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Our firm launches new ideas. From the earliest stages through working models, proof of concept and funding to traction in the marketplace. We delve into many facets of the launch; naming, brand, design, development, iterative marketing and even growth hacking.

Launching new ideas is different from any other type of marketing- half the time we are not so much building brands as deliberately breaking them.

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WOW Integrated Marketing

  2. 2. Integrated Marketing Mobile YouTube/Vimeo Current TV Last FM and Widgetized Content APPLICATIONS MULTIMEDIA Widgets Web Applications Mobile Episodic features designed to develop interaction and interest Facebook mySpace Twitter Linkedin Yelp Hi5 bebo Digg StumbleUpon Yelp Wikipedia SEARCH SEO Social Search Wikis WebSite WebPresence COMMUNITIES Catalogs Direct Mail Coupons email ADVERTISING Brand Interact Inform / Transact Social / Professional/ Related News / Feedback Loops Informational Services Community of Customers DIRECT MARKETING Broadcast Paid Search Web PARTNERSHIPS USER GEN. CONTENT LiveCast YouTube Blipp Rever Video / Shared Pictures Crowdsourced Content NEWS Twitter / blogs podcasts RSS etc. SMS /Voice eBooks ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC Referrals Affiliate Marketing VARS Retail Channels Portal News Crowd Sourced Content Blog Communities Broadcast and Print INTEGRATED MARKETING BRAND AND MESSAGING Product Services Events
  3. 3. Relationship Marketing Membership 7.0 Curators: Hosts of events, wikis, blogs etc. Evangelism Producers: Creates content on your behalf Commentator: Shares and comments broadly 3.0 Known 2.0 Likely to share, depending on opportunity Differentiation May share, depending on faith Common Objections Skeptical Will visit a site, request info, brochure 1.0 Service V Value Proposition: IDEAS Proposition: Noticed Watches and reads content 0.0 GET NOTICED Unknown Inactive untapped potential -1.0 Misunderstood -2.0 Distrusted/Disliked 7.0 PUBLIC RELATIONS Valued ADVERTISING / PROMOTION 4.0 SOCIAL NETWORKS Preferred Select Offerings 6.0 EVANGELISTS DIRECT MARKETING 5.0 Referral Programs SALES / SERVICE 6.0 Love / blind Faith PR/ ADVERTISING / DIRECT MARKETING Likely to share, depending on opportunity REPUTATION MANAGEMENT / PR Commentator: Shares and complains broadly ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING 1-4 COMMUNITY / WEB FRANCHISE 4-5 ACTIVE CUSTOMERS
  4. 4. Executive Team David Shantz, Creative Director David has been responsible for marketing leadership for over a dozen high profile, funded/acquired start-ups as well as the creative lead on initiatives for established companies. Naming, branding, UI/UX and all aspects of integrated digital marketing. See Linked-In Profile for more Sarika Batra, Director / Executive Producer Founder, Executive Producer and on-Air talent for Andaaz TV. Sarika has been instrumental in the development of multimedia and corporate content for Intelius, MoonExpress and inome. She leads multimedia production. Paul Bohan, Producer, Tech Lead Tech lead and app developer, project manager. Paul has an audio production studio and is developing applications for IOS and Android platforms. Developer of complex apps and web properties. Founder of Bohan Group, mortgage analytics software. Nicole Lundeen, App Developer / FatRedCouch Nicole is the founder of FatRedCouch, a subsidiary partner company of WildOutWest involved with the development and production of Apps., based in the original Pixar/ ILM building in San Rafael. Over 20 application titles launched in collaboration with WOW. ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  5. 5. New Ventures We have developed resources and experience specific to launching new ventures and products. Our approach is iterative and always focussed on validation from the market. We are driven by actionable metrics designed to inform the process of dialing in the lowest costs of customer acquisition and time to market factors. We are a combination of developers and marketers who get things done...we live in the start-up ethos. ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  7. 7. Name/Trademark Development A great name is central to the success of any venture. It is the foundation of the brand and makes a connection at every touchpoint. Our firm is regularly engaged at the top levels to navigate the complex balancing act that is required to secure international trademarks. ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Trademark availability Path to the Top Level Domain Consensus with management team / partners Makes a connection with the market Phonetic transparency with suitability across a broad range of languages and cultures WOW has secured more than 40 international trademarks. We have processes, procedures and resources in place to develop world class brands. For more background on our work in naming visit our site: MORE ON NAMING ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING CREDIBILITY OWNERSHIP MEMORABILITY POSITIONING The word Kaiban tran slates into Japanese as "keeper strength and of Castle". security and The heritage intelligence is one of also. A uniq ue name with protection. The wor d intimates integrity as ideas of a brand. Defenders of the Intern et Economy credibility 8 0-10 28% DOMAIN: 5 0-10 28% positioning 9 TOTAL 5 0-10 28% 27 .com / .n et = WOW k search notes: Op en, no kn 0-5 16% Trademar own conc erns
  8. 8. Multimedia / Production Our team includes premier talent for video production. We can take multimedia projects from storyboards to web optimization. ‣ 3D Animation ‣ Appisodic Content ‣ Multimedia ‣ Infographics ‣ Strategic Content Development Sarika in studio MORE ON MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC CLICK ON VIDEOS TO VIEW INTEGRATED MARKETING
  9. 9. Corporate Clients FastForward brand rollout enabling payments via ClubCard Launched HP Domain suite of products Atomic Tangerine ventureconsulting spin-off Velosant, supply chain management Encorus - mobile payments platform launched Enrich for Brands initiative/product line VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING Marketing for OCLI global optronics division
