproduc Lightwell ed by perm ©Crown Copyright ission of Geographe Licence 2009. All rs' A-Z Map number 10001730 rights reserved. Co Ltd. Licen 2. ce No. B472 7. 10
  • 11. northampton saints The Northampton Saints Rugby Club commissioned Tap to redesign their official matchday programme as their existing one was only selling one third of the total amount printed. We decided to go for a radical change using a landscape instead of portrait format. This, with the use of great action shots, and the club’s colours, resulted in the new programme being a sell out every time. April 2009 Saturday 4th cester Saints Vs Glou me 1 Season 1 | Volu mm e chd ay Pro gra Off icia l Mat Inside s p32 Squad Profile es ot today’s players profil The latest squad p38 Todays Teams an Hartley p54 Interview: Dyl star age of the futur e The coming of Time p74 A Page in the Saints’ History at A Look back NORTHAMPTON SAINTS HeAd TO HeAd GlOuceSTeR Today’s Teams £3.00 l A S T T H R e e R e S u lT S 1 2 3 1 2 3 Prop Hooker Prop Prop Hooker Prop GlOuceSTeR 33 SAINTS 10 SOANe dyLAN euAN kingsholm 29th November 2008 NICk OLIvIer greg TongA’uIHA HARTLEy MuRRAy wooD AzAM SoMERvILLE SAINTS 5 GlOuceSTeR 7 Franklin’s Gardens 3rd March 2007 4 5 6 4 5 6 Lock Lock flanker Lock Lock flanker GlOuceSTeR 28 SAINTS 7 COurTNey JuANdre NeIL WILL ALex ALASdAIr LAwES kRugER bEST kingsholm 23rd September 2006 jAMES bRown STRokoSCH SAINTS TOP TAckleS GlOuceSTeR TOP TAckleS 7 8 7 8 flanker No. 8 Player A 73 Player A 73 flanker No. 8 SCOTT rOger REPLACEMEnTS Player B 68 Player B 68 ANdy gAreTH REPLACEMEnTS gRAy wILSon HAzELL DELvE (C) Player c 59 Player c 59 16 Brett SHARMAn 16 Scott LAwSon SAINTS TOP MeTRe MAkeRS GlOuceSTeR TOP MeTRe MAkeRS 17 Tom SMITH 17 Carlos nIETo Player A 19 Player A 19 18 I FERnAnDEz LobbE Player B 14 Player B 14 18 marco boRToLAMI Player c 10 Player c 10 9 10 9 10 Scrumhalf flyhalf Scrumhalf flyhalf 19 mark EASTER 19 Akapusi qERA Lee STePHeN SAINTS TOP POINTS ScOReRS GlOuceSTeR TOP POINTS ScOReRS rOry ryAN DICkSon MyLER LAwSon LAMb 20 Alan DICkEnS Player A 44 Player A 44 20 gareth CooPER Player B 42 Player B 42 21 Barry EvERITT Player c 38 Player c 38 21 Carlos SPEnCER 11 12 11 12 Wing Centre Wing Centre 22 Chris MAyoR 22 Olly bARkLEy BruCe JAmeS ReFeRee: ANdReW SMAll CHArLIe ANTHONy REIHAnA (C) DownEy SHARPLES ALLEn TOuCH JudgeS: ANdy WATSON, PAuL emerSON 13 14 15 13 14 15 Centre Wing fullback Centre Wing fullback JOe PAuL BeN mATTHeW IAIN OLLy AnSbRo DIggIn FoDEn wATkInS bALSHAw MoRgAn 15 Enjoy Responsibly dYlAN HARTleY DON’T DO RUGBY BY HALF There was a rare shining light during the Saints’ forgettable 2007, a player who won rave reviews for his eye-catching and uncompromising approach to the game and was marked out as a future international. Dylan Hartley was a season in the Sunday Times, rambunctious teenager when he and the odd post-match press burst on the Premiership scene commitment while on England in 2005. In the three-and-a-half duty, Dylan has been notable in years since he has matured into his absence from the press. Player Interview a young man calmer in outlook It has not been for the want of and thoughtful about his asking on the part of the fourth rugby. He has also made the estate, but the Saints coaches transition from ‘promising have always wanted Dylan’s – prospect’ to being a regular indeed every member of the in an England matchday 22. squad – to let their rugby do the This has largely been talking. That’s not to say that he done away from the glare is short of a word or two or that of the media. There has his deadpan humour doesn’t been plenty of talk by the regularly come to the fore, but commentators but aside from rugby speaks loudest of all and a 2007 interview in Rugby Dylan’s has certainly shouted World and another earlier this from the rooftops. ww PROUD TO SUPPORT NORTHAMPTON SAINTS “ This last year in the Premiership has been really good. I’ve enjoyed it and I think I’ve been playing good rugby, solid rugby, and consistent rugby. “ www.northamptonsaints.co.uk 17 51302 Nothampton Saints Prog Advert.indd 1 20/7/09 12:52:34 11
  • 12. darwin holidays Darwin holidays required a whole range of marketing materials designed, printed and delivered, for their exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. The main part was the 24 page brochure, which needed to be fun and appealing to families. The whole brochure was designed and printed within 2 weeks. Beachside Holiday Park Beachside Holiday Park Out and About Food and Drink beachside Hele Bay, Ilfracombe, Devon EX34 9QZ A holiday in North Devon is full of contrasts – from Adjacent to the park is a café overlooking the stunning bay and within a few hundred holiday park t: 01271 863 006 miles of unspoilt coastline, including stunning yards there are two family orientated and swathes of sandy beaches and secret coves, to the f: 01271 867 296 dog-friendly pubs serving delicious home- lush rolling hills and sparkling river valleys of the e: enquiries@beachsidepark.co.uk cooked food. In nearby Ilfracombe and countryside. In fact, Areas of Outstanding Natural w: www.beachsidepark.co.uk other towns there are a variety of pubs Beauty make up 171 sq km of North Devon, which has been named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and restaurants offering a wide