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Hesley Village is situated in open countryside within a large 100-acre site about two miles from the small South Yorkshire villages of Tickhill and Rossington.
The service provides high standards of accommodation, personal care and support for adults with learning disabilities who often, but not always, have an autistic spectrum disorder.
We may occasionally provide services to young adults aged 16 or 17 who are in transition to adults services though generally we support adults aged 18 and above.

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Hesley Village Brochure

  1. 1. Hesley VillageFor adults of 18 years and over, all of whom have a learning disability, often together withautism; and complex needs including behaviour which may challenge.Specialist provider for young people and adults with autism and other complex needs
  2. 2. HesleyGroup|2Established in 1975, the HesleyGroup provides flexible, specialistresidential services and schools.We aim to offer the best possiblecare, education and vocationalopportunities for young peopleand adults, often with autism,who have a learning disabilityand complex needs includingbehaviour which may challenge.Hesley VillageHesley HallTickhillDoncasterDN11 9HHTel: 01302 866906Fax: 01302 869635Email: enquiries@hesleygroup.co.ukWeb: www.hesleyvillage.co.ukReferral Enquiries: 0800 055 6789Hesley Group Comprises:Hesley Holdings Ltd. Registered in England No. 5150235The Hesley Group Ltd. Registered in England No. 2665377Registered office for all companies:Central Services, Hesley Hall, Tickhill, Doncaster DN11 9HHChief Executive Officer: Mr C McSharryImage Disclaimer:Images which show individual’s faces within this document are taken fromstock libraries and are not people placed within our services. They are forgraphical purposes only.Hesley Group Values- Person-Centred- Outcome Focused- Quality Driven
  3. 3. The Hesley Group’s mission is to enablepeople with complex needs to achievetheir full potentialHesleyGroup|3ContentsOverview 5Our Philosophy 5The people who live atHesley Village 6Therapeutic Support 7Active, Meaningful Lives 8Developing Pathways 8Reviews 8Living at Hesley Village 9Working Together 10Quality Assurance & Policy 11Location/Directions 12The information in this brochure is correct at the time of print. The brochure incorporates informationgiven to CQC in the complementary Statement of Purpose as set out in Regulation 12 and Schedule3 of Health and Social Care (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010. A copy of this statement can beprovided on request.
  4. 4. Our philosophy is one ofwarmth, security, consistency,understanding and trust.HesleyGroup|4
  5. 5. HesleyGroup|5OverviewHesley Village is situated in open countrysidewithin a large 100 acre site about two miles fromthe small South Yorkshire villages of Tickhill andRossington. The service provides high standardsof accommodation, personal care and support foryounger adults with learning disabilities who often(but not always) also have an autistic spectrumdisorder. We may occasionally provide services toyoung adults aged 16 or 17 who are in transitionto adults services though generally we supportadults aged 18 and above.There are onsite facilities to support people withoccupational and employment opportunities andtransport to support people to access servicesand facilities locally. Hesley Village operates aresidential model. Most people have single personaccommodation although a small number ofhouses are shared between a maximum of threepeople.We place a strong emphasis on supporting peopleto develop the skills which will allow them, wherepossible to lead more independent lives, to achievesocial inclusion and to be involved in meaningfulactivity of their own choice. We aim to supportpeople to reach their full potential by providing:• High standards of individualised supportthrough the development of person centredcare pathways. We aim to ensure this is deliveredat all times in ways that are aimed at achievingpositive outcomes for people and that are fullycompliant with Essential Standards of Quality andSafety (CQC 2010) and associated regulationsthrough regular monitoring, review andconsultation.• Options for people to develop their life skills andaccess vocational and employment opportunitiesin-house and in the wider community.• Clinical support and consultancy when it isneeded, to help people develop coping skills andalso to train our staff to intervene and supporteffectively and help us provide an enablingenvironment. Hesley Group’s clinical servicesteam includes speech and language therapists,applied behaviour analysts, clinical psychologists,communication co-ordinators and occupationaltherapy services.• Preparation and support for people and for theirfamilies when moving onto the next stage intheir lives by effective transition planning.• Support for people to achieve and maintainthe best possible health and access healthcareservices as needed.