  10. 10. MoonExpress Rebranded and relaunched the company website, with a new parallax scrolling site, video and multimedia content. Detailed Profile GiveSurance We are incubating this new venture, which is replacing a tired advertising model for insurance marketing with a bold new cause initiative that supports charitable donations. Detailed Profile FatRedCouch Launched new venture that has a unique model in Digital app publishing. WOW is an equity partner in this venture. Detailed Profile RichRelevance Founded by David Selinger, who developed the relevance engines of Amazon. We launched the EnRich-for-Brands product line with web, app and video content CoAlign FDA approved medical device for lumbar spine procedures. We launched this company from name/brand through to all aspects of marketing. Website, anatomically correct product animations. Sales Support Click for Complete Profile VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  11. 11. EpicFusion Spin-off of EpicData, this company is the leading factory automation technology in China, both enterprise and Opensource. All marketing This company has gone public since launch in 2013 myProtoge / 48 Factor Supporting parents in fundraising and management of 529 savings plans. CRM and platform for Social fundraising and brand sponsorship. This is in stealth - ask us for a demo. Graphita Expressive Graphical effects for photographic images. We developed this drag-and-drop web application. Raised funding and took to market. Detailed Profile Etuda Interactive platform and marketplace for distance learning and tutoring. Whiteboard/video/open text and interaction for a virtual classroom. This is in stealth - ask us for a demo. BuyerFirst Real Estate Brokerage model dedicated to buyers only. Developed name/brand and matching engine that performs much like a dating site for real estate buyers. This is in stealth - ask us for a demo. VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  12. 12. Benson Assoc. Small cap investment fund, grew to $1B in funds under management and was acquired by Wells Fargo - no longer online. Brandmark features the olive branch from the clutches of the eagle on the back of a dollar bill, with a small gold olive. Velosant Launched this brand as a rollup strategy for FIRST DATA (fortune 100) start-up. Supply Chain Management Taxware/ORACLE acquired by OpenHarbor No longer online - see profile on our website. Altamira Software Image editing software, pioneered transparency. Launched the company with Eric Lyons and Alvy Ray Smith (Founder of PIXAR) Acquired by Microsoft altamirasoftware ref Morphic Large scale project management technology / software development funded as a DOE project and scoped to include commercialization of the IP. Company was acquired, Bohan Group Analytics software for mortgage industry. Grew to $120M and was acquired by First American Title, was estimated to be used in 60% of REIT transactions by 2007. - no longer online VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  13. 13. NAVIO Was a pivot from Aplaud Technologies, Founded by Stefan Roever (Encorus/Brokat founder) Funded for $26M institutional venture funds. Name/Brand/Web Encorus Technologies Acquisition of German Company Brokat Technologies and roll-up with other mobile payment technologies. Name/Brand/Web Acquired by QPass See complete profile on our site: Encorus Aplaud Technologies Digital Rights Management platform for mobile transactions. Founded by Stefan Roever, was to become Navio as part of a pivot to new business model. LONDON DRY GIN Bambu Rum/ BullDog Gin WildOutWest incubated this company at its earliest stages, developed brands, invested. Currently BullDog is #1 premium gin in several markets. Recently secured an important distribution deal with Campari Atomic Tangerine Venture Consulting spin-off of SRI. launched in 2000, and subsequent $150M in funding, offices in SF, NY, London, Munich, Tokyo. VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  14. 14. ClearBlue Technologies A rollup of seven significant national data centers combined with the launch of a new complete managed IT offering for midmarket corporate business - Internet/Phone/data/mobile. Acquired by Navisite HP Domain Complete launch for Hewlett Packard’s Enterprise Group suite of internet support solutions. Platform, QOS, personalization. Launch was a $750k event at the SF Stock Exchange and then SkyDeck. Multimedia/Video/Event Nimbula Rename of private/public cloud management solution. Enabled users to build/manage/deploy EC2 like cloud computing. Chris Pinkham, Sequoia / Accel Funded, Acquired by Oracle in 2013 Varitan Capital Peer-to-peer private mortgage marketplace. We developed a working model that was funded, staffed and making deals. Company suffered from regulatory and management issues. CoRelation Real-time relational preferences engine that was a precursor to Amazon’s relevance engine. Founded by MIT grads, acquired by DigiMine VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  15. 15. ™ ACTONA Network data storage management technology originally developed in Israel, funded by Sequoia. Acquired by Cisco MPower / 401K Forum From kitchen table of the founder, Drake Mosier, to the world standard in 401k plan participant advice and $150M+ funding. Acquired by Morningstar Fuselabs (primarily naming) Launched brand for Microsoft. FuseLabs inspires partnerships around new social, real-time, and media-rich experiences for home and work. FuseLabs BMW We developed a corporate identity system for BMWs international dealership network and evolved this to include MINI also. The model is still in use today. VIEW FULL PROFILES ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  16. 16. Events ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
  17. 17. visit the webite WildOutWest Project Profiles WildOutWest Site ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING
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
  19. 19. Scope of Expertise ‣ Names, Trademarks, Domains ‣ Brand / Design ‣ Websites and Application Development for Web and Mobile ‣ Multimedia: Video, Infographics ‣ Marketing: Advertising, Promotion and Customer Acquisition ‣ Social Media and a broad range of Digital Marketing ‣ Conferences and Event Marketing ‣ Presentations Pitches, Product Demos and Keynotes ‣ Growth Hacking ©2014 WildOutWest, LLC INTEGRATED MARKETING