Kangaroo club third quarterly report


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Have a look at the great work our club and members contribute to. A very worthy project and one I hope we continue to support.

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Kangaroo club third quarterly report

  1. 1. Quarterly Sponsor ReportUpdate for: 3rd Quarterly, 2012Grant Title: Kangaroo Club, Individual Sponsors in SCATo: Sustainable Cambodia AustraliaGrant Manager: Yamchenda KhvanRC Pursat President: Sophalla Orn, phalla@rotarypursat.comThis is a Three-Monthly detailed update on Kangaroo Club activities. Included are  Club activities with photos  Teachers and students photos  Individual Kangaroo photos  Attendance of each student at SLMS and Government School  Computer courses  Sponsor activities and correspondence.  Reports on any outstanding students. i.e. Kangaroos taking leaving examinations (university entrance in 2012)  If there are any questions concerning the Kangaroo Club, please dont hesitate to contact SC’s offices in Pursat.Achievements / Outcomes  Kangaroo meeting:
  2. 2. On September 5th, the Kangaroo club had a meeting. They talked about the Kangarooclubs plans for a new club president, about learning to sing the songs as a group, how todo a role play as group, about planning to clean the school campus, and they talked aboutthe Kangaroo uniforms and kangaroo letters. Kangaroo students had many ideas inresponding to the new president and they asked the new Kangaroo president to pick therole plays and a group song as well as many other activities for kangaroo club. They werehappy to join and help their group from time to time. They wanted to have a lot ofactivities to show all visitors who come to visit the school.  School campus:During the school days, they also picked up trash in order to protect their environment,promote clean and fresh air, and to make the school beautiful. Moreover they makestudents on the club members to understand the disadvantages of the trash in their home.They have also encouraged the students to put the trash into the trash bin to protect them-selves from illness. The club also created the rotated schedule that all of the clubmembers to spend time to help their classes and school campus in Lasky School to beclean.  Kangaroo students Learning:All of the club members have been veryactively in their public school and LaskySchool. The teachers have provided themthe daily exercises and class activities forall of the students included the Kangarooclub members to practice at home and domore study research in the library. Withhaving the club responsible teacher, all ofthe club members have attended theirpublic school and Lasky School regularlyand they always review the lessons whenthey stay at home after they help theirparents work.
  3. 3.  Kangaroo Students Activities:In July- September 2012, Kangaroo studentsplayed basketball with their friends andcreated a special time. They were happy andshowed their competitive spirit with theirfriends by playing basketball. Not onlystudying in the class, they also enjoy readingin the library, playing, and having fun withtheir friends in Lasky School.  Computer Class:4 Kangaroo students just finished their final examinations in the computer basis on Wordand Excel for 6 months. The four Kangaroo students have continued their studying in thecomputer lab for improving their typing. They were trying to study and also have goodenjoyment about their studies in the Lasky School classes.
  4. 4.  Communication with Kangaroo Club sponsors:The Kangaroo students communicated with their sponsors by writing letters. In thisacademic year, The two Kangaroo students have graduated their high school andplanning to go to their university after the final state examination. Two of them havebeen orientated about the scholarship policy and scholarship agreement. All of them haveapplied to our scholarship. Based on their plan, they will apply to study at BattambangUniversity in Battambang province and Angkor Khemera University in Pursat province.They do not decide to apply for the specific faculty yet because they are waiting toreceive the government scholarship that they have applied. Moreover the students havecorresponded 65 responded letters in total for their sponsors from July to September2012.  Kangaroo student’s handmade activityOn the 13th of September 2012, the Kangaroo club president joined in making paperplanes with 33 Kangaroo students. They quickly understood how to fold the paper tomake the paper planes and they also kept their handmade planes to show any visitors whocome to visit Lasky School occasionally. The Kangaroo students were happy to make theairplanes and they hope they can do other activities as well.
  5. 5. Finally for all of those activities, our teachers have worked hard to help the students andshare all the experiences of the way to successful in studying and lead them go to theirgoal.Hosted by: The Rotary Club of Pursat, established in 2005, has 25 members including School Directors, NGO Coordinators, managers, teachers, healthcare professionals, students and business people. The Rotary Club of Pursat works to assist families and children in Pursat Province, emphasizing self-sustaining community development, healthy water and sanitation, good food, health care and education for the residents. Officially Chartered 24 February 2006. Club ID: 72097. District 3350 www.rotarypursat.comIn cooperation with: Sustainable Cambodia/Sustainable Cambodia Australia is a Rotary-supported nonprofit organization working to help the residents of Cambodian villages create a sustainable quality of life. The organization emphasizes empowerment, helping village families build wells, irrigation systems and schools, and training them in agriculture and vocation, empowering and enabling them to create positive and measurable change in their villages. Sustainable Cambodia is registered in Cambodia as an NGO and in the USA as a charitable organization. www.SustainableCambodia.org.