Aimia -- Business Loyalty Credentials -- Auto


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Aimia -- Business Loyalty Credentials -- Auto

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Aimia -- Business Loyalty Credentials -- Auto

  1. 1. AIMIA BUSINESS LOYALTY SOLUTIONS Aimia’s events & engagement solutions are designed to inspire loyalty for your brand. We help clients get closer to their employees, partners and customers through innovative event and incentive strategies, communications, analytics, rewards & recognition. We are business loyalty market leaders in the U.S. We help our clients get closer to their Employees, partners and customers through innovative strategies, communications, training, events, rewards & recognition. We utilize data & insight, consider every touch-point, and utilize a full suite of B2B, B2E and B2C solutions to deliver measureable results. Our in-house, full suite of Business Loyalty solutions include: BUSINESS LOYALTY STRATEGY Behavior change, positive engagement, program design, consulting DATA ANALYTICS ROI, program impact, program optimization, portfolio analysis and relationship strength indexing PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Sales incentives, rewards, recognition, engagement and learning EVENT MANAGEMENT Program design, end-to-end management, attendee acquisition, sponsorship & production COMMUNICATION & DESIGN Program campaigns through traditional and emerging interactive, mobile, social, gamifiation & media application TECHNOLOGY End-to-end reward, recognition, event and virtual event technologies
  2. 2. BUILDING LOYALTY FOR AUTOMOTIVE CLIENTS For nearly 60 years, we’ve been providing marketing services to automotive clients. We have served over 25 brands including all divisions of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors as well as Hyundai, Mazda, Navistar, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Volvo. Our experience extends to autorelated clients and programs such as Ally, Fifth Third Bank and Michelin. We’ve helped orchestrate millions of touch-points between brands, dealers and customers through a wide range of loyalty solutions: > We designed and delivered the four largest owner celebrations in the history of the industry > We have launched more than 125 vehicles > We’ve served more than 80% of the U.S. Dealer network > We’ve trained over 300,000 dealership employees We understand the complex set of relationships involved in driving customer loyalty in the automotive sector. Given that dealers are independent business people, we know strong relationships must be built at three levels: Aimia provides marketing solutions at all three points of interaction through insight, analytics and datadriven strategies. 2 1 OEM CUSTOMERS & ADVOACTES DEALERS 3 In addition to our work in the automotive and auto-related sectors, we service some of the most recognizable brands in the technology and telecommunications, healthcare and pharmaceutical, finance and retail industries. Just as we are committed to helping our clients build relationships, we are proud of the relationships we have with our clients. Across all of our clients—23 of which are Fortune 100 corporations—we have, on average, client tenure of 17 years and 86% of our clients are promoters of our services. We are excited about the possibility to share more about our experience, and talk specifically about how we can support your needs.