range of cuisine including traditional fish from £170 because of its world-class environments. and chips. Nearby Beaches .uk holidays.co Activities such as kayaking and fishing are permitted week per see website at Hele Beach, while Tunnels Beach at Ilfracombe www.darwin is a glorious sandy Blue Flag beach and boasts a please re details for mo large tidal pool accessed through four hand-carved tunnels in the cliffs. Woolacombe and Saunton Sands are impressive sandy beaches popular with surfers, while Combe Martin is a dog-friendly sand and shingle beach with rock pools. Countryside Very near to Beachside is Exmoor National Park, the countryside of what has become known as Tarka Country since Henry Williamson used it as the setting for his famous novel, Tarka the Otter. It combines rocky coastline, wild heather moorland, streams and river valleys. Among the array of wildlife roaming the Choosing Your Holiday park is the wild red deer and the rare Exmoor pony. Beachside Holiday Park has a range of modern one and two bedroom caravans Towns and Villages for hire, sleeping up to six people. Each holiday home has: The special diversity of the area is reflected in its About Beachside Holiday Park www.beachsidepark.co.uk many unique towns and villages. From sleepy • Superb sea views ily to enjoy! hamlets dotted across the countryside, to traditional • A bathroom suite and separate whole fam market towns and vibrant coastal resorts, North Breathtaking sea views await you at Beachside, We have a range of well-appointed static caravans shower cubicle holidays for the Devon will not disappoint. a tranquil five-star holiday park nestled between the available for hire, which sleep up to six people. • A kitchen equipped with full size g and camping cliffs of the beautiful Hele Bay in North Devon, an Area The facilities at Beachside Holiday Park are low-key Hele Village itself is steeped in history and boasts the cooker, fridge, toaster and microwave Caravannin of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Gaze out over the reflecting the serenity of the area, but there are a Old Corn Mill and Pottery. Five minutes away by car from Beachside Holiday Park is the Victorian town of • Flat screen Freeview colour TV stunning cove and the blue seas beyond from each of variety of amenities within walking distance which our static caravans, which are set on a terraced slope provide everything you need for a fantastic Ilfracombe, which surrounds a picturesque working • DVD players supplied harbour. It has shops, a museum and a theatre, as leading down to the lovely sand and shingle beach. self-catering break. Dogs are welcome at Hele • Mains gas and electricity well as a range of boat excursions on offer, including Beach, which is reached through a private access The emphasis is on relaxation at Beachside Holiday trips to Lundy Island. • An outside area with grass and/or from the park. decking and seating, where you can Park – and with sublime views, stunning surroundings and a peaceful atmosphere, it won’t take long for you Park Facilities Days Out and Activities take in the stunning views and fresh sea air to unwind. But for those looking to do something a • Sea views Aside from the spectacular scenery to enjoy, there little more active, there are a variety of attractions in are a number of other activities in the surrounding • Bed linen, duvets and pillows are the surrounding area, such as the ancient harbour • Reception supplied free of charge in all of the area to keep the whole family entertained. Within town of Ilfracombe, which is just a mile away. Directly • Laundry accommodation and blankets are five minutes of the park, there is an 18-hole golf behind the park is The South West Coastal Park, supplied for the fold-out bed in the • Tourist information course, an indoor swimming pool, a children’s which leads you to a number of beauty spots. living area playground and the haunted Chambercombe Manor. • Car park Other fantastic days out include Watermouth Castle • Channel View and Cliff Top One and Family Theme Park, Combe Martin Dinosaur and caravans have parking right beside Wildlife Park and Exmoor Zoo. the accommodation To book: 01271 863 006 or www.beachsidepark.co.uk 4 5 s, Kids stuff! darwin Holiday Parks Rallie d s an Here at Darwin Holidays we know that if your kids have a good time, you do too. That’s why we have Group ts a range of children’s entertainment on offer at our parks during the school holidays, and dedicated food menus to satisfy young appetites. Even ouse, Most of our parks have children’s playgrounds and some offer extensive facilities for kids and teenagers, rw such as games rooms. And all activities are in a safe Da in and secure environment so that you can sit back way H ph ol in and relax. Broad erset We know how to entertain large groups of children and we offer a variety of party options at Swanage D Som s! Bay View, including the fun-filled Darwin Dolphins swimming party. For more information on what the Pet different parks offer kids, give us a call. Friendly darwin holiday pa rks The Mendip Hills are a playground for adventure The park’s substantial grounds and excellent facilities sports enthusiasts and adrenalin junkies – just some also attract a number of rallies, including Oktoberfest of the