• A safe but least restrictive environment for peoplethrough positive risk management, monitoring ofoutcomes and regular review of risk assessmentand support plans.SafeguardingHesley Group offers a person centred approach whichaims to support people to develop increasing levels ofindependence and to create a safe environment forthem, in which and from which they can have the bestpossible opportunities to maximise their potential. Ourphilosophy is one of warmth, security, consistency,understanding and trust. Our safeguardingarrangements sit in this context, our policies,procedures, staff training and quality assuranceprovide a robust and regularly reviewed framework tothis philosophy.Health and SafetyWe are committed to ensuring the health, safety andwelfare of all those who live and work in, or otherwiseaccess our services. Hesley Village adheres to allprocedures in place under the Hesley Group’s Healthand Safety Policy.The people we support all have complex needs, oftenincluding behaviours that can challenge them and theservices that support them.Our aim is to enable people to fulfil their potential;to live their lives as positively as possible within anenvironment that is appropriate to each person’sindividual needs; and to support people with theirhealth and personal care needs so they can achieve ahealthy and fulfilling lifestyle.Through our Single Equality Scheme and Staff Codeof Practice we seek to ensure our services do notdiscriminate against people who live in or otherwiseaccess our services; or the staff who support them,because of their race, religion, culture, belief,disability, sex or age.Our Philosophy
  6. 6. HesleyGroup|6The People who liveat Hesley VillageAge range: 18 years and overSex: MixedCapacity: 76 people, livingin high quality single personflats and 3 person houses orbungalowsPeople who live at Hesley Villageall have complex needs, includingbehaviour that may challengeand a learning disability, often inassociation with autism.
  7. 7. HesleyGroup|7Person Centred FocusWe plan and deliver services that are built around the person,their needs, wishes and aspirations. Each person has a range ofplans that reflect their personal, social and health care needs,therapeutic and behavioural support, communication plans, skillsacquisition and development. These plans are developed withthe person, as well as others important to them, including theirfamilies and professionals who know them well. Plans are regularlyreviewed and updated through multi disciplinary team processes,keeping the person receiving the support firmly at the centre ofall planning.Clear policies are in place - such as People’s Rights and Having aSay, Effective Behaviour Support, Capacity and Consent – thatclearly identify the expectation that we consult with the personand/or their representatives. Where people cannot give consentwe always aim to deliver outcomes that are agreed to be in thebest interests of the person. At Hesley Village we have a ResidentsCouncil (their chosen name) that meets regularly and acts as a selfadvocacy group.Our aim is to support people to achieve positive outcomes andplans are outcome based, within an agreed framework of positiveand appropriate risk management.Because the majority of people we support have complexcommunication needs in addition to behaviour that may challenge,we work to a communication policy and charter and aim to put theperson at the centre of everything we do.We have a flexible and positively motivated staff team, trainedand skilled in effective person-centred therapeutic support andcommunication with those who live at Hesley Village.All staff attend training in relation to HELP (Hesley EnhancingLives Programme), a behaviour support approach based on TCI(Therapeutic Crisis Intervention), which is BILD (British Institute ofLearning Disabilities) accredited. TCI is an internationally recognised,crisis prevention and management system that reduces the need torely on high-risk interventions. TCI recognises that it is the actionsand reactions of those around people that strongly shape andinfluence their behaviour, including their social interactions andemotional responses. Its emphasis is on empathy and proactivesupport, while physical interventions are very much considered alast resort.The care and well being of the people we support are paramountand everything we do is around seeking to ensure that each person’sbest interests are met.In order to keep people safe there are times when the use of physicalinterventions may be needed. This would be as a last resort tosupport people in crisis, in order to reduce both stress and risk. To dothis we follow BILD (British Institute of Learning Disabilities) guidance.The Hesley Group have BILD accreditation for both children’s andadult services.Our approach encompasses physical interventions contained withinTherapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) strategies and those fromPROACT-SCIP (r) UK.Any potential physical interventions are fully discussed with theperson, in respect of whom they are proposed and/ or their familyand other appropriate representatives, as far as possible, prior totheir application, which will continue to remain as infrequent as ispossible; and which will continue to be reviewed, with the ongoingaim of reducing and stopping their use, as soon as this can safely bedone.Both of these approaches can be explored further via the BILDwebsite – www.bild.org.uk – in the section: Physical InterventionAccreditation.The multidisciplinary therapeutic approach taken at Hesley Villageencompasses a wide range of expertise in addition to that of ourcore staff teams and management; and also that available fromexternally to the Village. Our own multidisciplinary team includesthe following:Communication and Speechand LanguageWe aim for a total communication environment and to this