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Boardwork dq may 2013
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Boardwork dq may 2013


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  • Why is this a bad board? How would you improve it?
  • Why is this a bad board? How would you improve it?
  • What is this teaching?How could you write such a table on the board but still keep the attention of the class?How could you use the table for practice?
  • Transcript

    • 1. BoardworkDavid QuartermainBell ThailandMay 2013
    • 2. Imagine…….Your school takes away the board in your classroomWhat difference would it make?
    • 3. How much do you use the board during a lesson?How much do your students use the board?
    • 4. So the board is pretty importantbut……..What’s the problem? How can it be improved?
    • 5. Aside from poor layout, what other problemsdo teachers encounter when using the board?Teacher blocks students’ vTeacher blocks students’ viewTeacher loses eye contact with studentsThe room is too light for the projectorunclear handwriting
    • 6. Evaluate this teacher’s boardworkTeacher demonstration video 1Teacher demonstration video 2
    • 7. Over to YouHow would you present the following on the board?a) a book, a table, an egg, an orange.b) He plays football. Does he play football?c) shelf, shelves; wife, wives.d) I haven’t seen her for a week.I haven’t seen her since Saturday.e) Elizabeth cleaned this room.This room was cleaned (by Elizabeth).
    • 8. Over to YouStructure / Substitution TablesI’mYou’reHe’sShe’sWe’reThey’reeatingpreparingbreakfastlunchdinner
    • 9. to do itI tried + do itdoing it✔✔
    • 10. to do it doing itrepair my carTo repair my carUse unleaded fuelUsing unleaded fuelI have a headache.Try take aspirin.Taking an aspirinI try move table but it was too heavyTo move the tablebut too heavy
    • 11. I suggest + ?
    • 12. Over to YouDesign 2 more Structure / Substitution Tables? ? ?a) Explaining ‘how much’ & ‘how many’b) Explaining the present perfect with ‘for’ & ‘since’
    • 13. Clines
    • 14. Working at Bell Thailand is ________________
    • 15. My students______ pass their final exam100 %0 %50 %
    • 16. Timelines
    • 17. John went to America in 1990.nowAmerica1990✗
    • 18. My brother lived in Canada for 3 years.nowLived in Canada?✗ ✗
    • 19. My brother has lived in Canada for 3 yearsNow(2013)has lived in Canada2010✗
    • 20. Tom used to work in KoreanowHe left Korea?Korea
    • 21. Sarah had left Bell before I arrivednow✗?I arrived✗?Sarah left
    • 22. David will have finished hispresentation by 4pm?The presentation is finished. When ?✗
    • 23. Over to Youa) Choose a lesson which you will teach soon• new wordsb) Plan what you would write or draw on the board• examples of structures• prompts (words or pictures)• student involvement
    • 24. Board Rush activities
    • 25. C UBothbiscuitequipmenthomeworkchickenchildwood
    • 26. Thanks forlistening !