sports on offer include potholing, gliding, - the Euro-style Volkswagen weekend rally. A wide sailing and rock climbing. Broadway House is within range of events, including other car rallies, also take www.darwinholidays.co.uk easy reach of the best activities, making it an ideal place in the surrounding area and Broadway House destination for groups to enjoy a unique and action- can accommodate individuals and small or large packed trip. Our onsite sports and activities will also groups attending these occasions, while offering them ensure that any group is entertained when enjoying a relaxing break in beautiful surroundings at the same Seasonal Pitches: Winter Storage: time back at the park. Whether you are a club, school, time. If you have your own touring caravan or motorhome When the season ends you can avoid the society, scout group, brownie pack or a Duke of Our rally facilities cater for most group sizes and but want to escape the hassle of towing it around hassle of removing your caravan from Edinburgh Award scheme looking for an adventure or accommodate touring caravans, campervans or every time you decide to take a holiday or short break, our park and leave it with us to look after nature holiday, this park and surrounding area will not tents. All pitches have electric hook-ups and guests why not opt for one of our seasonal pitches? through the winter months. disappoint. have free use of the modern shower and washroom That way you can leave it at one of our warm and Your caravan will be kept in a safe and BMX lovers are also drawn to Broadway House facilities. welcoming parks for the duration of the season and secure environment, awaiting your return Holiday Park in their droves. In fact, the fantastic Contact the park for more information about group return to it whenever and as often as you like. the following season. competition standard track hosts major events at holidays, attending a BMX competition or rally, or certain times of the year, including both the British Our superb locations across the country also ensure We can even prepare your caravan for the holding an event of your own. Larger group bookings BMX and European Championships. If you are a large that you will discover something new and exciting cold weather and assist in any repairs and qualify for preferential terms. or small group looking for somewhere to stay during every time you visit. maintenance to ensure that it’s just how you one of the up and coming events, thinking about Also contact the park to find out dates of up and left it when you arrive on the first day of the Most seasonal pitches have electric hook-up, water hosting a competition or simply looking to hone your coming events should you wish to visit Broadway new season. and a hard-standing area for parking. A handful of biking skills, Broadway House provides the perfect House during a quieter period. pitches also have grey water drainage and television There are special rates for our long term location. hook-up. customers, so please feel free to give us a call or visit our website for more details and Whichever park you chose, you can be sure of prices. excellent facilities and an enjoyable year of fun-filled To book: 01934 742 610 or www.broadwayhousepark.co.uk holidays with us. 22 23 12
  • 13. Further materials required for the exhibition were pop up banners x 3, a wedding folder, a static sales folder, an events folder, leaflets x 9, and a newsletter. All of the further materials were designed and printed within 3 weeks. darwin holiday parks darwin holiday parks darwin holiday parks Events Buying Your Darwin Holiday Home www.darwinholidays.co.uk www.darwinholidays.co.uk lodges touring & tenting winter storage Holiday Homes caravanning seasonal pitcHes www.darwinholidays.co.uk unlock the door to the good life... with your very own luxury retreat Weddings Family Events M ton an Carl or Park Location Map way H wton rd Woo Mi Broad Ne ouse ll Tilfo ds achsi nyba Sun Be de nk ch rTr wk u ea e rch Ha P e S Special Great for w wana yV e I ge Ba Occasions Large Events Parks included: Swanage Bay View, Swanage Newton Mill Holiday Park, Bath Hawkchurch Park, Axminster Broadway House, Cheddar Pe Pe Pe Frien t Frien t Frien t dly dly dly 13
  • 14. babcock Tap redesigned Babcock’s corporate brochure and printed a wet proof within two weeks. Once design and amends had been completed, the wet proofs were produced at our factory in Northampton and delivered in person to the board meeting in Wigmore Street, W1. Large impactful images were used, together with clear headings and a confident use of white space. The end result was a slick, clean, but interesting piece. This brochure led to Tap designing many other pieces of marketing collateral for Babcock and formed the start of a good long term business relationship. case study: supporting service personnel Creating superior living accommodation for the Forces The main aim of the Single Living Accommodation Modernisation Project (Project SLAM) is to raise the standard of living accommodation for Forces personnel to meet the expectations of today’s young service men and women. This huge programme requires the creation of 32,000 new bed spaces to tight deadlines, often with the added constraints of working ‘within the wire’ at military bases. To