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A presentation on the "missing" skills that sales people often neglect in trying to convert prospects into buyers.

A presentation on the "missing" skills that sales people often neglect in trying to convert prospects into buyers.

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  • 1. Sales Enablement PresentationIdentifying the Eagle Within Each Of Us Through A Familiar Approach David Zahn ZAHN Consulting, LLC
  • 2. Agenda• Why We Are Here• What Needs To Be Done• How To Do It• ZAHN Consulting, LLC
  • 3. What Happened?WHY WE ARE HERE
  • 4. Pause For Cause• 80/20 83/17• Yet, we have: – Better training – Improved tools and resources – Focus on compensation and incentives – But we are getting worse!• Why? What prevents the company from having even better success?• How do you reinforce those efforts?• How do you “institutionalize” successes?
  • 5. “Classic” Organizational Hurdles Pragmatic Concerns No time nor budget to develop skills – need people to be productive! Training viewed as “X” day(s) program (and done). Skills are not reinforced “on the job” (and thus are extinguished). Management does not embrace/coach/ monitor/enforce/ counsel based on trained concepts. Performance rarely changes dramatically. Varying levels of competence (and selection of trainees and training initiatives frequently fails to account for differences). Needs are “assumed,” not known.
  • 6. “Classic” Organizational Hurdles (Continued) Pragmatic Concerns Increased pressure to reduce time away from field. Unsure of how to justify training expense (but want to ensure “value-received”). Shifting responsibilities (cross- functional/business management/ financial/etc.). Greater embedded base of technology users (laptops, software applications, etc.) and ever increasing complexity of applications.
  • 7. But Here Is The Biggest Issue• We are focused on the WRONG things – but do them better and better!
  • 8. Not Always Sane In The BrainReptilian Brain – Fight or FlightLimbic System – EmotionsNeoCortex – Thoughts and logicThalamus – Gateway to other parts of brainAmygdala – Regulates emotions and memories
  • 9. So What Do We Do?• We train our sales force to: – Penetrate accounts – Uncover Pain/Opportunities – Use more facts and logic• We believe we should: – Know more than our customers – Demonstrate strength and cover-up weakness – Control the sales call – Follow a scripted process
  • 10. Reap What We Sow• Who would react well to being probed?• How would you respond if about to be interrogated?• When someone offers “factual” or “logical proof”, wouldn’t we look to challenge or refute?• Don’t you wonder how anyone can really be that smart?
  • 11. Do different things to get different resultsWHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE
  • 12. Back To The Future• What is a key role of the Sales Person – manage relationships! – Do we interrogate people we want to form relationships with? – Do we refuse to show our “humanness” to them? – Do we act as if we know it all?• A story as old as time…
  • 13. Have We Forgotten…• The importance of Trust – Caring – Communication – Competence – Character – Commitment – Clarity• Removing barriers• ES = RS * CS
  • 14. Stop, Continue and Start• Filling out templates • Understanding my • Speak WITH me, not• Focusing on seller business TO me needs • Helping buyer solve • Listening to me• Leading with issues • Share seller mistakes data/facts/science/ • Appreciating how • Tell me the story features/ decisions are reached (Harvard uses• Being overly logical • Following the sales business cases to cycle (but differently) teach concepts)
  • 15. The importance of connectionHOW TO DO IT
  • 16. The Steps
  • 17. Power of Story• Once upon a time…• Caveman drawings• Music• Art• Novels• Movies
  • 18. Steps of the Story• The Goal• The Setting• The Conflict• The Crossroad• The Outcome
  • 19. Vulnerability• How do you react when someone is smug, a know-it-all, and seems too perfect?• How do you react when someone is imperfect, hurt, or shows “fallibilities?”