endall staff are trained and supported in using augmented systems ofcommunication, such as signing and picture symbols.A skilled and experienced team of speech and language therapists(SALTs) are supported on a day to day basis by communicationcoordinators. Our SALTs not only deal with issues relating tocommunication; some are also specialists in dealing with theeating and chewing or swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) that canpresent problems for some of those who access our services.Behaviour SupportPeople may access applied behaviour analysts (ABAs) on anindividual basis to allow a thorough assessment of their needsto be made and for the function of the person’s behaviour to beunderstood.ABAs also train and support our staff to provide effectivetechniques for helping to manage and lessen or change responsessuch as physical aggression or self injury.All staff are expected to use the person’s HELP Profile, an agreedcommon approach, in response to a person’s behaviour and toreport where this is effective or otherwise.PsychologyOur clinical psychologists work to support the emotionalhealth and wellbeing of people by helping each person and thestaff supporting them to understand their thoughts, feelingsand behaviours and manage these more effectively. Clinicalpsychologists integrate information from the individual, theirfamily, and the people supporting them, with the results ofstructured assessments of neurodevelopment, emotionalattachment patterns, cognitive (thinking) skills, and adaptive skills,to develop a comprehensive understanding of each person’s needsand how best to support them.The resulting formulation is used to develop and implementinterventions which may be used with the individual (egnon-directive counselling, or adapted cognitive-behaviouralinerventions), or with the staff supporting them (for example:developing their understanding of how an individual’s needs/abilities/diagnosis affect their life and how best to support them).Clinical psychologists work with other members of themultidisciplinary clinical team to meet the therapeutic needs ofthose receiving support in Hesley Group services in a coordinated,timely and holistic way.Occupational TherapyOur Occupational Therapy (OT) service at Hesley Village is key tosupporting active, meaningful lives, for everybody who lives withus, through the Opportunities Team (see page 8 for more details)The Occupational Therapy service also provides for individualassessment, sensory needs and skills development; and theprovision of a safe environment and any equipment needed tosupport this.PsychiatryWe have a consultant psychiatrist, who holds regular reviews atHesley Village and advises our service and supports people whorequire psychiatric input to remain emotionally well.For emergency psychiatric support people at Hesley Village canaccess local NHS services, with whom we have strong and positivelinks.Therapeutic Support
  8. 8. HesleyGroup|8 Active, Meaningful LivesMany people come to live at Hesley Village after longperiods, perhaps years, of being unsettled and beingunable to achieve their full potential. For others a moveto Hesley Village comes from more settled circumstancesbut still represents a significant transition, particularly inthe context of the multiple and complex needs which arethe experience of all those who live with us.As a first step we seek to support people through thistransition, to achieve stability, initially within the HesleyVillage community, as a firm foundation for each person’sfuture progress. We have many years’ experience offacilitating and supporting these transitions and achievingstability. Because people’s needs, wishes, and abilitiesvary, we support people in individualised and flexibleways. Our aim is for them to have the best quality of lifepossible.We place a strong emphasis on people having meaningfuland active lives. We are keen to support activityaway from Hesley Village, as well as within the Villageitself. Some people have currently, or have had, workplacements in nearby Tickhill and Doncaster and alsoSheffield. Others participate in employment nearer tohome, which can vary from helping with the recruitmentand selection process for new staff, to giving support withthe recycling programme.People are supported to access the full range of activitiesand amenities in the local community, as well as at moredistant locations; and also at Hesley Village, where artsand crafts or horticulture, cooking and other activities areavailable on site, as well as a cinema, function room (inthe Village Hall), hairdresser and beautician, grocery shop,post office and cash machine. The local Doncaster bus hasa stop at Hesley Village.The whole process of supporting active and meaningfullives for those who live at Hesley Village, has been greatlyenhanced by the development of the Opportunities Team,which comprises a specialist Occupational Therapist andOccupational Therapy Assistant, together with a teamof facilitators, who develop an overall plan of activities,run sessions (including group sessions and outreachsessions in people’s own homes); and bring people in fromoutside Hesley Village to run time-limited and focussedcourses; from all of which Care Managers can developindividualised timetables for each person who lives in theVillage.This service is currently provided through each week; andsits alongside other individualised, particularly leisure,activity.The