deliver the project on time and on budget, Babcock is working with Bovis Lend Lease in a joint venture that combines our asset management skills with their construction management expertise. We have created an innovative ‘modular’ solution that delivers a modern and uniform living space with standardised components. Not only does this reduce risk and uncertainty, it means we can maximise supply chain sourcing, bringing quality and cost improvements over time. From the outset, our core project management team has co-located with the customer forming an integrated project team. This has facilitated the coordination of the delivery of the programme throughout the UK. We have exceeded our delivery targets each year in the first phase of the project and have been appointed to deliver a second, even larger phase. FACt: BABCOCK IS THE lARGEST PRIME CONTRACTOR FOR THE MOD ESTATE. case study: baggage systems Every bag with every passenger, every time Babcock has been working with BAA for over 20 years, giving us an unparalleled understanding of how airports work and how their owners require us to manage projects within them. Their key priority in baggage integration projects, of course, is that every bag connects with every customer, every time. Baggage service targets at Heathrow are set to Babcock delivers outstanding minimise the connection time for passengers across the airport. To deliver this service, Babcock is responsible for the transfer of baggage around all terminals at Heathrow; ort services com pany project management this involves the movement of up to 30,000 bags per day. We must also be able to meet this target without disturbing the operating environment or causing any delay or ineering supp shut-down. This demands an in-depth understanding of airport logistics as well as the the leading eng While every project we undertake is unique, the focus of our management role remains consistent. Our task is flexibility to respond to new challenges fast. to find the most effective and cost-efficient way to deliver the project, so you get a superior end product for less outlay. So whether it’s designing baggage handling systems for Heathrow or helping build 21st century Babcock is BAA’s choice at Heathrow because we can offer over 900 skilled staff accommodation for our Forces personnel, you’ll find Babcock project managers get the work done - and done well. specialising in baggage system design, control systems development and operations and maintenance. Such depth of resource and cross-discipline expertise means we can respond to a wide range of customer needs quickly and efficiently – and helps explain why Babcock has grown to be the largest supplier of baggage services and systems in the UK. FACt: Babcock’s project managers ensure timely BABCOCK EMPlOYS 900 STAFF AT HEATHROW. delivery of totally integrated solutions that maximise baggage handling systems performance. Above: Computer-generated design of standardised modular solution for Forces single living accommodation. 8 Opposite: Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, a 2,400-acre site accommodating 7,500 regular soldiers, 1,900 recruits and 2,000 civilian personnel. 9 case study: supporting british energy Improving nuclear reactor core monitoring The NICIE (New In Core Instrumentation Equipment) project is a prime example of how Babcock proactively uses its engineering expertise to benefit customers. We help maintain British Energy’s fleet of Advanced Gas Reactor nuclear power stations and one of our customer’s key priorities is ensuring the integrity of the graphite moderator that lies at the heart of the reactor core. Traditionally the reactor core, including the moderator, is examined during the statutory outages of the stations, when the reactor has been depressurised and cooled. The problem is that this screening extends the offline period with high cost implications. For each day a plant is out of action, British Energy loses around £650,000 of revenue and fails to generate around 30TWhrs of electricity, enough to power 2% of the nation’s homes. Babcock engineers realised that they could shorten the offline process and save the customer money. So they created NICIE, a piece of equipment that integrates several separate graphite inspection activities and can be used while the core is still cooling down. What started as a small engineering project to improve a key process is now saving British Energy millions of pounds at power plants across the UK and maximising the time these key assets are generating electricity for the nation. “ The timescales that the team worked to were amazing. They sourced proven designs, adapted them and combined them in a unique rig that was then functionally tested in a facility in Whetstone. paul hewtison, fuel route manager at hartlepool. ” case study: supporting the royal navy Assembling the next generation of aircraft carriers Babcock is a proud member of the UK’s Aircraft Carrier Alliance, responsible for assembling the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, the Babcock delivers engineering largest vessels ever operated by the Royal Navy. In addition to producing one of the four major sections that excellence will make up each vessel, we will be assembling the vessels and fitting an array of