  • 20. Aligning Buy Cycle with Selling Activities Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Needs Details ConsequenceLevel of Buyer Interest Needs Cost Solution Risk Time
  • 21. Alignment Between CyclesBuy Cycle Sell Cycle• Curious • Story on Curious• Needs • Story on Need Development• Idea Generation • Story on Brainstorming• Solution • Story on Solution Creation• Value • Story on ROI or Evaluation• Implement • Story on Execution• Decision • Story on Determination• Integration • Story on Actions
  • 22. Discussion
  • 23. ZAHN Consulting, LLC Management Process Analysis 2. Skill Analysis 3. l - Interviews 1. Strategic Direction - Internal Surveys lIdentify Corporate lIdentify Needs Curriculum Design Objectives l Prioritize Needs lTraining Approach l Multi-level lSales Strategy l Multi-year8. Evaluation 4. Product Design lBehavioral l Objective Impact l Program Format l Identify Next l Concepts Steps 7. Follow-Up & Reinforcement 5. Product Development lManagement Tools Content Development l lJob Aids Content Review l lVerify Usage Pilot l 6. Product Implementation Product Scheduling l Product Execution l
  • 24. Who is ZAHN Consulting, LLC • David Zahn – Instructional Designer – 20 years corporate and consulting experience (Symbol Technologies, IRI/Neo, Inc., and now ZAHN Consulting, LLC.) – Published author of two books (“How To Succeed As An Independent Consultant” and “The Quintessential Guide To Using Consultants”), weekly columnist for Connecticut Post and frequent contributor to trade publications and e-zines (T&D, Grocery Headquarters, Brandweek, Airline Revenue News, Kenosia Report, IRI Publications,,,,, and many others – Interviewed on many business radio shows addressing CPG issues, Consulting Skills, and Entrepreneurship – Co-moderator of Category Management Share Group – Adjunct faculty member at University of New Haven • ZAHN Consulting, LLC Consultants – ZAHN Consulting, LLC maintains relationships with specialists in Brand Marketing, Retailing, Information Systems, Sales, Operations and other functional areas. – Consultants have a combined 110 years of industry experience across multiple channels, manufacturers, categories and initiatives.
  • 25. Consulting Experience• ZAHN Consulting, LLC has experience in meeting the following needs for clients: – Employee Development/Training – Workshop360SM • Needs Assessment • Sales Skills • Analytic Skills • Financial Skills • Management Skills • Software Application Skills – Strategic Planning • Shopper Marketing • Business Planning • Brand/Product Management Plans – Research • Surveys • “Best in Class” Differentiators – International and Domestic Assignments for multi-national companies. ZAHN Consulting, LLC helps companies maximize their results by extending beyond employee knowledge to improved performance.
  • 26. We have collaborated with many of the “tool” providers driving innovation within the industry to complement our expertise • Primary source for client training (Data Detective, Category Management, and other programs) • Frequently asked to contribute to strategy sessions for new product training, curriculum development, and training delivery options. • Combines ZAHN Consulting, LLC’s extensive category management training expertise with Interactive Edge’s decision support tools to enable Retailers/Mfrs. to identify opportunities through analysis of price, promotion, assortment, demographic, clusters, shopper segments, and store specific data variables. • As many clients have begun to use data to drive more deeply into the purchase habits of shoppers, our projects have often included the use of and interpretation of Catalina Marketing data. • David Zahn is the developer and facilitator for conducting all Apollo Designer Workstation optimization workshops as part of Aldata Apollo curriculum • Currently working on a webinar series with Cosmic Solutions to address the needs of analysts, sales people, brand managers, and others with a need to quickly assess performance and develop action-oriented insights to build business.
  • 27. Our client experience includes nationaland multinational CPG manufacturers
  • 28. Recent Issues We Have Helped Resolve• Salespeople miss the “needs” of the buyer/others within the retailer• Presentations are too diffuse/not focused; don’t provide ideas to differentiate against competition• Lack of awareness of Retailer’s metrics or objectives• No acknowledgement of RETAILER’s competition, just other brands• Salespeople are “parroting” what HQ Marketing or others provided – but do not understand their own presentation• Very tactical – no unifying strategy• What about the SHOPPER!
  • 29. Creating the Vision• Recognizing WHO is to do the task• Identifying the WHAT people are to do• Designing the HOW they are to do it• Determining the WHEN they are to do it• Explaining the WHY it needs to be done
  • 30. For Additional Information• ZAHN Consulting, LLC can be reached at 203.269.9290 or at to discuss your training or other consulting needs