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  • 1. Pam MacDonald Owner/Founder INVESTOR PRESENTATION 20133516 W. Magnolia Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505 “There is life after wheat!”TM
  • 2. “There is life after wheat!”TM • Protein found in grass-related grains: wheat, barley and rye • Gluten gives elasticity to dough, provides chewy texture, acts as binder • Difficult protein to digest, can promote inflammation • Becomes an inflammatory in the body • Common sources • Bread • Pastry • Pasta • Most processed foods • “Hidden” sources: • Soy sauce • Marinades • Salad dressings WHAT IS GLUTEN?
  • 3. “There is life after wheat!”TM Celiac Disease Type 1 Diabetes (10% have Celiac Disease) Autism Rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Crohn’s Disease Irritable Bowel Syndrome Osteoporosis Lymphomas Peripheral Neuropathy Multiple Sclerosis Dermatological conditions MEDICAL ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH GLUTEN
  • 4. “There is life after wheat!”TM Those diagnosed with celiac disease: 0.17% Total with celiac disease: 1% Non-celiac gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy: Health concerns/ Additional disorders: Gluten free for general health: 18% “We used to think there was a ceiling in terms of market potential, not anymore.” – Food-Navigator.com THE POTENTIAL GLUTEN-FREE MARKET (95% are undiagnosed) 7% 20% and rising Of the entire U. S. Population:
  • 5. “There is life after wheat!”TM GLUTEN FREE MANUFACTURING GROWTH 4 • 28% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 2008 to 2012 • In 2012 the GF sector reached $4.2 billion in retail sales • GF sales estimated to reach $7 billion by 2017.
  • 6. “There is life after wheat!”TM GLUTEN FREE CONSUMER PLIGHT Limitations of Current Mainstream Retail Choices • Inconsistency of product lines or loss of product space during the holidays • Gluten free foods are interspersed with like products that contain gluten • Lack of knowledgeable staff = lack of customer service • Better smaller manufacturers and higher quality products not represented • These retailers do not take advantage of quality regional producers.
  • 7. “There is life after wheat!”TM RETAIL SOLUTION Expansion into a nationally recognized chain.
  • 8. “There is life after wheat!”TM 7 OUR COMPETITION ADVANTAGE • Actual knowledge of product preferences based on true physical relationships with customers • First hand knowledge of what products are true best sellers • Knowledge of our secondary food allergy and vegan customer base. • Regional producers are represented • There is a brick and mortar experience that can be shared with online customers.
  • 9. “There is life after wheat!”TM 8 Barrier’s to Entry: • First to market in this niche • Capital intensive space to enter • Our superior specialty market knowledge • Our merchandising experience & strategic partnerships OUR COMPETITION ADVANTAGE
  • 10. “There is life after wheat!”TM 9 OUR STRATEGIC PARTNERS
  • 11. “There is life after wheat!”TM 10 OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM Pam MacDonald, Owner Founder and CEO Created Pam MacD's out of her experiences after becoming restricted to a gluten free diet in 1997. Former President Pro Tem of MacDonald Carbide, a manufacturing company. Ms. MacDonald has become a sought after speaker in the Natural Foods marketplace with regard to the gluten free lifestyle. Justin Hall, Chief Financial Officer Retail experience, financial analyst, cash flow monitor, purchasing supervisor David Steininger Business Development & Marketing Consultant Business startup consultant and market researcher for 20 years. Investment adviser and financial planner since 2000. Hasbach & Seiler Corporate Accountant Bloom & Ruttenberg Corporate Attorneys. Richard L. Krelstein Retail Management Consultant 40 years of operations and financial experience in a diverse range of industries including the food industry and as a retail chain store supplier in multiple retail segments.
  • 12. “There is life after wheat!”TM 11 CURRENT SINGLE LOCATION SALES Year-to-year upward trend accomplished without marketing budget. 2011 2012 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000 350000 400000 450000 Yearly Sales $322,432 $409,457 Adding e-commerce in 2013 accelerates break-even and profitability
  • 13. “There is life after wheat!”TM 12 INITIAL E-COMMERCE REVENUE 800 transactions per month $50 average per transaction = $40,000/mo. $480,000 first year revenue -360,000 first year costs $120,000 first year profit
  • 14. “There is life after wheat!”TM 13 PROJECTIONS FOR PAM MACD’S CHAIN Revenues and profits for up to 20 stores by 2017 Exceed break-even with one additional store. Compounded profitability thereafter. 0 2,000,000 4,000,000 6,000,000 8,000,000 10,000,000 12,000,000 2014 2 Stores 2015 5 Stores 2016 10 Stores 2017 20 Stores TotalSalesDollars Estimated Yearly Sales Figures Avg. Yearly Sales Avg. Total Yearly Expenses Avg. Yearly Profits Net Profit Margins: 2014 - 13% 2015 – 25% 2016 – 40% 2017 – 47%
  • 15. “There is life after wheat!”TM 14 Avg. Yearly Sales Avg. Yearly Expenses Avg. Yearly Profits $13,680,000 With 20 Stores by 2017 Conservative Estimate 8,880,000 $4,800,000 PROJECTIONS FOR PAM MACD’S CHAIN
  • 16. “There is life after wheat!”TM 15 • Pam MacD’s brand Private Labeling • Pam MacD’s Store-in-Store boutiques • Pam MacD’s own Distribution FUTURE REVENUE MODELS THAT WILL ADD TO ROI • Acquisition by suitable buyer • Franchising potential
  • 17. “There is life after wheat!”TM 16 Seeking $1.4 Mil. for 2 new stores and corporate expansion FUNDING REQUEST $500k for build-out of each store $200k infrastructure and inventory $ 70k computer upgrade $130k strategic marketing