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Turnitin Workshop

  2. 2. Academic Support Workshops• To promote more effectively the Library’s electronic resources and databases to the academic community at Bilkent …• And, to provide a forum for discussing pedagogical and research issues relating to these databases.
  3. 3. AGENDAWhat is Plagiarism?W hat does T urnitin do?H to Use T ow urnitin?Benefits of TurnitinW hat does iT henticate do?H to use iT ow henticate?Benefits of iThenticate
  4. 4. Plagiarism isnot a simple,“black andwhite” issue. Identify and treat the causes of the disease as well as diagnose and cure its symptoms.
  5. 5. To use another person’s or persons’ sourcewords, ideas, invention, etc., objectwithout appropriate reference, acknowledgementand claim it as your own work. intention
  6. 6. How Do Students Plagiarize?• Copy verbatim from a • Purchase an essay from printed source(s) another student• Copy and paste from online source(s) • Purchase a paper from• Paraphrasing: an online “essay mill” – Re-order words without  Pre-written reference  Custom-written – Paraphrase badly• Idea plagiarism • Copy a friend’s essay• Translated plagiarism
  7. 7. Why Do Students Plagiarize?• Time Management: • Lack of Enthusiasm: – Workload and deadlines.  for the course/subject• Grade Pressure: matter  for the instructor. – Parental expectations. • Personal Attitude:• Ease/laziness:  “Everyone does it…” – Internet  Plagiarism not see as – No significant deterrent. unreasonable• Insufficient Knowledge: behaviour. – of what plagiarism is … – of how to paraphrase … – of proper referencing.
  8. 8. Who: Which Students Plagiarize?
  9. 9. Is There a Plagiarist Profile?• Gender? • Linguistic ability?• Age and maturity? • Educational• Academic year? background?• Academic department • Extra-curricular• Academic ability activities?
  10. 10. Results from Bilkent Survey1. Which of the following would you describe as plagiarism?
  11. 11. Results from Bilkent Survey2. Have your students ever plagiarized? / In your opinion,have you ever knowingly plagiarized at Bilkent?
  12. 12. Results from Bilkent Survey3. If you have experienced plagiarism, how often does itoccur / If you have plagiarized, how often do you plagiarize?
  13. 13. Results from Bilkent Survey4. If you have experienced plagiarism, how did your studentsplagiarize / If you have plagiarized, have you every done anyof the following?
  14. 14. Results from Bilkent Survey5. In your opinion, why did your students plagiarize / If youhave plagiarized, why did you do so?
  15. 15. Bilkent University Library Applications
  16. 16. Turnitin helps instructors by...allowing students to evaluate their providing the papers (PeerMark)& classmates’ submittedpercentage showing paperless assessment comparing highest (current searching web pages papers with matches (Similaritypapers, major archived), student Index) (GradeMark) database (Originality the Turnitin electronic newspapers, magazines Report) & scholarly journals, e-books etc.
  17. 17. How to Use Turnitin?n Creating an Instructor User Profile Setting up a Class Creating a Student List Submitting a Paper Viewing a Report
  18. 18. Creating an Instructor User Profile
  19. 19. For institutional account ID & join password, contact your faculty librarian
  20. 20. Setting up a Class
  21. 21. We know, you are very busy... Lots of papers to read!
  22. 22. Creating a StudentList
  23. 23. e-mailformat
  24. 24. The student list mustcontain first name,last name, e-mailaddress
  25. 25. Click
  26. 26. by using“optional settings”
  27. 27. Ways of Submitting a Paper1- Create an Assignment and uploada paper to that Assignment,2- Without creating an Assignment,you can submit an individual paperto a Class,3- Students can upload their papersusing enrollment ID & password.
  28. 28. Submitting aPaper
  29. 29. to submit a paper
  30. 30. Viewing a Report
  31. 31. Other Features of Turnitin
  32. 32. GradeMark (Paperless Grading)GradeMark contains several tools and types of mark that instructors can use when grading and assessing papers. These include :• Comments• Inline comments• QuickMark symbols• Rubric scorecards• General comments
  33. 33. by double clickyou can addcomments
  34. 34. You can take your quick mark Description appears bottomYou can highlightthe sentences
  35. 35. PeerMark (Peer Reviewing)Instructors can create and manage PeerMark assignments that allow students: to read to review to evaluateone or many paperssubmitted by their classmates.
  36. 36. Benefits of TurnitinDeters plagiarism before it happens.Saves time in the investigation of the originality ofstudent work.Allows for efficient citation verification.Provides documentation of any alleged plagiarism.Provides resources to assist in teaching researchand writing skills, including proper citation.
  37. 37. Do you need help? OR... Contact your faculty librarian!
  39. 39. Bilkent University Library Applications
  40. 40. What is iThenticate?Through partnerships with leadingscholarly publishers, aggregators andgovernment bodies, iThenticate is theworlds largest comparison database ofscholarly and professional content.
  41. 41. Coverage is...• 24+ billion current and archived web pages• 122+ million content items comprised of:• 90+ million published works from journals, periodicals, magazines, encyclopedias, abstracts• 32+ million scholarly articles, books and conference proceedings from 70,000+ scientific, technical and medical publications
  42. 42. Benefits for doctoral & masters students Are you You Don’t need ready for to worry! your jury? work hard!
  43. 43. Benefits for academics... Whether you areor working alone collaboratively
  44. 44. You need to be sure that... your writing is original!
  45. 45. Future Plagiarism Prevention by adding your work to the iThenticate repository, you are protecting yourresearch from possibleplagiarism by others in
  46. 46. How to access to iThenticate?
  47. 47. Login Send e-mail:ithenticate@bilkent.edu.tr
  48. 48. Interface
  49. 49. Managing foldersClick Create button
  50. 50. How to submit a document? To share the report with the other faculty members in your faculty
  51. 51. Getting a report Mode4. Largest tracking Mode2. Content matches Mode3. Summary report Mode1. Similarity
  52. 52. Sharing a report Click update sharing button
  53. 53. Shared person’s account
  54. 54. Folder preferences
  56. 56. Good luck!