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12 Steps to Content Marketing for Restaurants
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12 Steps to Content Marketing for Restaurants


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We all know that content marketing is the new rage, but what exactly is it and how do I do it. Follow a 12 step guide to help you market your restaurant with content marketing that involves creating, …

We all know that content marketing is the new rage, but what exactly is it and how do I do it. Follow a 12 step guide to help you market your restaurant with content marketing that involves creating, sharing and curating. Content marketing should be part of your restaurant's marketing strategy. Get started today.

  • Great guide...
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  • @JaymeSoulati Your comment right there shows the increased importance of customer service. Each and every customer has a platform and an audience to share their thoughts either positive or negative. As we know social media and blogging can be very powerful tools for brands, a restaurant in this case can decide to accept the challenge, embrace the opportunity and train accordingly. Or not.
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  • @DavidSchwartz08 You know what I'm most upset by, David? Restaurants, the likes of Bob Evans and Ruby Tuesday, that cater to the hometown crowd and used to be staples for my family, are doing a damn poor job with the basics (customer service).

    I don't expect much from these places besides decent eats (good enough). But I do expect the staff to know the menu and what's on sale without me having to show them the freaking sign to prove it.
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  • Challenge accepted Jayme. Training and educating your employees is critical to providing true customer service. You have my brain spinning with ideas now, thank you.
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  • I would like you to consider pushing 'training the frontlines' in social marketing and media. Giving wait staff and managers a few teachable moments about Foursquare and other location-based social apps.

