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Presentation for law firm
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Presentation for law firm


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • Content dissemination and engagement
  • certain elements will be more effective with the active engagement of PKC attorneys.
  • Transcript

    • 1. PresentsA Social Media Marketing Framework For
    • 2. Why Social Media? It’s where your markets are conversing  Establish yourself as a trusted participant in these conversations. Search engine rankings  Social media profiles not only add high quality pages to your search engine results page, social media links are a primary factor in search engine rankings.
    • 3. Why Social Media?
    • 4. Our Program Outline for PKC Compliance: Creation of Social Media Policy and Training Against the Policy; Development of Strategic Marketing Framework; Social Media Training & Consulting.
    • 5. ComplianceCreation of Social MediaPolicy, Training, and Archiving
    • 6. Compliance Guidelines toConsider No improper soliciting and anything that could be considered advertising must have disclaimer; No false or misleading information; No confidential information; Don’t create attorney/client relationship; No ex-parte communications; No improper contact with parties:  opposing parties or attorneys in cases;  Judges!  Jury members! Don’t discuss cases online!
    • 7. Compliance Disclaimers -
    • 8. Compliance: ABA Model Rules 1.6 – Confidentiality; 4.2 - Communication With Person Represented by Counsel; 7.1 - Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services; 7.2 - Advertising (don’t pay for LinkedIn recommendations!); 7.3 - Direct Contact With Prospective Clients (soliciting); 8.3 - Reporting Professional Misconduct (you can be reported for social media violations); 8.4 – Misconduct.
    • 9. Compliance: You Need a WrittenPolicy! We will work with you to create a written policy; We will help train participating employees against the policy; All participating employees will sign off on the policy; We can provide a turnkey archiving solution.
    • 10. Social Media MarketingStrategies
    • 11. Social Media Strategies Relay Station will develop a strategic framework for PKC; We can execute comprehensive content dissemination; Law is a highly specialized field –  Many social tactics will be more effective with active participation of PKC attorneys;  Who’s going to Tweet?
    • 12. Social Media Strategy Objective: Attain new clients and increase business with existing clients
    • 13. Social Media Goals: Generate leads; Network and relationship building; Showcase your expertise and experience; Engage with relevant communities: legal, business, government, and consumer; Gather Intelligence:  information to support your work;  competitive/market intelligence; Get and promote speaking engagements and media; Search Engine Rankings and branding; Increase traffic.
    • 14. Social Media Strategies: GatheringIntelligence - Listening! Monitor the web for discussions relevant to PKC practice areas:  Blogs;  LinkedIn;  Twitter;  Legal social media sites;  Facebook and Google + (to a lesser extent). *** PKC participation point: To what extent can PKC help select content sources, filter content, and review weekly?
    • 15. Social Media Strategies:Blogging The essential cornerstone of your social media and content strategy, you social media hub! Build a blog into your website; 2 - 4 blog posts/week on topics relevant to PKC practice areas;; Post all articles and publications to your blog; Syndicate all blog posts across the social web. *** PKC participation point: To what extent can PKC produce blog posts? (We can provide estimates for ghost writers).
    • 16. Social Media Strategies: BlogCommenting Comment on 2 – 4 outside blog posts per week; We will provide guidance as to posting opportunities.*** PKC participation point: To what extent can PKC post comments on blogs?
    • 17. Social Media Strategies:LinkedIn The most important network for law firm marketing, consider these 2010 stats:  78% of lawyers have joined a social network;  71% of in-house counsel use LinkedIn;  2.25 million lawyers have LinkedIn profiles!
    • 18. LinkedIn Objectives In-person meetings! Skype and phone calls!
    • 19. LinkedIn Strategies Build optimized profiles for several PKC attorneys and get connections; Get Recommendations:  Consider and choose what you want to be recommended for;  Decide who to ask;  Tell them what to say;  Use keywords and bullet points. Content:  Post all blog posts, events, seminars and publications across all LinkedIn profiles.
    • 20. LinkedIn Strategies Groups:  Research relevant groups;  Join local groups with meetings!!!  Start discussions!  Ask questions! Target and contact:  Use advanced search: i.e. “council” at “commercial real estate” or “specific targeted company”;  Click on their profile, join their groups, add as connection!  Use LinkedIn apps, add blog posts to your profile;  Join American Corporate Council Group, and local chapters....
    • 21. LinkedIn Strategies Add all events, speaking engagements, webinars, etc.; Use LinkedIn Answers:  You can use questions to message all your connections;  It’s good to answer questions!
    • 22. LinkedIn StrategiesWe will: Optimize existing profiles; Create new optimized profiles; Provide regular strategic guidance.PKC participation point: To what extent can PKC engage in LinkedIn conversations and networking on a weekly basis?
    • 23. Social Media Strategies: Twitter Why Twitter? Engage with existing and potential clients; Disseminate content, create links – reporters monitor Twitter, ask Jason! Build communities; Real time research: Monitor what people are saying about your firm and your practice areas; 200 million tweets/day! More than one million Twitter Apps! Twitter as a customer service tool (DMs).
    • 24. Twitter Strategies A Twitter strategy to gather intelligence, drive traffic, and generate leads:  Search Twitter and monitor keyword streams related to your marketing targets;  Develop lists of relevant influencers;  Answer questions;  Ask questions;  Retweet;  Comment;  Tweet PKC content!
    • 25. Twitter StrategiesPKC participation point: To what extent can PKC engage in Twitter strategies, ask and answer questions, and tweet interesting information?
    • 26. Social Media Strategies:Facebook The largest social network, near 700 million users! Generate brand awareness and loyalty; Reinforce customer loyalty and leadership position in your practice areas; Facebook likes and recommendations are better than advertising; Requires diligence, many pitfalls for lawyers…. Be careful friending judges….
    • 27. Facebook Strategies Build up PKC Facebook page;  Get likes (especially from clients and your professional networks);  Post comments, blog posts, and other useful information;  Get recommendations from clients;  Post comments from the Facebook page; Post content to PKC attorney profile pages.
    • 28. Social Media MarketingTraining and Consulting
    • 29. Social Media Training &ConsultingWe will provide social media training and ongoing consulting that will enable PKC to execute the social media strategies presented: LinkedIn - Optimizing profiles, getting recommendations, engaging targets, using Groups and Answers; Twitter - Searching and monitoring Twitter, building and using lists, optimizing your Tweets for maximum impact; Facebook – Building an engaging Facebook presence, attracting likes, generating content to Facebook, engaging with communities. Blogger outreach - Developing blog lists, and comment posting strategies; Content strategies - Developing engaging and effective content for use in social media; Regular consulting sessions - to answer questions and suggest tactics.
    • 30. Reporting and Analytics Monthly Activity Reports; Google Analytics; SEO and Social Media Reporting with Raven Tools.