Seattle Aquarium Strategies


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Seattle Aquarium Strategies

  1. 1. Seattle AquariumWeb and Social Media Strategy Proposal by David Todd May 23, 2011 206-734-5151
  2. 2. Competitive Landscape Facebook Twitter Youtube FlickrSeattleAquarium 3,198 check-ins 2,625 Followers 5,815 Channel Views 7,081 Likes 646 Following 105,887 Total ViewsSheddAquarium 5,402 Check-ins 7,564 Followers 28,961 Channel Views 2,841 Photos 60,293 Likes 3,928 Following 641,539 Total Views 545 MembersNationalAquarium InBaltimore 5,825 Check-ins 8,181Followers 9,390 Channel Views 4,384 photos 24,231 Likes 3,038 Following 233,722 Total Views 775 membersMonterey BayAquarium 53 Check-ins 9,974 Followers 69,670 Channel Views 110,354 Likes 417 Following 1,549,007 Total Views Metrics as of 5/15/11
  3. 3. User-Generated Media SourcesEmployee Generated Media Increase staff, volunteer and guest engagement with our electronic media Staff - Give them ownership/recognition ie:  Joels humbolt squid tales  Stevens seahorse quiz  Tracis otter factsVolunteer Generated Media Aquarium Volunteers - An army Beach Naturalists - 200 this season Divers:100+ passionate volunteer divers. Encourage them them to contribute their Puget Sound photos/Videos to Aquarium media projectsVisitor Generated Media Web Photo Galleries Web Video Contests/Challenges
  4. 4. Additional Media OfferingsLive Web Cams:Live Streaming Animal cams have become a popular meme Ottercam – cute baby otters! Cuttlecam Sealcam BirdcamVendor/Partner USTREAM or JUSTIN TV channel for cost effectivness and to leverage/engage their userbase htttp://www.justintv.comMobile Phone Application Partner with Project Noah (Location aware citizen science animal spotting/mapping) If succesful, consider development of custom mobile app.
  5. 5. Direct Community EngagementContinue engagement after and between Aquarium visits  Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, FoursquareMix experiential learning with online engagement  Photo scavenger hunts with photo galleries/videos posted to Aquarium web propertiesEncourage user generated media projects  Simple animation/video projects that explore marine phenomena and behaviors. Example:
  6. 6. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Editorial ProcessesPublishing Partner Calendar  Scheduled Partner posts/submissionsEditorial Calendar  Schedule Weekly Features  Opportunistic Features/PostsUse Social Media Publishing/Stats Platform  ex. hootsuite,tweetdeck,sproutsocialMonthly Stats/ Campaign Performance Evals  SWOT/Metrics
  7. 7. Online Media OutletsContinually Feed Media Outlets News:  MSN/YAHOO  Treehugger,  Coolgreenscience  huffingtonpostgreen,  national geographic etc Eclectic + Influencer sites:  boingboing submitterator  CUTE OVERLOAD  I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER
  8. 8. Celebrity SpokesfriendsEnlist Local/National Celebrities with Social Media ProfilesExamples: Pearl Jam Seattle natives, rock stars, ocean advocates and new fathers Pearl Jam Oceans Collaboration with Conservation International @ pearljam twitter followers 870,000 twitter 3,848,903 likes Dave Mathews Presidents of the United States/Caspar Babypants
  9. 9. Editorial ThemesSeasonally based offerings/postings  Highlight the cycles of the Sound/Aquarium  Spring algae/zooplankton blooms  Harbor Seal Pupping Seasons  Hooded Nudibranch Hatchings  Salmon, Salmon, Salmon!Behaviour and life-cycle based offerings  Protective strategies  Armor, camouflage and stingers  Reproduction strategies  Predator/prey interactions  Who eats who and how?
  10. 10. Marketing Campaign PitchEstablish the Salish Sea/Puget Sea as an exoticdestination and our local marine creatures as exciting andfilled with personality and character“Why fly off to fiji when we have”:The worlds Largest Barnacle!The worlds Tallest Anemone!The worlds Cutest Fish (Grunt Sculpin)The Largest and the Smallest CephalopodsGenuine Space Aliens (Wolf Eels)...Right Here!Possible Sideshow theme