equipment. While asset management and project management are the primary tasks we perform for our customers, Babcock’s team for this project demonstrates the breadth of engineering excellence underpins everything we do. It is the skills of our engineers that help us create our engineering skills. Over 1,000 Babcock employees will be innovative solutions for the challenges we face: solutions that enable us to cut costs for our customers working on this project, applying their expertise in areas ranging from ship design and modern modular construction to assembly, while improving operational efficiency. This is why Babcock engineers are helping to create the next commissioning and systems testing. generation of aircraft carrier and to improve reactor core monitoring at UK nuclear power stations. Babcock is trusted to undertake work of this scale because of our unrivalled track record in supporting complex warships for the Royal Navy including the three current aircraft carriers. Opposite: JET, the Joint European Torus, is the world’s largest nuclear fusion research facility. Babcock was involved in the initial construction phase and continues to support JET to this day. Top: NICIE - The New In Core Instrumentation Equipment developed for British Energy. 12 Above: Computer Aided Design of future aircraft carrier (CVF). 13 14
  • 15. gearhouse broadcast Tap have been working with Gearhouse Broadcast for the past 5 years and have produced a whole range of marketing collateral over that time. Here are just some examples of the printed design work Tap have completed for them after our recent brand refresh project. Systems Integration An international broadcast solutions company Gearhouse Broadcast specialises in the provision of Project Solutions, Systems Integration, Equipment Sales and Equipment Rental. Established since 1993 the company operates globally with its headquarters in the UK and offices in the USA, Australia, Qatar and India. We offer a vast degree of experience and a proven track record in the delivery of high quality broadcast installations across the world. With many years broadcast installation experience independent with no restrictions or commitments to Gearhouse Broadcast Systems Integration division a particular brand, so our advice on what equipment offers solutions for both new installations and upgrades will work best given your individual situation will be on existing systems. In particular, but not exclusively, impartial and based on our knowledge, product Engineering Expertise our expertise lies in the provision of solutions for capability, cost effectiveness and your work flow. Studios, Outside Broadcast Facilities, Transmission Gearhouse Broadcast has a first class reputation as blend of installation experience and operational know- Our Rental division also gives us the ability to offer a broadcast system integrator, with a wealth of ‘on the how. We have a wealth of experience in operating and Automation, Master Control Rooms, Broadcast cheaper equipment options using nearly-new, ex- job’ experience. We employ some of the best system large, complex projects all around the globe in very Cabling. We have carried out numerous high definition rental stock which is in excellent condition with a six engineers and technical support staff in the industry challenging conditions. The result is a technical installations for studios, outside broadcast facilities and month warranty and at significant savings to that of as we recognize that engineers are the backbone team with a wealth of integration, operational and venues across the globe. We offer the ability to provide buying new. to our business. We only select highly skilled and maintenance experience across the whole broadcast at short notice, temporary broadcast facilities whilst the permanent solution is in progress. As owners and operators of broadcast equipment qualified personnel with solid experience in a system spectrum. With this in-house team of engineers we understand the way television works and real engineering background who ensure they keep working daily on broadcast projects, the company’s The company’s other divisions of Equipment Sales, informed of the latest technology and system design technical expertise is second to none and clients production requirements. Equipment Rental and Project Solutions – temporary developments and principals. We own and operate benefit from support and access to this rich resource. installations for major global sporting events – all Once you have identified a need we will work with our own broadcast equipment which gives us the rare complement our ability to offer our clients incredibly you from consultancy, concept, planning and design, flexible options and an operational awareness, both through to installation, commissioning, training and of which our competitors are hard pushed to match. aftercare support. Whether you are looking for a new Our Sales and Rental divisions give us significant buying power across the broadcast manufacturing installation, or to upgrade your existing system from SD to HD or simply enhance what you have, we can Systems Integration Services market. Unlike many other system integrators, whilst assist you. we work closely with manufacturers, we are completely Consultancy Project