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Patterson names
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Patterson names


Introduction for Names Attribution, Rights and Licensing workshop.

Introduction for Names Attribution, Rights and Licensing workshop.

Published in Technology
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  • Resolution service at work (point out that GNRD is in here too)


  • 1. globalnames.org
  • 2.  Mostly referring to species Binomial and author Homo sapiens Linnaeus, 1758 Binomial  Generic vehicle  Species epithet  Author of names  Date of publication Ideally - One valid name for a species, and each name used for only one species Roles  Traditional, as tokens for species (the global inventory), overseen by taxonomists  New, in an infrastructure to manage data
  • 3.  Don’t know There is no single comprehensive compilation Estimated 1,900,000 living species reported Estimated 300,000 extinct species reported Estimated 250,000 genera appropriate Estimated 30,000 suprageneric taxa appropriate Global Names Index has 22,000,000 name-strings for names Names are common knowledge Openly available in the scientific literature
  • 4.  The are associated with data Can be used as metadata To index content And build a names-based cyber-infrastructure to interconnect data distributed across the internet 9 There are problems …
  • 5.  One taxon with one name Many lexical variants All legitimate This list is very incomplete
  • 6. Eastern Lowland Gorilla King kong ゴリラ Mountain gorilla Gorilla berengei Gorille Gorilla beringei Matschie VirungaGorilla beringei mikenensis Gorilla gorilla 大猩猩 Горилла Gorilla graueri Koko Guerilla Gorila
  • 7. VERNACULAR NAMES OBJECTIVE SYNONYMSGorilla English Gorilla beringeiMountain Gorilla English Gorilla beringei Matschie, 1902Eastern Gorilla English Gorilla beringei mikenensis Lönnberg, 1917Eastern lowland gorilla EnglishGorille des plaines orientales French TyposGrauer’s gorilla English Gorilla berengeiГорилла RussianGorila Spanish KokoBergsgorilla German King kongLåglandsgorilla Swedish GuerillaBwindi KinyarwandaVirunga Kinyarwanda大猩猩 Chineseゴリラ JapaneseSUBJECTIVE SYNONYMS Gorilla graueri Matschie, 1914 Gorilla beringei graueri (Matschie, 1914) Gorilla gorilla
  • 8. Resolution Services Using the name preferred by your favored taxonomic source
  • 9.  International Code of Zoological Nomenclature International Code of Nomenclature of Prokaryotes International Code of Nomenclature of Algae, Fungi and Plants Determine how names are created (they have to be published in the public domain) Manage alternative names (synonyms) Prevent re-use of same name (homonyms)
  • 10.  International Plant Name Index Index Fungorum List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature ZooBank and various speciality nomenclators Judicial Compile lists of names that are compliant with the relevant Code Point to nomenclatural acts in the literature Are moving from paper to the e-world
  • 11.  Make judgments Discover and describe new species In compliance with the Codes of Nomenclature Review taxonomic knowledge (confirming, merging or splitting previously described species) Create hierarchical lists of species (classifications) Provide citations for nomenclatural and taxonomic acts
  • 12.  Users need to access multiple sites In the digital age, lists have been End users compiled and aggregated in databases Built into compilations (such as jellyfish of the world) Global Periodically revised by Aggregators taxonomists, the process Domain includes judgments that compilations incorporate prior judgments Taxonomists Revisions Created and managed Taxonomists by thousands of Literature New records taxonomists Records Records of 2.3 million species distributed in 500 million pages
  • 13.  All names to index all content End users Linked through a unifying infrastructure Infrastructure Retaining the taxonomic value, not repeating, just Global pointing to it Aggregators Alternative names Domain reconciled compilations Offering resolution – Taxonomists the name according Revisions to a taxonomic Taxonomists authority Literature New records Records
  • 14. What is accessible, search, browse and download
  • 15. What is accessible, search, browse and download
  • 16.  No complete list No comment system for improving quality (such systems exist elsewhere) Reticence to allow content downloads Absence of web-services to ensure free and instant flow of content Licensing constraints assume rights Uncertainty about legalities regarding  Names  Compilations of names  Data associated with names  Opinions associated with names