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Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California and the county seat of Sacramento County. It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in the northern portion of California's expansive Central Valley.

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About Sacramento Real Estate

  1. 1. About Sacramento Real Estate©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  2. 2. About Sacramento Real EstateSacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state ofCalifornia and the county seat of Sacramento County.It is located at the confluence of the Sacramento Riverand the American River in the northern portion ofCalifornias expansive Central Valley. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  3. 3. About Sacramento Real EstateThe total population of the entire region was estimated at486,488 during the 2010 national census, and it is thesixth-largest city in the state of California.Sacramento is the core cultural and economic center ofthe Sacramento metropolitan area which includes sevencounties; with an estimated population of 2,527,123. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  4. 4. About Sacramento Real EstateIts metropolitan area is the fourth largest in Californiaafter the Greater Los Angeles Area, San Francisco BayArea, and the San Diego metropolitan area as well as the22nd largest in the United States.A city attaining global status, Sacramento was cited byTime magazine as Americas most ethnically and raciallyintegrated city in 2002. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  5. 5. About Sacramento Real EstateSacramento became a city through the efforts of the Swissimmigrant John Sutter, Sr., his son John Sutter, Jr., andJames W.Marshall. Sacramento grew quickly thanks to theprotection of Sutters Fort, which was established bySutter in 1839. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  6. 6. About Sacramento Real EstateDuring the California Gold Rush, Sacramento was a majordistribution point, a commercial and agriculturalcenter, and a terminus for wagontrains, stagecoaches, riverboats, the telegraph, the PonyExpress, and the First Transcontinental Railroad.Sacramento was the first incorporated city inCalifornia, in 1850, its growth spurred by the discovery ofgold at nearby Sutter’s Mill. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  7. 7. About Sacramento Real EstateIt is home to approximately 408,000 residents, of manyethnicities. In fact, the whole region is now fast becomingas a hub for immigrants seeking for greener pasture.Sacramento is a fast-growing city with many sparklingnew neighborhoods, as well as older homes and a historicdowntown, with much of the city oriented towards itsrivers, the American and the Sacramento. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  8. 8. About Sacramento Real EstateIt boasts numerous institutions of higher learning and isthe seat of California’s government, as well as a deepwaterport (through a 43-mile channel to Suisun Bay) and thecommercial center for the agricultural Valley.Computer, electronics and aerospace industries are alsowell-represented. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  9. 9. About Sacramento Real EstateSacramento is one of the fastest growing communities inCalifornia nowadays.Families are choosing Sacramento as the place to maketheir home because of superior schools, excellent businessopportunities, and phenomenal surroundings. It is nowonder that todays residents are staking their claim ofSacramento real estate. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  10. 10. About Sacramento Real EstateSince it was founded at the confluence of the Sacramentoand American river because of the 1849 GoldRush, Sacramento today presents terrific opportunities forthe home owner.Sacramentos economy ranks 79 out of 172 if it were anation. High-tech output of the region places Sacramentoat 21st out of 100 other metro areas. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  11. 11. About Sacramento Real EstateUse our "MLS Listings by Email" feature below to keepcurrent on the Sacramentos Real Estate market.Over 14,078 single family homes, and even morecondos, land and investment property inSacramento, Downtown Sacramento, EastSacramento, ElkGrove, Laguna, Pocket/Greenhaven, Landpark, andNatomas are available here. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  12. 12. About Sacramento Real EstateGreater Sacramento Real Estate MLS Listings. Please feelfree to access the entire Sacramento Multiple Listings ofhomes. Find all about the homes for sale in todays realestate market.Newsweek magazine named Sacramento one of the tenbest cities in the United States. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  13. 13. About Sacramento Real Estate400,000 in the city and nearly 1.7 million residents chooseto make Sacramento home because of more than 120 cityparks, 1000 miles of waterways, nearby Folsom Lake andLake Natoma, the Sacramento Kings, SacramentoMonarchs, Sacramento River Cats (Triple-A baseball). ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  14. 14. About Sacramento Real EstateAnd the following attractions are only a short jaunt, LakeTahoe, ski resorts, the Mother Lode and Napa Valley.Sacramento was Californias first charter city and thisgreat city has a deep rich historical past and a prosperousfuture. ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  15. 15. About Sacramento Real EstateLooking for Sacramento Real Estate homes?Then visit us at www.DavidYaffeeTv.com!We offer great quality Sacramento Real Estate homes!Visit us now! ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com
  16. 16. About Sacramento Real Estate Brought To You By ©www.DavidYaffeeTV.com