plan is for the Opportunities Team to extend theirprovision, to cover weekends too.The Opportunities Team link in with the multidisciplinary(staff and clinical) team, who identify where particularactivities may have therapeutic benefit for a particularperson.There is a mixture of drop-in activities, for example onan evening; and regular therapeutic activities deliveredthrough the day, both by Hesley Village staff, as well asby external people, including drama, football skills (withthe involvement of Doncaster Rovers) and music, forexample.The Opportunities Team also run special events ona monthly basis, such as themed, cultural meals, anOlympic week in 2012, a Jubilee Celebration, a ChristmasParty and others.People are supported to enjoy social events and tomake friends. We aim to extend and develop people’sexperiences of the wider community outside of home.Our hope and aim is for people to develop appropriatelevels of increasing independence and meaningful socialinclusion.Sometimes it can be understandably difficult for theparents themselves, of adults with such complex needs,to smoothly manage the transition to adulthood and allthat this entails. We are sensitive to these issues at HesleyVillage; and seek to understand and value family inputand insights around this process.Developing PathwaysWhen people come to live at Hesley Village, we developwith them, their families and other involved keyparties, a pathway plan that includes desired outcomesand plans for the future. This may be a planned andprogressive move toward living in a community settingwith the right support, such as stepping down into a lessintensive residential service or into supported living forexample, perhaps within Hesley Group services or theservices of other providers, with whom we seek to workin a positive and cooperative way. Progress against thesegoals is measured on an ongoing basis and annually aspart of the formal review process, keeping the person atthe centre of all planning.ReviewsEach person has a formal annual review, usually withtheir family and the funding authority representative. Wesupport people to express their views as a key part of this– where at all possible people will be supported to takepart in their review, including with the involvement ofadvocates, where this need is identified.Additionally a rolling programme of case review is under-taken including the multidisciplinary team, to make surepeople’s care and support needs are being met and/oradjusted on a continuing basis, with the aim of ensuringwe fulfil our commitment to each person, of providingthe best possible care and support at all times; and thatthis continues to evolve in accordance with the pathwayplan.Equality and DiversityWe are committed to enabling people to express theirindividuality through supporting them in relation to theirculture, belief, race, disability, sex or sexual orientation.
  9. 9. HesleyGroup|9Living at Hesley Villagewhether in respect of the decoration of their roomsor other issues relating to their homes or with regardto their lives in more general terms.The Village is in close vicinity to the local village ofTickhill and Doncaster town centre is easily accessedby the bus route that stops in the car park of theVillage.There are a range of purpose-built workshopsto accommodate a wide variety of activities inpositive environments. Excellent on-site facilities areavailable to complement and enrich the lives of thepeople we support including a bistro, cinema, shop,bank/post office, therapy suite, hairdressers, clothesshop, bar and village hall.At Hesley Village, people live in single flats orthree bedroom houses or bungalows. The choiceof accommodation for each person takes intoaccount their wishes and preferences, their needs,capabilities, age and social development. Eachperson has their own bedroom and bathroom orensuite which ensures dignity and respect for theindividual who may need intimate care. Modernfitted kitchens facilitate learning opportunitiesfor cooking and spacious dining areas, loungesand gardens offer warm and welcoming areas toprovide a homely setting.We aim to empower the person to take greatercontrol over their own life; wherever possible weseek to enable people to make their own choices,
  10. 10. HesleyGroup|10Working TogetherComing to Live at Hesley VillageA referral for someone to come and live at HesleyVillage will come through the placing authoritythat will be funding the placement. The placingauthority is requested to provide relevantinformation which we will review to ensure thatHesley Village is a suitable provider for the referredperson.People will have a thorough assessment (for whichthere is no charge) prior to potentially beingoffered a place within Hesley Village.The assessment will cover all health and socialneeds and all information will be treatedconfidentially. Our assessment process will helpto ensure that Hesley Village is able to meet theperson’s needs and is used to inform their initialpersonal plan, should they come to our services.The assessment is carried out by an assessmentteam from Hesley Village and includes staffmembers from the Clinical and Care Managementteams. They will arrange to meet the person and asmany people involved in their care as possible, tosee how best their needs and wishes can be met.This is the start of the person-centred planning thatensures each person is treated as an individual.If it is felt that