Management Our systems integration specialists provide The key to a successful project is down to the consultancy on your entire project, advising on the planning and management. Projects are run by best use of products and new technology to provide our seasoned Project Managers who select their the most appropriate and cost effective solutions team from our pool of highly skilled engineers. to meet your objectives. The team is experienced in Our expertise and broadcast sensibilities allow us to both large scale and complex projects. Our standards create realistic plans, timescales and work schedules are of the highest levels and projects are based on without unnecessarily impacting on existing broadcast the selection of skilled staff, meticulous project and operations. Client involvement is encouraged at all logistics planning and tight budgetary control. stages to ensure that we deliver what you want. Syste Global ms Integra Approa ch | Ind tion ividual Solution www.gearhousebroadcast.com 3 Case Studies A selection of recent projects illustrating Gearhouse Broadcast’s ability to deliver large scale and complex solutions Client: M-Net Project: Design and Build of an HD OB Truck South African Broadcaster M-NET approached Gearhouse Broadcast when they were looking for an outside Gearh broadcast facility. Gearhouse Broadcast was able to offer the systems integration of a custom built, multi-format ouse B truck vehicle. The roadintegrated by Gearhouse Broadcast is a triple expanding high definition outside broadcast Unit 12 cast unit which offers 28 high Idefinition cameras and up to 3 versions of 5.1 Dolby surround sound. The units lateral Imperia t: +44 UNIT (0) 84 l Park ED K , is large, spacious and air conditioned with 3 tiered desks which seat up to 12 production staff. production area Impe 5 820 rial INGD The front desk houses a Way, Wat mixer and OM for 84 monitors. The second desk provides 16 monitors 0000 f: 4ME vision space +44 (0) fo rd He and comprehensive communications., The third desk provides 32 monitors and comprehensive comms and 1293 rtfords 691 49 hir Our logistics team plans large scale equipment and of the Gearhouse broadcast engineering team’s conditionede,Wtemperatures of 45 °C. The third expand provides room monitoring facilities. The Unit is fully air 9 e: to D24 4P uk@g personnel deployments all over the world, week in operational know-how allows us to fully configure, for a second desk in the VTR area to provide spacerhouup to P operators and a co-ordinator. The unit ea for sebroa11 week out, ensuring that the right kit and the right test, fault-find and generally de-snag the system dcas is wired for up to 12 EVS/14VTR. In the vision area there is control for up to 28 Cameras by 7 operators, plus w w w.gan engineering test position. The vision router is 576 x 576 and thet.com router is 256 x 256 AES and analogue. people are in the right place at the right time. prior to the customer hand-over. The rhois se audio ea unit engineered with a large in/out capability making it ideal for major events. Budgets are a key consideration and our experience u broad cast.c allows us to guide you in making the right purchasing Training om Focus ed... o decisions to give you the results you need whilst giving value for money without false economies. As a result Gearhouse Broadcast can also help you with all your we design budgets to be realistic and cost effective training requirements. We provide system training for the n you r suce to the client, with no surprises. systems installed as part of the handover process and can also arrange for various manufacturers courses, available Installation either on-site or at the manufacturers premises, whichever is preferred or most suitable. ss The installation team required for each job is dynamically tailored according to the particular Aftercare Support demands of the project. We have access to a pool We can offer a variety of flexible after-sales and support of personnel with a variety of skills such as engineers, options to ensure your installation stays operating smoothly wiremen and riggers, all of whom have formidable and for years to come. truly global installation experience. This means that the “ right skills are available to the team only for as long as they are required whilst the project manager controls the project and provides the continuity. We offer a vast degree of experience and a proven Commissioning track record in the delivery The final commissioning of any system requires in-depth knowledge of all the various components of high quality broadcast to ensure that the final product fulfils its expectations on both an operational and technical level. The intimate installations across ” knowledge of broadcast equipment held by our personnel coupled with the strength and depth the world www.gearhousebroadcast.com 5 15