    I have had the worst experiences of late in restaurants in which the wait staff don't even know how to find appetizers on the menu, don't know that kids eat free (according to a sign in the parking lot), don't know the donuts are 25% off although the sign is right next to the box.
    Meanwhile, they don't know how the loyalty program works, either.
    This goes beyond social media in restaurants; it's plain old training and work ethic plus customer service.
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  • 1. 12 Steps to Content Marketing for Restaurants
  • 2. What Is Content Marketing? Content Marketing is the practice of creating and sharing relevant content to help support a brand’s message. Content Marketing continues to rise with increase of on-line activity. Social Media, Content Managed Websites, Blogging and Consumer Engagement have all lead to Brands becoming their own Publishers of Content. Content Marketing is the future of Brand Marketing! Let’s get you started…
  • 3. Step 1: Set A Strategy & Goals • Build Brand Awareness • Make Your Brand Approachable • Be a Resource for Your Audience • Build a Relationship with Your Audience • Drive Traffic to Your Restaurant & Website • Improve Search Engine Results
  • 4. Step 2: Engage Your Audience via Social Media • Identify Where Your Audience Is • Fish Where The Fish Are, Then Find More Fish • Walk. Don't Run Into Social Media • Promote Your Content Across Networks • Start Slow With… Click To Read More: How To Get Your Restaurant Started on Social Media
  • 5. Step 2: Engage Your Audience via SM cont’d When Ready Consider Adding:  Pinterest  Instagram  Tumblr  Foursquare  Flickr  Yelp
  • 6. Step 3: Be A Resource – Not A Broadcaster • Teach Customers How to Use Your Restaurant • Consider The 70/30 Rule (30% Self-Promotion) • Share Recipes, Cooking Tips, Local News & Events • Share Relevant & Helpful Content • Create Content in YOUR Brand’s Voice • Be Unique - Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out
  • 7. Step 4: Create Your Digital Brand Voice • Match Tone & Emotion • Share Your Brand's Personality • Be Authentic - Make It Crave-able • Don't Use Boring Copy • Manage Customer Expectations Click To Read More: 10 Ways To Share Your Brand With Your Audience
  • 8. Step 5: Repurpose Existing Content • Add New Content Along with Existing Content • Refresh Old Photos, Images & Graphics • Post In-store Posters, Ads & Artwork • Use TV Commercials or Promo Videos on YouTube • Share Customer Testimonials
  • 9. Step 6: Build a Plan Around a Calendar • Build Your Content Around Holidays, Seasons & Events • Create a Marketing, Content or Editorial Calendar • Learn from Year-to-Year & Month-to-Month • Share It with Your Restaurant’s Staff & Marketing Team
  • 10. Step 7: Diversify Your Content • Move Beyond Text Only • Keep Your Content Fresh • Consider Using: Video Blogs Audio Photos/Graphics Content Curation
  • 11. Step 8: Optimize Your Content • Keep SEO In Mind • Use Keywords - Be Consistent • Link Content Back to Your Website • Optimize Images for Search • Share Your Content with Your Networks • Shared Content Will Increase Your Page Rank • 93% of On-line Activity Starts with Search
  • 12. Step 9: Share Great Content • Represent Your Brand Favorably • Become A Memorable Brand • Create Food Cravings with Great Looking Photos • Be Timely • Be Creative • Make It Fun • Be Trendy • Use Humor
  • 13. Step 10: Assign Ownership • Don’t Start Unless You Are Ready to See It Through • Be Consistent & Maintain a Regular Schedule • Monitor Comments, Reviews and Shares • Be Realistic with Time Commitment • Decide In-House Or To Outsource • Assign Clear Ownership
  • 14. Step 11: Share and Promote Your Content • Start Building Your Network Before You Need It • Pay It Forward, Share Relevant Content Besides Your Own • Social Media Is A Two-Way Relationship, Monitor & Converse • Consider Time of Day & Days of the Week, Think Peak Hours • Cross Promote Across All Your Networks • Utilize Promoted Content on Facebook & Twitter Keeping Social Media Top of Mind with Customers Click To Read More:
  • 15. Step 12: Track and Measure Make Sure You: 1. Monitor 2. Track 3. Measure 4. Adjust 5. Get Feedback From Your Audience Seriously, Why Else Would You Be Doing This? Click To Read More: 5 Crowdsourcing Ideas for Restaurants
  • 16. Why Is Content Marketing Important? • Create A Connection with Your Audience • Humanize Your Brand – Become Approachable • Digital Content Is Spread-able & Easy To Share • Yes, Creating Content Matters for SEO • Repurpose Marketing Materials • Content Publishing Is The Future of Marketing • Short & Long-Term Effectiveness
  • 17. Additional Ideas To Consider… • Be Realistic & Manage Your Own Expectations • Keep Mobile & Smartphone Usage In Mind • Promote Your Networks On Other Mediums • Give It Time & Attention • Encourage Employee Participation • SoLoMo – Social Local Mobile • Optimize For Search • Remember Your Keywords
  • 18. More Resources To Help with Content Marketing for Restaurants…
  • 19. Social Media Is For Restaurants of All Sizes Social Media Is For Restaurants of All Size No matter the size of your restaurant or the number of units, Social Media is a marketing practice that you should be using to promote your restaurant brand. Click the Link Below to View More of This Infographic Click To Read More:
  • 20. Using Images to Drive More Traffic Picture This… Drive More Traffic To Your Restaurant Photo sharing has only increased in popularity and effectiveness. Sharing food images should be part of your marketing plan to drive traffic. Create the craving and drive more traffic. Click the Link Below to Read More Click To Read More:
  • 21. Don’t Expect Over-Night Success It is my job to find solutions for my clients, while at the same time managing their expectations. Social Media is not an easy button you can push to solve all your problems. Success starts with a well defined strategy. Click the Link Below to Read More Walk. Don’t Run Into Social Media Click To Read More:
  • 22. Help Travelers To Discover Your Restaurant Travelers can now access information at their fingertips, 24/7. Trips can now be planned over-night, and reservations can be acquired as you walk down the street. Is your marketing mobile friendly? Click the Link Below to Read More Three Free Steps To Help Travelers Discover Restaurants Click To Read More:
  • 23. Use Apps To Help Drive Traffic All restaurants could use help to drive traffic, mobile apps have become a useful tool that you should be taking advantage of. Click the Link Below to View More of This Infographic Thirty-Five Mobile Apps To Drive Traffic To Your Restaurant Click To Read More:
  • 24. Evolving Can Be A Good Thing Change is good, and smart brands are willing to evolve. Restaurant brands are learning to listen to their customers to better meet their changing needs. Click the Link Below to Read More Restaurant Brands Need To Evolve For Customers Click To Read More:
  • 25. A Lesson in How NOT to Use Social Media Social Media is a very powerful marketing tool, but when used incorrectly the effects can be damaging to your brand. Do you know how to respond correctly to customer complaints on Social Media? Click the Link Below to Read More The Greatest Example of How a Restaurant Should NOT React on Social Media Click To Read More:
  • 26. Want to Connect with David Schwartz? Connect with David on These Social Media Networks:
  • 27. Follow Brand Education Services, LLC Where Else Can You Follow and Connect with Brand Education Services?
  • 28. About David Schwartz & Brand Education Services, LLC David is a Digital Brand Strategist focused on content development. Brand Education Services was started to help brands navigate the changing landscape of marketing due to the cultural shift towards increased on-line activity. David believes in the value of creating relevant content for brands, which can help humanize customer relationships and promote two-way conversation. Utilizing the popularity of digital and mobile media along with the increased importance of the social web, he helps companies understand the power of controlling their own content through Controlled Media. From his time working with companies of all sizes David has learned that a strong brand is the key to long-term success. Every brand’s goal should be to turn their customers into "Raving Fans" and brand advocates.