Hesley Village is the best option forthe person, the placing authority will be informedand the transition process begins. This will bemanaged by a senior manager at Hesley Village whowill work with the person, family/carers and theplacing authority to ensure the move is as stress-free as possible.You are more than welcome to visit us to find outmore about this process and to ask any questions atall about Hesley Village.Staff and SupportHesley Village has a highly experienced,comprehensive staff team, comprising managerialand support staff who work closely with themultidisciplinary clinical team (described onpage 7). The recruitment process is thoroughand Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) checks areundertaken in respect of all employees whohave opportunities for unsupervised contactwith vulnerable people, prior to joining theHesley Group. Every new member of staff hasa comprehensive induction programme andcontinual staff development; and regularsupervision and appraisal ensures their skills andknowledge are always current and relevant to thework undertaken.Family and friendsKeeping in touch is essential for most people andwe work hard to positively support contact forthose who live at Hesley Village and those whoare important to them.Each person has their own plan that identifieshow they will be supported to maintainrelationships and link with family and friends,through means such as Skype, e-mail, textmessaging, telephone, letters and cards.We support visits to the family home and alsowelcome visits from family and friends to HesleyVillage. There are two “log cabin” style housesavailable for visiting families free of charge(subject to availability).Families of people living at Hesley Village havealso formed their own forum, which is facilitatedby Hesley but run independently by the familiesthemselves.Other providers and transitionWhen people move from another service toHesley Village, or from Hesley Village elsewhere,we work very hard to ensure a smooth transitiontakes place and that people have the bestpossible experience in what can be a stressfultime of their lives.To support people’s health and social care andother needs, we seek to work closely and co-operatively with everyone concerned, includingthe person themselves, their family/carers, theirsocial worker and other representatives and localNHS services, for example.Hesley Group takes pride in a low staff turnover. Anumber of staff have achieved long-term serviceawards for 10 and 20 years which promotesstability, consistency and trust which, in turn,support positive provision for those who live atHesley Village.We see positive, trusting andrespectful relationships betweenthose who live at Hesley Villageand their families, our staff and keyexternal agencies, as fundamentalto delivering the best possibleservice.
  11. 11. HesleyGroup|11Quality Assurance PolicyWe use a range of policy and guidanceprocesses to manage our services safely andeffectively. Examples of key policy areas are:• Managing risk• Behaviour support• Care planning• Single equality scheme• Health and safety arrangements• Capacity and consent• Safeguarding adultsThe Hesley Group has a formal policy andprocedure for complaints . A copy of this andour complaints form is available on request.The Hesley Group has a Quality Team thatdevelops policy and best practice andinitiatives, assesses how well we are doing inmeeting our objectives and complying withnational standards, including the managementof health and safety and keeping people safe.The team consults with people using the serviceand their families/representatives.The Quality Governance Committee oversees allHesley Group services and has an independentChair and two independent persons to adviseand take an impartial view on the progressand achievement of our services. They holdthe senior management of the organisation toaccount.
  12. 12. DoncasterBarnsleyRotherhamSheffieldHesley VillageM1M18M1M18A1(M)A132353637 A635A6023A63038M18A631A631A631A638A1By RoadFrom A1Follow the A1 to Junction 34(at this point it changes to the A1M)At the roundabout take the exitsignposted A1/Bawtry RdTurn left toward Blyth RdSlight right at B6463/Tickhill Rd,continue to follow B6463Turn left at A631/Bawtry RdTurn right at B6463/Stripe RdFollow Stripe Rd for approx1.5 miles and Hesley Village issignposted on the left.From M1From South follow M1 to Junction32 then follow M18/DoncasterAt junction 1, take the A631 exitto RotherhamAt the roundabout take the exitsignposted A631/Bawtry RdContinue on A60/W Gate,Continue to follow A60Turn right at A631/Sunderland St,continue to follow A631Turn left at B6463/Stripe RdFollow Stripe Rd for approx1.5 miles and Hesley Village issignposted on the left.Location/DirectionsHesley VillageHesley HallTickhillDoncasterSouth YorkshireDN11 9HHRegistered Manager: Mr Jeff CoxTel: 01302 866906Referral enquiries: 0800 055 6789Fax: 01302 869635Email: enquiries@hesleygroup.co.ukWebsite: www.hesleyvillage.co.ukThe Hesley Group has Investor In People (IIP)accreditation which recognises the significantemphasis the Group places on the quality of itsstaffing and the associated management processes. 13 December 2012By RailThe nearest train station isDoncaster, 9 miles away.Visit www.nationalrail.co.uk fortrain timesBy AirRobin Hood Airport (Doncaster)is 7 miles away.Hesley GroupHesley HallTickhillDoncasterDN11 9HHGeneral enquiries: 01302 866906www.hesleygroup.co.uk