Sales - not as scary as you think. A 21st Century sales process training.


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A basic introduction to the principles of selling in the 21st Century. Sales processes needn't be complicated. Here we cover the basics of qualification, objection handling, closing and retention in simple steps for those small business owners, professionals and reluctant sales people out there.

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Sales - not as scary as you think. A 21st Century sales process training.

  1. 1. Highest Branch inspirational sales Sales. It s not as bad as you think
  2. 2. Highest Branch introductions what is selling what is a sales process customer qualification handling objections closing whats next? welcome - agenda
  3. 3. Highest Branch
  4. 4. Highest Branch define: sale se l/ noun plural noun: sales 1.the exchange of a commodity for money; the action of selling something."we withdrew it from sale" 2. synonyms: selling, vending, disposal; More: dealing, trading, bargaining
  5. 5. Highest Branch how do people sell? how do we sell? how do we BUY? Open Forum
  6. 6. Highest Branch What is a sales process? ! ! This?
  7. 7. Highest Branch What is a sales process? ! Maybe This?
  8. 8. Highest Branch What is a sales process? ! Perhaps this?
  9. 9. Highest Branch qualification objection handling closing retention happily it is much simpler!
  10. 10. Highest Branch define: qualify ! kw l fa In selling, process of determining if a certain lead (potential customer) has certain characteristics (such as ability, authority, and inclination to purchase, and economic size of the expected order) that qualify him or her as a prospect. !
  11. 11. Highest Branch wait for the customer to ask a question move straight into a sales pitch don t really listen attempt (poor) small talk to build rapport Bad qualification
  12. 12. Highest Branch ask open questions engage in conversation with (not at) use information given to engage further ask more open questions rinse and repeat Awesome qualification
  13. 13. Highest Branch separates YOU from the competition allows you to fully understand needs builds rapport puts customer at ease everybody loves talking about themselves! why bother?
  14. 14. Highest Branch it takes too long customers get all defensive they only care about the price anyway I don t know how to talk to people not for me?
  15. 15. Highest Branch “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel” ! Maya Angelou
  16. 16. Highest Branch Qualifying is actually easy 2 ears, 1 mouth! lets do it..
  17. 17. Highest Branch define: objection uhb-jek-shuhn noun 1. a reason or argument offered in disagreement, opposition, refusal, or disapproval. 2. the act of objecting 3. a ground or cause for objecting 4. a feeling of disapproval, dislike, or disagreement. ! Synonyms 4. complaint, protest, criticism. !
  18. 18. Highest Branch price complacency fear trust external influencers timing the objections
  19. 19. Highest Branch break down overall cost into smaller service funding options available help client justify cost personally positive outcomes focus on your unique value focus on quality Price Your services just cost too much
  20. 20. Highest Branch Complacency I think I m ok the way I am just now paint picture of what could happen explain potential problems of delay often strongly linked to price objection focus on your unique value reinforce positive outcomes
  21. 21. Highest Branch Fear I ve decided I don t want to - too much can go wrong strongly related to complacency demonstrate past examples from clients focus on the positive outcomes to be achieved take your time and empathise !
  22. 22. Highest Branch Trust It seems you know what you are doing but how can I be sure? very few people will ever tell you this but they might still be thinking it anyway consistent openness and honesty is the key testimonials, case studies, references !
  23. 23. Highest Branch External Influencers It s fine but I need to talk to my partner frequently used as an excuse longer and better qualification should avoid this if genuine then restart process again we really want to try and avoid this !
  24. 24. Highest Branch Timing It s too much to think about just now - call me back in 6 months if there are issues, chances are they will still be there in 6 months make it easy to become your client stress your flexibility re-sell your unique value and qualities !
  25. 25. Highest Branch Overcoming Objections is not easy! There are some big hairy problems to overcome! Lets practice..
  26. 26. Highest Branch objection overcome? Great! move STRAIGHT to the close DANGER - SALES APPROACHING
  27. 27. Highest Branch define: close close the deal Complete a transaction, as in Jack was delighted to close the sale . This term applies to such transactions as the sale of a house, as well as negotiations leading up to a sale. ! The latter was also used as to close a bargain, a phrase used by Charles Dickens and other 19th-century writers: ! "He closed the bargain directly it reached his ears," Nicholas Nickleby, 1838. !
  28. 28. Highest Branch just ask - (often the hardest thing to do) closing techniques Closing the sale
  29. 29. Highest Branch Closing techniques Alternative Close Assumptive Close Indirect Close / question close Sharp Angle Balance sheet
  30. 30. Highest Branch the alternative close we can do this or we can do that WHICH OF THOSE DO YOU PREFER? Excellent, I will get you booked in right now
  31. 31. Highest Branch the assumptive close This is what we can do for you (don’t stop) So I will get you booked in right now
  32. 32. Highest Branch the indirect close aka the question close use indirect or soft questions how does that feel to you? what does that sound like? gains positive affirmation from customer
  33. 33. Highest Branch the sharp angle close response to a question if I can, will you? Offer compromise. can often close a very unsure client
  34. 34. Highest Branch the balance sheet close aka - The benjamin Franklin Write out a pro s and con s list Assist the client (with the pro s)
  35. 35. Highest Branch The easiest close is just to ask for the business. All it takes is a little confidence! and practice..
  36. 36. Highest Branch So what happens next? It costs on average 6 times more to find a new customer than it does to retain and maximise the potential from our existing client base, and yet we expend our energy constantly looking for new clients. We need to focus on changing this paradox in the 21st Century . Harvard Business Review, July 2009
  37. 37. Highest Branch starts on delivery measure satisfaction focussed follow ups constant contact customer retention
  38. 38. Highest Branch ask for referrals testimonials social media positive messages sell products use positive customers
  39. 39. Highest Branch don t get hung up on making it complicated - its not qualification is just conversation great qualification limits objections the easiest sales close is just to ask for the business Sales - not as bad as you think? Summary
  40. 40. Highest Branch Thank you
  41. 41. Highest Branch