Careers in Sacramento Real Estate


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Before you proceed to entering the real estate world, first things first, you have to ask yourself this question: Is Real Estate for you?

It is no secret that there are more than five million people in the United States that are being employed as part time and or full time at real estate fields such as insurance broker, construction personnel, mortgage banking, property and finance management, real estate agents, realtors, real estate appraisals, brokerage and leasing, and real estate development. 

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Careers in Sacramento Real Estate

  1. 1. Careers in Sacramento Real Estate©
  2. 2. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateBefore you proceed to entering the real estate world, firstthings first, you have to ask yourself this question: Is RealEstate for you?It is no secret that there are more than five million people inthe United States that are being employed as part time and orfull time at real estate fields such as insurancebroker, construction personnel, mortgage banking, propertyand finance management, real estate agents, realtors, realestate appraisals, brokerage and leasing, and real estatedevelopment. ©
  3. 3. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateApart from the abovementioned, many were also engaged incorporate real estate and in real estate lending in commercialbanks, savings and loans, and insurance companies where theirjobs are not included in the real estate sector.Even in the other parts of the globe, real estate industry ismaking waves as a destination for professionals seeking amuch greener pasture. ©
  4. 4. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateJust an idea, Real estate is collateral for mortgages and a largeamount of financial assets.The whole Real estate industry is very important in developinga particular state’s economic stability.The industry is responsible in creating our society in a verydirect way and practitioners in this field participates indecision making that will shape the way we live for centuries. ©
  5. 5. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateWorking in real estate industry is very challenging butsomewhat rewarding.Perks and bonuses are just part of the equation though, themost rewarding part of being in this industry is when you wereable to help your client with their transaction needs.Take some time and consider your potential in the field of realestate. ©
  6. 6. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateSkills and Requirements:The person who wants to be part of the real estate industrymust have good communication skills, excellent analytical andcreative ability specially in dealing with clients and other andother person needed in the transaction.He or she must also have very high selling skills to be able tobecome successful in this type of business. ©
  7. 7. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateJobs in the Real Estate:Residential Real Estate Agent/BrokerReal estate agents and brokers are usually independent salesprofessionals who contract their services to real estate brokersin exchanges for a commission-sharing agreement (normallysix percent). They help their client’s find or sell their mosttreasured property. ©
  8. 8. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateReal Estate AppraisersFrom the root word, appraise. Real estate appraisers provideunbiased estimates of a propertys value and quality.Appraisers usually work for banks or for appraiser firms andwill normally value properties by finding comparable sales inan area or by estimating the discounted value of cash flowsexpected from a property. ©
  9. 9. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateProperty ManagersLeading real estate owners require professional propertymanagers. Managers are responsible for negotiatingleases, ensuring that tenants are satisfied, that rent is paid andthat rents reflect market conditions.The career of property manager requires good interpersonaland analytical skills and a fair amount of negotiating prowess. ©
  10. 10. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateThis job is personally rewarding and allows you to really learnthe real estate markets should you wish to embark in businesson your own.To get to know more about this job title, call your localDepartment of Real Estate (DRE) and ask them for furtherdetails about the job. ©
  11. 11. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateDeveloper / ContractorDo you have the necessary amount and are you willing to takerisks to develop new properties?Then a career in real estate development may be for you. ©
  12. 12. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateAccording to a developer in Sacramento, “You can enter thisbusiness working for another developer, moving up toconstruction manager, or you can strike out on yourown, starting with some smaller transactions.Look for possible lots to start developing condominiums orsubdivision and start earning through it by selling each unit topossible buyer. ©
  13. 13. Careers in Sacramento Real EstateLooking for Sacramento Real Estate jobs?Then ask us by checking our site at !We can help you in finding the right Sacramento Real Estatejob for you! Visit us now! ©
  14. 14. Careers in Sacramento Real Estate Brought To You By ©