  • 16. hmwt Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust approached Tap with a new project called The Stort Valley. They needed a new logo designing, plus leaflets and an exhibition banner. The end result was a lively, vibrant logo, which lent itself well to bright and eye-catching designs for the leaflet and banner. Herts and Veyors Middlesex ite sur o gt ife Sites across surveys on Wildl p. ife Sites Partnershi kin ure? groups half of the Wildl botanical and July. Some r y Voluntee between March loo nat red. More information: sto rt Va l l e T 0172 7 858901 Gilbert at HMW t.org r.gilbert@hmw s friends of pishiobury park p le ater Vo hel s for W Ct! Essex Wildlife Trust Volunteers Wanted! Volunteers for Pishiobury oje Park historic parkland ple pr Harlow GreenTeam Sawbridgeworth Marsh near Sawbridgeworth. When? Every Sunday (some Tuesdays and People’ When? Starting Spring 2010. for Water Voles When? 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month. & Thursdays, March to September). ded ‘Wetlands lations Where? Pishiobury Park. water vole popu time? 10am-3pm. better idea of Valley. time? 9.30am-11.30am Sundays ing in the Stort type of tasks? Tree planting, pruning, fordshire includ r voles Where? Harlow Wildlife Sites. 6pm-7pm Tuesdays & Thursdays. to survey for wate maintenance of benches and fences. e to learn how Site depending on task. Where? Sawbridgeworth Marsh. project: Contact: Fiona Underhill 01462 459395 e-ved’ with the type of tasks? Tree felling, pond clearance, bridge type of tasks? Coppicing and pollarding willows, clearing 7 858901 or northeast.cms@hertscc.gov.uk Hauser at HMWT 0172 building, boardwalks and much more. fen drains and ponds, mowing and clearing g Also see www.hertsdirect.org/cms for er.vole@hmwt.or ip Contact: Glenn Mulleady 01279 430005 of reedbeds, sedgebeds and wet meadows. tnersh other volunteering opportunities, or contact ey par or glenn.mulleady@harlow.gov.uk Contact: Andy Sapsford 01279 725017 or ll East Herts District Council: 01279 655261 ort Va Harlow Conservation Andrew.i.sapsford@gsk.com or operations.admin@eastherts.gov.uk delivering activi ties and projects Volunteers hcv working group y, landscape, Conservation Volunteers Essex Wildlife Trust Volunteers Rivers Nursery Orchard sed on biodiversit ort Valley focus When? Alternate Sundays. ess, recreation and education. time? 10am-4pm. Uttlesford Group Work Party When? 1st Sunday of the month. Forest District rways, Epping When? Tuesdays, Thursdays time? 10.30am—1.30pm. ude British Wate ife Trust, Where? Harlow Nature Reserves. cy, Essex Wildl and some Sundays. Where? Rivers Nursery Orchard, ironment Agen Council, Herts Site depending on task. Harlow District Sawbridgeworth. k Hertfordshire, ty Council time? 9.30am—12.30pm. Hertfordshire Coun type of tasks? All kinds of conservation management sex Wildlife Trust, nal Park Where? Uttlesford Borough. Site depending on task. type of tasks? Pruning, removing suckers, clearing Lee Valley Regio tasks plus public access construction on e Mana gement Service, weeds and grass from bases of trees, a variety of sites. type of tasks? All types of conservation work: Natur al England. ditch clearing and planting. Contact: Andrew Tomlins 01279 434322 meadow mowing, coppicing, now more? Project Officer or hcv@harlowwildlife.org.uk fencing and hedge cutting. Contact: Kate Yarnold 07887 763258 the Stort Valley g People with or rnsog@hotmail.com lley 7 858901 www.harlowwildlife.org.uk Contact: Michael Rowley 01799 550378 The StortT D O OVaY O U R S at HMWT 0172 Amy Wheeler wt.org stort.valley@hm w.stortvalley.org U RS find out more by visiting www.stortvalley.org or phone 01727 858901 MAKE THE O HCA Charity No 239863 With support from 12/09 Company No 816710 16 y The StortOValleR S UTD ORS Y OU MAKE THE O
  • 17. Herts & Middlesex Wildlife Trust also needed Tap to design some Christmas eCards for them. Being a wildlife based organisation, different species were used to create charming images of Christmas scenes. The eCards were sent out using an automated system which showed HMWT who had opened the emails and when. Their first eCard campaign ran in 2008, and was so successful they ran another one in 2009. The positive feedback from their clients was immense. Due to this, the cards helped them raise much needed funds for the charity. 17
  • 18. o21tv O21 TV required a generic advert, promoting all areas of their expertise, which could be re-worked into any size for future publications. everything inside to create your perfect outside broadcast a leading provider of outside broadcast facilities in the UK and Europe info@021tv.com +44 (0) 121 327 2021 www.021tv.com 18
  • 19. astrazeneca Tap Creative was originally formed in 2005 in order to supply design and print services to AstraZeneca. A range of respiratory educational meeting delegate packs were designed and produced which encompassed designing the brand and updating the meeting materials on a quartlerly basis. Batches of delegate packs incorporating the latest biographies and medical notes from guest speakers, were printed and delivered to various locations in the UK at short notice. future FURTHER UNDERSTANDING OF TRENDS IN RESPIRATORY EDUCATION forum F U T U R E O F R E S P I R A T O R Y M E D I C I N E faculty faculty June Roberts – Chairperson Dr Iain Small Jane Scullion Consultant Respiratory Nurse General Practitioner Respiratory Consultant Nurse Dr Vincent McGovern Dr John Haughney Dr Iain Small General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner Dr Vincent McGovern Dr Terry Stuart Dr John Haughney General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner Dr Terry Stuart Dr Kevin Gruffyd-Jones Dr Dave Singh General Practitioner General Practitioner Consultant Physician Ruth McArthur Chris Fehrenbach Lisa Bradshaw Practice Nurse Modern Matron for Chief Nurse & Respiratory Respiratory Services Nurse Specialist the the Dr Lorcan McGarvey Dr Paul Stephenson Dr Nigel Pexton Consultant Physician General Practitioner General Practitioner Jacqui Cooper Heather Matthews Sharon Haggerty Specialist Nurse Practitioner Respiratory Nurse Specialist Assistant Director of Nursing & Clinical Excellence Dr Steve Gaduzo Dr Noel O’Kelly Dr Dermot Ryan General Practitioner General Practitioner General Practitioner Dr Nigel Pexton General Practitioner A C O M M I T MEN T T O M ED IC A L ED UC A T ION B Y A ST R A Z EN EC A UK LT D A C OMMIT ME N T T O ME D IC A L E D U C A T I O N BY A ST RA ZEN EC A U K L T D future forum arena 2007 2007 2007 FURTHER UNDERSTANDING OF TRENDS IN RESPIRATORY EDUCATION F U T U R E O F R E S P I R A T O R Y M E D I C I N E ASTRAZENECA RESPIRATORY EDUCATION FOR THE NHS AND ACADEMIA an invitation an invitation an invitation 2nd – 4th November 12th – 14th October 20th – 22nd April Cranage Hall Hotel Russell The Russell Hotel, London Cheshire London A COMMITMENT TO MEDICAL EDUCATION BY ASTRAZENECA UK LTD A COMMITMENT TO MEDICAL EDUCATION BY ASTRAZENECA UK LTD A COMMITMENT TO MEDICAL EDUCATION BY ASTRAZENECA UK LTD 19
  • 20. dients roche Tap Creative designed and produced a large scale Cystic Fibrosis Adherence website for Roche. The project spanned nearly a year with content being generated for the site on a quarterly basis. This involved going out to Cystic Fibrosis (CF) clinics and filming patients as well as supplying patients their own video cameras so they could produce their own “a day in the life” video diaries. The results were edited and uploaded by Tap in accordance to to the ABPI Code of Practice. The site also featured interactive games to explain to parents and younger patients how CF could be more effectively managed with a better drug adherence programme. Design of www.roche-cf.com website & w Design of www.roche-cf.com website & w Design of www.roche-cf.com website & w Design of www.roche-cf.com website & w www.roche-cf.com and www.pulmozyme.co.uk Interactive Flash online game designs - “Sputumoids” as featured on www.roche-cf.com ww.roche-cf.com website & www.pulmozyme.co.uk 20
  • 21. flynn pharma Tap Creative produce creative pharmaceutical marketing literature for Flynn Pharma on a regular basis incorporating fast turn around digital print and large format artwork such as pop-up banners and exhibition panels. This incorporates various items such as: detail aids, leave pieces, dose cards, photography and variable data printing. Our designers also have prior experience of working with AstraZeneca and Roche and are experienced at working within ABPI Guidelines. Tap Creative will often be drafted in to take over from a larger more expensive agency to see through a campaign once the concepts have been approved at a more cost effective rate. Our healthcare experience will speak volumes, and ensure we’ll look after your brand every step of the way. Every child is different so why use the same extended release methylphenidate (XL-MPH) preparation to treat them all? For children and adolescents with ADHD, a good start leads to a good day Prolonged release hard capsules Prolonged release hard capsules Sleep problems in children and young people – Help get a better night’s sleep By Dr C Yemula, Consultant Community Paediatrician, Bedford Tips for helping your child to get a better night’s sleep ADHD study day 21
  • 22. websites Here are a selection of CMS based websites Tap have designed and built. Our content management system allows our clients to log in and amend existing pages, create new ones, or delete old ones. This allows their website to expand with their business giving them full independent control. www.blason.com www.emp-law.com www.sherrardswood.co.uk 22
  • 23. www.nudegroup.co.uk www.citysync.co.uk it’s good to talk Helping you get the very best from your marketing budget By using Tap Creative you will benefit from a close-knit team that pull together to deliver real results. Our design for print team have a large production and finishing department at their disposal, enabling complex litho and digital printing jobs to be easily deployed. Our web design and development team can deliver full scale CMS systems with e-commerce, SEO and hosting all combined with one point of contact. Tap have been helping brand managers and marketeers deliver their strategic vision in visually compelling ways since 2005. Working with digital and traditional media means we cover every aspect of your campaign. Our team of creative designers are partnered with experts in their field from web design to print production and art direction. We drive brands further and help you get the very best from your marketing budget. Speak to one of our team today about making your campaign shine. Speak to us on: t: 01727 848399 e: analyzethis@tapcreative.co.uk w: www.tapcreative.co.uk 23
  • 24. Thank you for your time with us today now a pink strawberry would be nice wouldn’t it? AvalonPrint Tap Creative Design Agency, 1 Keyfield Terrace, St Albans, Hertfordshire AL1 1QL www.tapcreative.co.uk e: analyzethis@tapcreative.co.uk t: 01727 848 399 f: 01727 858 057